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Tunbridge Wells, Kent



City/Town : Latitude: 51.1144, Longitude: 0.430679


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashdown, Reginald Ernest  17 Sep 1907Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48174
2 Dunnings, Florence Beatrice  28 Nov 1895Tunbridge Wells, Kent I853
3 Farmer, Louisa Theodosia  12 Dec 1875Tunbridge Wells, Kent I15597
4 Hearnden, Richard  Abt 1845Tunbridge Wells, Kent I1956
5 House, Alfred Thomas S  Abt Nov 1875Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48202
6 House, Dorothy Grace  Abt Aug 1892Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48216
7 House, Edith Maria  30 Apr 1885Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48219
8 House, Emily Kate  22 Jul 1894Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48227
9 House, Emily Rhoda  Abt Dec 1870Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48228
10 House, Frederick James  Abt May 1880Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48232
11 House, George Edwin  Abt Aug 1886Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48236
12 House, George James  Abt Nov 1881Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48238
13 House, Gertrude Lily  Abt May 1888Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48239
14 House, Herbert Frank  8 Sep 1889Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48246
15 House, Mary Anna  Abt May 1872Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48264
16 House, Nellie Dora  Abt May 1887Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48269
17 House, Percy Edward H  Abt Feb 1891Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48271
18 House, Phillis Ada  Abt Aug 1873Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48272
19 House, Sydney Ralph  Abt Jul 1890Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48278
20 Howe, Bessie Gertrude  Abt 1868Tunbridge Wells, Kent I10967
21 Howes, Susan  Abt 1837Tunbridge Wells, Kent I104706
22 Montague, Anna Eliza  Abt Nov 1837Tunbridge Wells, Kent I23755
23 Packham, Edith Mary  10 Feb 1885Tunbridge Wells, Kent I160170
24 Salter, Elizabeth  11 Oct 1892Tunbridge Wells, Kent I73403
25 Starling, Edwin Cyril Widmorpark  Abt Feb 1889Tunbridge Wells, Kent I49575
26 Unknown, Mary  Abt 1843Tunbridge Wells, Kent I101548
27 Upperton, Emily  Abt Aug 1858Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48318


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dunn, Sir William  31 Mar 1912Tunbridge Wells, Kent I136075
2 Howes, Raymond George  13 Jun 2014Tunbridge Wells, Kent I8902
3 Howse, Caliph  23 Aug 1940Tunbridge Wells, Kent I68724
4 Lee, Gladys Ivy D  Nov 1999Tunbridge Wells, Kent I5470
5 Smith, Alan  17 Apr 2005Tunbridge Wells, Kent I102202


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashdown, Reginald Ernest  Abt 1907Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48174
2 Dunnings, Florence Beatrice  Abt 1895Tunbridge Wells, Kent I853
3 Farmer, Louisa Theodosia  Abt 1875Tunbridge Wells, Kent I15597
4 Hearnden, Richard  Abt 1869Tunbridge Wells, Kent I20740
5 Hearnden, Richard  Abt Nov 1869Tunbridge Wells, Kent I20740
6 House, Alfred Thomas S  Abt 1875Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48202
7 House, Dorothy Grace  Abt 1892Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48216
8 House, Dorothy Grace  Abt 1893Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48216
9 House, Edith Maria  Abt 1885Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48219
10 House, Emily Kate  Abt 1894Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48227
11 House, Emily Rhoda  Abt 1866Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48228
12 House, Emily Rhoda  Abt 1870Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48228
13 House, Emily Rhoda  Abt 1871Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48228
14 House, Frederick James  Abt 1879Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48232
15 House, George Edwin  Abt 1886Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48236
16 House, George James  Abt 1881Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48238
17 House, Gertrude Lily  Abt 1888Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48239
18 House, Herbert Frank  Abt 1889Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48246
19 House, Mary Anna  Abt 1871Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48264
20 House, Mary Anna  Abt 1872Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48264
21 House, Nellie Dora  Abt 1886Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48269
22 House, Nellie Dora  Abt 1887Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48269
23 House, Percy Edward H  Abt 1890Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48271
24 House, Phillis Ada  Abt 1873Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48272
25 House, Sydney Ralph  Abt 1890Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48278
26 Howe, Bessie Gertrude  Abt Feb 1869Tunbridge Wells, Kent I10967
27 Howes, Susan  Abt 1835Tunbridge Wells, Kent I104706
28 Howes, Susan  Abt 1838Tunbridge Wells, Kent I104706
29 Jones, Eliza  Abt 1832Tunbridge Wells, Kent I25485
30 Montague, Anna Eliza  Abt 1836Tunbridge Wells, Kent I23755
31 Montague, Anna Eliza  Abt 1837Tunbridge Wells, Kent I23755
32 Starling, Edwin Cyril Widmorpark  Abt 1888Tunbridge Wells, Kent I49575
33 Upperton, Emily  Abt 1857Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48318
34 Upperton, Emily  Abt 1858Tunbridge Wells, Kent I48318