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Winchester RD, Hampshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.0476605, Longitude: -1.3376775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aikman, Jack  25 Dec 1916Winchester RD, Hampshire I143109
2 Ashfield, Arthur  Abt May 1887Winchester RD, Hampshire I33106
3 Bagley, Arthur William  Abt Feb 1908Winchester RD, Hampshire I38939
4 Bliss, Ronald Frederick  21 Apr 1920Winchester RD, Hampshire I159653
5 Clayton, Nellie Amelia  Abt Nov 1892Winchester RD, Hampshire I61367
6 Coombes, Albert Edward  9 Nov 1902Winchester RD, Hampshire I143765
7 Corbin, John D  Abt Feb 1936Winchester RD, Hampshire I36671
8 Elkins, William Edward  9 Nov 1902Winchester RD, Hampshire I39931
9 Gibbs, Frederick William  27 May 1909Winchester RD, Hampshire I143935
10 Giddens, Horace James  18 Aug 1914Winchester RD, Hampshire I142290
11 Gould, Donald Albert  25 Jan 1931Winchester RD, Hampshire I144750
12 Greig, Douglas Ronald James  10 Sep 1911Winchester RD, Hampshire I149041
13 Houghton, Leonard  16 Oct 1901Winchester RD, Hampshire I143921
14 Houghton, Lucy Eleanor  21 Sep 1908Winchester RD, Hampshire I128244
15 House, Alan Michael  29 Sep 1923Winchester RD, Hampshire I143925
16 House, Barbara R  10 Sep 1920Winchester RD, Hampshire I76549
17 House, Caroline Kathleen  29 Jul 1914Winchester RD, Hampshire I76547
18 House, Charles Stephen  23 Oct 1926Winchester RD, Hampshire I143952
19 House, Charlotte Jane  5 Apr 1972Winchester RD, Hampshire I144151
20 House, David Michael  18 Jul 1937Winchester RD, Hampshire I76808
21 House, Edwar James  Abt Aug 1862Winchester RD, Hampshire I124350
22 House, Edwina Betty  29 Aug 1927Winchester RD, Hampshire I76810
23 House, Francis Wilfred C  26 Jan 1944Winchester RD, Hampshire I71046
24 House, Mabel Winifred Elizabeth  29 May 1912Winchester RD, Hampshire I76546
25 House, Margaret Annie  9 Oct 1913Winchester RD, Hampshire I76551
26 House, Nora May  23 May 1921Winchester RD, Hampshire I143897
27 House, Norman Victor  18 Jan 1920Winchester RD, Hampshire I143924
28 House, Robert Selbyn  Abt Nov 1885Winchester RD, Hampshire I124349
29 House, Veronica Ruth  8 Mar 1927Winchester RD, Hampshire I76550
30 House, Victor Edward Edgar  13 Oct 1916Winchester RD, Hampshire I76548
31 Howes, Anna Mary Eileen  Abt May 1947Winchester RD, Hampshire I145172
32 Howes, Florence Daisy  29 Sep 1918Winchester RD, Hampshire I70386
33 Howes, John Phillip  Abt May 1961Winchester RD, Hampshire I16504
34 Howes, Reginald Albert  Abt Aug 1929Winchester RD, Hampshire I94071
35 Howes, William Henry  Abt Aug 1870Winchester RD, Hampshire I22206
36 Ranger, Herbert George  21 Oct 1912Winchester RD, Hampshire I136453
37 Reynolds, Alice Lydia  Abt Nov 1880Winchester RD, Hampshire I136479
38 Shrimpton, Catherine Laura  12 Jan 1889Winchester RD, Hampshire I143923
39 Talmage, Nora Hilda  18 Oct 1909Winchester RD, Hampshire I173127
40 Taylor, Ethel Louisa  23 Aug 1889Winchester RD, Hampshire I143896
