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Somerleyton, Suffolk


Location : Latitude: 52.5168, Longitude: 1.65852


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alborough, Alborough  18 Apr 1901Somerleyton, Suffolk I175212
2 Alborough, Frederick Henry  6 May 1880Somerleyton, Suffolk I175211
3 Alborough, Frederick John  Abt Aug 1902Somerleyton, Suffolk I175213
4 Alp, Charles Sidney  31 Mar 1908Somerleyton, Suffolk I118859
5 Alp, Frederick Samuel  Abt Aug 1901Somerleyton, Suffolk I118857
6 Alp, Frederick WIlliam  Abt Feb 1878Somerleyton, Suffolk I41926
7 Alp, Rosetta Eleanor  11 Aug 1903Somerleyton, Suffolk I118858
8 Bultitude, Mary Ann  Abt 1784Somerleyton, Suffolk I41947
9 Clark, Robert  Abt 1808Somerleyton, Suffolk I178296
10 Crouchen, Eliza  Abt Dec 1838Somerleyton, Suffolk I41945
11 Crouchen, Henry  Abt 1834Somerleyton, Suffolk I41929
12 Crouchen, Naomi  Abt Oct 1834Somerleyton, Suffolk I41946
13 Crouchen, Thomas  6 Feb 1807Somerleyton, Suffolk I41943
14 Crouching, Thomas George  Abt Jan 1833Somerleyton, Suffolk I122711
15 Evans, Charles John  Abt Apr 1902Somerleyton, Suffolk I49462
16 Evans, Jennett Alice  Abt Aug 1908Somerleyton, Suffolk I49459
17 Evans, Sir John Harold  Abt Feb 1904Somerleyton, Suffolk I49457
18 Evans, Richard Clement  Abt Feb 1906Somerleyton, Suffolk I49458
19 Heavers, Harriet  29 Oct 1854Somerleyton, Suffolk I16132
20 Howes, Annie Violet  15 Sep 1905Somerleyton, Suffolk I35382
21 Howes, Benjamin  Abt Jul 1813Somerleyton, Suffolk I42034
22 Howes, Bessie Jane  28 Oct 1911Somerleyton, Suffolk I35332
23 Howes, Charles Gerald Josiah  Abt May 1879Somerleyton, Suffolk I35344
24 Howes, Daisy Eleanor  25 Feb 1880Somerleyton, Suffolk I35320
25 Howes, Dora Mary  9 Jul 1882Somerleyton, Suffolk I35321
26 Howes, Dorothy May  6 May 1910Somerleyton, Suffolk I35327
27 Howes, Edith Mary  16 Jul 1908Somerleyton, Suffolk I35326
28 Howes, Edward Obadiah  25 May 1875Somerleyton, Suffolk I35318
29 Howes, Elizabeth Alice  Abt May 1874Somerleyton, Suffolk I35342
30 Howes, Elizabeth Carr  28 Jun 1810Somerleyton, Suffolk I41949
31 Howes, George  11 Apr 1808Somerleyton, Suffolk I41948
32 Howes, George Edward Obadiah  3 Jul 1903Somerleyton, Suffolk I35324
33 Howes, Harold Edward  Abt May 1876Somerleyton, Suffolk I16376
34 Howes, James  Abt Mar 1817Somerleyton, Suffolk I42035
35 Howes, Jessie Mary  20 Nov 1904Somerleyton, Suffolk I35325
36 Howes, Louisa  2 Feb 1812Somerleyton, Suffolk I41927
37 Howes, Mabel Frances  20 Jun 1913Somerleyton, Suffolk I35331
38 Howes, Mary Ann  18 Apr 1803Somerleyton, Suffolk I65657
39 Howes, Naomi  Abt Sep 1828Somerleyton, Suffolk I41950
40 Howes, Sidney Edward  Abt May 1910Somerleyton, Suffolk I35383
41 Howes, Sydney  26 May 1878Somerleyton, Suffolk I35319
42 Pallant, Sarah E  Abt 1883Somerleyton, Suffolk I35352
43 Smith, Elizabeth  1772Somerleyton, Suffolk I4828


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alborough, Alborough  18 Apr 1901Somerleyton, Suffolk I175212
2 Crouching, Thomas George  Abt 1 Feb 1833Somerleyton, Suffolk I122711
3 Evans, Charles John  30 Aug 1902Somerleyton, Suffolk I49462
4 Heavers, Harriet  Abt May 1941Somerleyton, Suffolk I16132
5 Howes, Alfred Charles  2 May 1883Somerleyton, Suffolk I35345
6 Howes, Benjamin  Abt Apr 1814Somerleyton, Suffolk I42034
7 Howes, Charles Gerald Josiah  15 Sep 1883Somerleyton, Suffolk I35344
8 Howes, Edward  20 Feb 1929Somerleyton, Suffolk I25457
9 Howes, Thomas Leighton  Oct 1807Somerleyton, Suffolk I65598
10 Smith, Elizabeth  Apr 1803Somerleyton, Suffolk I65656
11 Smith, Elizabeth  16 Feb 1908Somerleyton, Suffolk I35340


