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Taunton Deane RD, Somerset



Latitude: 51.0059, Longitude: -3.145


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Frederick James  Abt Aug 1995Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41644
2 Allnatt, Jessie Edna  Abt Apr 1984Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I183095
3 Baker, Dorothy Lambert  Abt Jul 1990Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I42936
4 Baker, Jesnie Mary  Abt May 1982Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I174484
5 Barratt, Leslie J  Abt Jan 1990Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I179480
6 Betty, Ella Maud  Abt Nov 1974Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41825
7 Broom, William  Abt Nov 1978Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I176215
8 Carpenter, Frederick Alfred C  Abt Jun 1991Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I174335
9 Chedzoy, Clifford William  Abt Feb 1978Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I86439
10 Chedzoy, Dora Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1975Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I86440
11 Chedzoy, Edith Maud  Abt Nov 1975Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I37398
12 Chedzoy, Hubert William  Abt Feb 1985Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I176220
13 Chivers, John Arthur  Abt Aug 1983Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I35456
14 Coles, Sidney  Abt Feb 1976Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I176213
15 Conibere, Gilbert Samuel  Abt Nov 1980Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41668
16 Dade, Thomas  Abt Aug 1981Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I34676
17 Darch, Leslie Francis  Abt Sep 1994Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41670
18 Davies, Leslie Fred  Abt Jun 1990Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I37810
19 Davies, William David  Abt May 1982Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I160084
20 Dawe, Eva May  Abt Feb 1979Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I34987
21 Durston, Geoffrey  Abt Mar 1994Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I178607
22 Earle, Mildred Alice N  Abt May 1974Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I67301
23 Fifield, Edith Sarah Mary  Abt Aug 1982Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I163291
24 Gillett, Audrey  Abt May 1976Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I178600
25 Hancock, John Trevor Collingwood  Abt Aug 1994Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I118470
26 Head, Florence Kathleen  Abt May 1992Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I118469
27 Henman, Winifred Rhoda  Abt May 1991Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I93941
28 Hole, Eileen May  Abt Dec 1995Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I174452
29 House, Alan  Abt Oct 1985Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I33734
30 House, Alfred George  Abt Feb 1980Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41690
31 House, Arthur  Abt Feb 1978Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41693
32 House, Arthur  Abt Dec 1992Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41694
33 House, Beatrice Lilian  Abt Jan 1987Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41698
34 House, Bessie  Abt Aug 1977Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I35030
35 House, Christopher Allen  Abt Aug 1982Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I33641
36 House, Dorothy May  Abt Apr 1991Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41702
37 House, Edith May  Abt Feb 1980Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41703
38 House, Edward Terence  Abt May 1981Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I170678
39 House, Florence Vera  Abt Jul 1985Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41719
40 House, Frederick James  Abt May 1977Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41720
41 House, Gladys Maud  Abt Dec 1993Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41723
42 House, Gladys May  Abt May 1995Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I34813
43 House, Ivy May  Abt Aug 1979Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I34824
44 House, John  Abt Apr 1989Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I37546
45 House, John Eric  Abt May 1987Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I34835
46 House, Joyce Helen Mary  Abt Jun 1993Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I80314
47 House, Kathleen Joyce  Abt Sep 1995Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I80711
48 House, Major Courtney  Abt Jul 1988Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I30696
49 House, Muriel Jasmine  Abt Jul 1999Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I30718
50 House, Oliver Walter  Abt Oct 1995Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I41750

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Boone, Madeline Annie  Abt Aug 1987Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I101220
2 Cavill, Francis Edwin Richard John  Abt May 1986Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I178675
3 Cavill, George Henning  Abt Nov 1982Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I178676
4 Coate, Percy Henry  Abt Mar 1994Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I86463
5 Garland, Lily Beatrice May  Abt Mar 1992Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I174394
6 Hembrow, Evelyn Ada  Abt Sep 1989Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I37437
7 Hembrow, Marjorie Annie  Abt Jan 1988Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I37444
8 House, Edward James  Abt Jun 1985Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I34782
9 House, Ethel Kate  Abt Feb 1986Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I37503
10 House, Eva Emma  Abt Aug 1978Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I30643
11 House, Roy Francis Douglas  Abt Nov 1976Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I34063
12 Howe, Ivy May  Abt Jun 1985Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I174485
13 Morris, Harold Edwin  Abt Feb 1985Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I178678
14 Tazewell, William Hurman  Abt Feb 1979Taunton Deane RD, Somerset I37697


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davies / Harris  Abt Aug 1976Taunton Deane RD, Somerset F48590
2 Scott / House  Abt May 1983Taunton Deane RD, Somerset F40047