41 Warmington, Anthony Marshall  1 Jul 1946Winchester RD, Hampshire I83729
42 Webb, Minnie Maria  Abt Nov 1885Winchester RD, Hampshire I80507


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Caroline Ann  Abt Feb 1974Winchester RD, Hampshire I30259
2 Baker, Ivy  11 Apr 1997Winchester RD, Hampshire I109382
3 Bannier, Aline Lorraine  Abt Aug 1985Winchester RD, Hampshire I121068
4 Birch, William Albert J  Abt Oct 1986Winchester RD, Hampshire I143928
5 Botley, William Alfred  Abt Aug 1976Winchester RD, Hampshire I162068
6 Brown, Agnes  Abt Nov 1934Winchester RD, Hampshire I39185
7 Burton, Emma  Abt Feb 1910Winchester RD, Hampshire I39921
8 Carter, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1974Winchester RD, Hampshire I145073
9 Churchill, Beatrice  Abt Nov 1946Winchester RD, Hampshire I31748
10 Clark, Sarah Jane  Abt Aug 1937Winchester RD, Hampshire I39922
11 Clayton, Nellie Amelia  Abt Feb 1934Winchester RD, Hampshire I61367
12 Collyer, Cecil Francis  Abt Feb 1986Winchester RD, Hampshire I136459
13 Cross, Alfred Henry  Abt Aug 1959Winchester RD, Hampshire I56078
14 Cummins, Neville Arthur G  Abt Apr 2004Winchester RD, Hampshire I147432
15 Dadswell, Jack  Abt May 1984Winchester RD, Hampshire I145276
16 Dillow, Edward  Abt Feb 1929Winchester RD, Hampshire I37729
17 Dowding, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1959Winchester RD, Hampshire I76794
18 Drewe, Caroline  Abt Feb 1940Winchester RD, Hampshire I136474
19 Druce, Bertie William Thomas  Abt Nov 1982Winchester RD, Hampshire I29938
20 Dyke, Gertrude Edith  Abt Nov 1927Winchester RD, Hampshire I76795
21 Eastman, Emily Lydia  Abt Feb 1998Winchester RD, Hampshire I162215
22 Elkins, William Edward  Abt Sep 1987Winchester RD, Hampshire I39931
23 Faithfull, Walter  Abt Sep 1999Winchester RD, Hampshire I159527
24 Fennell, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1933Winchester RD, Hampshire I39188
25 Freeman, Annie  Abt Nov 1950Winchester RD, Hampshire I38383
26 Frisby, Frederick George  Abt May 1969Winchester RD, Hampshire I156983
27 Gash, Doreen Edwina  Abt Sep 2003Winchester RD, Hampshire I144653
28 Gibbs, Frederick William  Abt Apr 1999Winchester RD, Hampshire I143935
29 Goulding, Alice Maud  Abt Nov 1949Winchester RD, Hampshire I40712
30 Green, Percy Harrison  Abt May 1917Winchester RD, Hampshire I38386
31 Green, Walter  Abt Nov 1951Winchester RD, Hampshire I144413
32 Hann, Hilda Eliza  Abt Aug 1896Winchester RD, Hampshire I39742
33 Hart, Feodora Amelia  Abt May 1972Winchester RD, Hampshire I64982
34 Hawken, William Howes  Abt May 1970Winchester RD, Hampshire I164410
35 Hayes, George  Abt May 1920Winchester RD, Hampshire I98484
36 Hewlett, Marjorie E  Abt Nov 1932Winchester RD, Hampshire I39941
37 Hibberd, Beatrice Alice  Abt May 1973Winchester RD, Hampshire I32838
38 Hoad, Frederick Stanley  Abt Feb 2003Winchester RD, Hampshire I143076
39 Houghton, Leonard  Abt Feb 1987Winchester RD, Hampshire I143921
40 Houghton, Lucy Eleanor  Abt Nov 1993Winchester RD, Hampshire I128244
41 House, Alan Michael  Abt Dec 1998Winchester RD, Hampshire I143925
42 House, Amelia Maud  Abt Aug 1973Winchester RD, Hampshire I40787
43 House, Cecil James  Abt Feb 1945Winchester RD, Hampshire I30263
44 House, Charles  Abt Nov 1933Winchester RD, Hampshire I32848
45 House, Dorothy Cecilia  Abt Dec 2001Winchester RD, Hampshire I160272
46 House, Edgar William  Abt Feb 1954Winchester RD, Hampshire I30265
47 House, Edith Katherine  Abt Oct 1998Winchester RD, Hampshire I41284
48 House, Edith Mary  Abt May 1975Winchester RD, Hampshire I30266
49 House, Edwar James  Abt Feb 1863Winchester RD, Hampshire I124350
50 House, Edward Douglas V  Abt Nov 1982Winchester RD, Hampshire I144391

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aikman, Jack  Abt Feb 1917Winchester RD, Hampshire I143109
2 Aslet, Gertrude Mary  Abt Nov 1880Winchester RD, Hampshire I70021
3 Bliss, Ronald Frederick  Abt May 1920Winchester RD, Hampshire I159653
4 Bright, Rosa Kate  Abt Feb 1876Winchester RD, Hampshire I24441
5 Chipp, Eileen Ivy S  Abt Aug 1892Winchester RD, Hampshire I37410
6 Chipp, Norah Julietta B  Abt May 1891Winchester RD, Hampshire I37413
7 Coombes, Albert Edward  Abt Nov 1902Winchester RD, Hampshire I143765
8 Dillow, Arthur Victor  Abt Feb 1901Winchester RD, Hampshire I37728
9 Dillow, Edward  Abt Feb 1861Winchester RD, Hampshire I37729
10 Dillow, Herbert Edward  Abt Aug 1889Winchester RD, Hampshire I37730
11 Dillow, Ivy Edith  Abt Aug 1895Winchester RD, Hampshire I37731
12 Dillow, Laura Louisa  Abt May 1891Winchester RD, Hampshire I37732
13 Dillow, Walter Thomas  Abt May 1891Winchester RD, Hampshire I37733
14 Elkins, William Edward  Abt Nov 1902Winchester RD, Hampshire I39931
15 Gibbs, Frederick William  Abt Aug 1909Winchester RD, Hampshire I143935
16 Giddens, Horace James  Abt Aug 1914Winchester RD, Hampshire I142290
17 Gould, Donald Albert  Abt Feb 1931Winchester RD, Hampshire I144750
18 Greig, Douglas Ronald James  Abt Nov 1911Winchester RD, Hampshire I149041
19 Hall, Leonard A C  Abt Nov 1919Winchester RD, Hampshire I76800
20 Hampton, Marian  Abt Feb 1911Winchester RD, Hampshire I32057
21 Hann, Mildred Ellen  Abt Nov 1897Winchester RD, Hampshire I39743
22 Hibberd, Beatrice Alice  Abt Nov 1875Winchester RD, Hampshire I32838
23 Houghton, Leonard  Abt Nov 1901Winchester RD, Hampshire I143921
24 Houghton, Lucy Eleanor  Abt Nov 1908Winchester RD, Hampshire I128244
25 House, Alan Michael  Abt Nov 1923Winchester RD, Hampshire I143925
26 House, Amelia  Abt Aug 1856Winchester RD, Hampshire I39959
27 House, Arthur Way  Abt Aug 1872Winchester RD, Hampshire I32440
28 House, Barbara R  Abt Aug 1920Winchester RD, Hampshire I76549
29 House, Caroline Kathleen  Abt Aug 1914Winchester RD, Hampshire I76547
30 House, Catherine Burgess  Abt Aug 1864Winchester RD, Hampshire I32443
31 House, Charles Stephen  Abt Nov 1926Winchester RD, Hampshire I143952
32 House, Charlotte Jane  Abt May 1972Winchester RD, Hampshire I144151
33 House, Charlotte Sophia  Abt Nov 1863Winchester RD, Hampshire I39967
34 House, David Michael  Abt Aug 1937Winchester RD, Hampshire I76808
35 House, Edith Mary  Abt Aug 1910Winchester RD, Hampshire I30266
36 House, Edward  Abt Feb 1858Winchester RD, Hampshire I39972
37 House, Edwina Betty  Abt Aug 1927Winchester RD, Hampshire I76810
38 House, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1875Winchester RD, Hampshire I39215
39 House, Emma  Abt Nov 1843Winchester RD, Hampshire I39979
40 House, Frances Mary  Abt Nov 1862Winchester RD, Hampshire I32450
41 House, Francis Wilfred C  Abt Feb 1944Winchester RD, Hampshire I71046
42 House, Frederick Charles  Abt Feb 1893Winchester RD, Hampshire I29896
43 House, Frederick Robert  Abt Nov 1865Winchester RD, Hampshire I32453
44 House, George Frederick  Abt Feb 1883Winchester RD, Hampshire I39233
45 House, Georgina Jane  Abt Nov 1870Winchester RD, Hampshire I39986
46 House, Harriet  Abt Aug 1867Winchester RD, Hampshire I39990
47 House, Harry Immer  Abt Nov 1873Winchester RD, Hampshire I39242
48 House, Henry  Abt Aug 1848Winchester RD, Hampshire I39992
49 House, James  Abt Nov 1845Winchester RD, Hampshire I39994
50 House, John  Abt Nov 1849Winchester RD, Hampshire I39997

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Baker, Ivy  Abt Apr 1997Winchester RD, Hampshire I109382
2 Cull, Charley  Abt May 1952Winchester RD, Hampshire I134269
3 Gaitskell, Muriel Alice  Abt Feb 1981Winchester RD, Hampshire I114226
4 Howes, Abner Capel  Abt Feb 1940Winchester RD, Hampshire I136473
5 Howes, Alice  Abt Feb 1959Winchester RD, Hampshire I65906
6 Howes, Basil Alfred  Abt May 1940Winchester RD, Hampshire I564
7 Howes, Edward Charles  Abt May 1917Winchester RD, Hampshire I1211
8 Howes, Eileen Mary  Abt Nov 1969Winchester RD, Hampshire I31321
9 Howes, Herbert  Abt Nov 1956Winchester RD, Hampshire I16656
10 Howse, Wilfred  May 1953Winchester RD, Hampshire I16453
11 Taylor, Geoffrey St John Aldersey  Abt Nov 1980Winchester RD, Hampshire I114228


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Preston, Lucy Elizabeth  2 May 1980Winchester RD, Hampshire I141837


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cole / House  Abt May 1940Winchester RD, Hampshire F43970
2 Collyer / Ranger  Abt Aug 1941Winchester RD, Hampshire F41470
3 Crowe / Howes  Abt Feb 1967Winchester RD, Hampshire F53042
4 Crowley / Oldridge  Abt May 1937Winchester RD, Hampshire F4312
5 Cull / Morris  Abt Aug 1940Winchester RD, Hampshire F40763
6 Edgcombe / House  Abt May 1938Winchester RD, Hampshire F43968
7 Elliott / Jenvey  Abt Nov 1942Winchester RD, Hampshire F49258
8 Freeman / House  Abt May 1964Winchester RD, Hampshire F39680
9 Gibbs / House  Abt Feb 1932Winchester RD, Hampshire F43966
10 Houghton / House  Abt Nov 1926Winchester RD, Hampshire F43960
11 House / Chalk  Abt May 1951Winchester RD, Hampshire F43962
12 House / Fennell  Abt Nov 1872Winchester RD, Hampshire F12101
13 House / Gore  Abt Nov 1975Winchester RD, Hampshire F39730
14 House / Harris  Abt Nov 1938Winchester RD, Hampshire F21737
15 House / Hillier  Abt Aug 1943Winchester RD, Hampshire F20259
16 House / Misselbrook  Abt Feb 1917Winchester RD, Hampshire F27255
17 House / Penaliggon  Abt Nov 1942Winchester RD, Hampshire F21745
18 House / Rackley  Abt Nov 1938Winchester RD, Hampshire F43754
19 House / Shrimpton  Abt Nov 1917Winchester RD, Hampshire F43961
20 House / Taylor  Abt Feb 1920Winchester RD, Hampshire F43953
21 Howes / Hart  Abt Nov 1934Winchester RD, Hampshire F18784
22 Howes / Porteous  Abt Nov 1938Winchester RD, Hampshire F31558
23 Howes / Rhodda  Abt May 1936Winchester RD, Hampshire F49587
24 Howes / Savage  Abt Aug 1921Winchester RD, Hampshire F28955
25 Hunt / House  Abt May 1939Winchester RD, Hampshire F24730
26 Lowe / Howes  Abt Nov 1930Winchester RD, Hampshire F39488
27 Osgood / Ranger  Abt Nov 1935Winchester RD, Hampshire F41467
28 Reynolds / Shergold  Abt May 1929Winchester RD, Hampshire F13246
29 Ricketts / Houghton  Abt Feb 1927Winchester RD, Hampshire F38867
30 Roddie / Carter  Abt May 1967Winchester RD, Hampshire F44351
31 Simm / Swatheridge  Abt Aug 1966Winchester RD, Hampshire F43978
32 Stroud / Wakeford  Abt Feb 1911Winchester RD, Hampshire F10358
33 Taylor / House  Abt Aug 1940Winchester RD, Hampshire F43967
34 Treviss / Kewell  Abt Feb 1954Winchester RD, Hampshire F48410
35 Whitcher / Down  Abt Nov 1940Winchester RD, Hampshire F32612
36 Willis / House  Abt Nov 1918Winchester RD, Hampshire F9742
37 Witcher / Giles  Abt Nov 1872Winchester RD, Hampshire F12291


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berriman / Batt  Abt Aug 1845Winchester RD, Hampshire F49498
2 Cox / House  Abt Nov 1873Winchester RD, Hampshire F41480
3 House / Allen  Abt May 1908Winchester RD, Hampshire F9735
4 House / Burton  Abt Aug 1862Winchester RD, Hampshire F12281
5 House / Gardner  Abt Feb 1856Winchester RD, Hampshire F12289
6 House / Giles  Abt Aug 1841Winchester RD, Hampshire F12290
7 House / Hibberd  Abt Nov 1901Winchester RD, Hampshire F10421
8 House / Lee  Abt Nov 1909Winchester RD, Hampshire F9743
9 House / Long  Abt May 1883Winchester RD, Hampshire F10260
10 House / Self  Abt May 1869Winchester RD, Hampshire F12309
11 House / Targett  Abt May 1906Winchester RD, Hampshire F13316
12 House / Wakeford  Abt Nov 1885Winchester RD, Hampshire F35272
13 Howes / Aslet  Abt Aug 1900Winchester RD, Hampshire F20019
14 Howes / Carpenter  Abt Feb 1884Winchester RD, Hampshire F5834
15 Howes / Drewe  Abt Nov 1891Winchester RD, Hampshire F41476
16 Howes / Ganny  Abt Aug 1848Winchester RD, Hampshire F35369
17 Howse / Swatheridge  Abt Feb 1940Winchester RD, Hampshire F43977
18 Howse / Topham  Abt Nov 1893Winchester RD, Hampshire F22637
19 Hubbard / House  Abt Feb 1899Winchester RD, Hampshire F12109
20 Maggs / Giles  Abt Nov 1868Winchester RD, Hampshire F41466
21 Ranger / Howes  Abt Nov 1905Winchester RD, Hampshire F41465
22 Reynolds / House  Abt Nov 1880Winchester RD, Hampshire F41478
23 Turpin / House  Abt May 1885Winchester RD, Hampshire F12303