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alborough, Frederick Henry  Abt 1880Somerleyton, Suffolk I175211
2 Alborough, Frederick John  Abt 1902Somerleyton, Suffolk I175213
3 Alp, Charles Sidney  Abt 1907Somerleyton, Suffolk I118859
4 Alp, Frederick WIlliam  Abt 1877Somerleyton, Suffolk I41926
5 Alp, Rosetta Eleanor  Abt 1903Somerleyton, Suffolk I118858
6 Clark, Robert  Abt 1820Somerleyton, Suffolk I178296
7 Crouchen, Eliza  Abt 1838Somerleyton, Suffolk I41945
8 Crouchen, Henry  Abt 1831Somerleyton, Suffolk I41929
9 Crouchen, John Howes  Abt 1843Somerleyton, Suffolk I41944
10 Crouchen, John Howes  Abt 1844Somerleyton, Suffolk I41944
11 Evans, Jennett Alice  Abt 1908Somerleyton, Suffolk I49459
12 Evans, Sir John Harold  Abt 1903Somerleyton, Suffolk I49457
13 Evans, Richard Clement  Abt 1905Somerleyton, Suffolk I49458
14 Heavers, Harriet  Abt 1853Somerleyton, Suffolk I16132
15 Heavers, Harriet  Abt 1854Somerleyton, Suffolk I16132
16 Howes, Annie Violet  Abt 1905Somerleyton, Suffolk I35382
17 Howes, Charles Gerald Josiah  Abt 1878Somerleyton, Suffolk I35344
18 Howes, Daisy Eleanor  Abt 1879Somerleyton, Suffolk I35320
19 Howes, Dora Mary  Abt 1882Somerleyton, Suffolk I35321
20 Howes, Dorothy May  Abt Jun 1910Somerleyton, Suffolk I35327
21 Howes, Edith Mary  Abt 1908Somerleyton, Suffolk I35326
22 Howes, Edward Obadiah  Abt 1875Somerleyton, Suffolk I35318
23 Howes, Elizabeth Alice  Abt 1874Somerleyton, Suffolk I35342
24 Howes, George Edward Obadiah  Abt 1903Somerleyton, Suffolk I35324
25 Howes, Harold Edward  Abt 1875Somerleyton, Suffolk I16376
26 Howes, Harold Edward  Abt 1876Somerleyton, Suffolk I16376
27 Howes, James  Abt 1816Somerleyton, Suffolk I42035
28 Howes, Jessie Mary  Abt 1904Somerleyton, Suffolk I35325
29 Howes, Louisa  Abt 1811Somerleyton, Suffolk I41927
30 Howes, Naomi  Abt 1828Somerleyton, Suffolk I41950
31 Howes, Sidney Edward  Abt 1909Somerleyton, Suffolk I35383
32 Howes, Sidney Edward  13 Feb 1910Somerleyton, Suffolk I35383
33 Howes, Sydney  Abt 1878Somerleyton, Suffolk I35319
34 Howes, Sydney  Abt 1879Somerleyton, Suffolk I35319


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Heavers, Harriet  1941Somerleyton, Suffolk I16132
2 Howes, Charles  1922Somerleyton, Suffolk I7752
3 Howes, Charles  8 Mar 1922Somerleyton, Suffolk I7752
4 Howes, Charles  20 Feb 1929Somerleyton, Suffolk I7752
5 Howes, Edward  1949Somerleyton, Suffolk I25457


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Crouchen, Henry  Abt 1832Somerleyton, Suffolk I41929


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Alp, Frederick WIlliam  3 Aug 1901Somerleyton, Suffolk I41926
2 Bultitude, Mary Ann  15 Apr 1808Somerleyton, Suffolk I41947
3 Bultitude, Mary Ann  1 Jul 1810Somerleyton, Suffolk I41947
4 Bultitude, Mary Ann  2 Feb 1812Somerleyton, Suffolk I41947
5 Bultitude, Mary Ann  10 Jul 1813Somerleyton, Suffolk I41947
6 Bultitude, Mary Ann  24 Mar 1817Somerleyton, Suffolk I41947
7 Bultitude, Mary Ann  23 Sep 1828Somerleyton, Suffolk I41947
8 Crouchen, Eliza  6 Jun 1841Somerleyton, Suffolk I41945
9 Crouchen, Naomi  6 Jun 1841Somerleyton, Suffolk I41946
10 Crouchen, Thomas  7 Jan 1833Somerleyton, Suffolk I41943
11 Crouchen, Thomas  12 Oct 1834Somerleyton, Suffolk I41943
12 Crouchen, Thomas  9 Dec 1838Somerleyton, Suffolk I41943
13 Crouchen, Thomas  6 Jun 1841Somerleyton, Suffolk I41943
14 Evans, William  2 Feb 1895Somerleyton, Suffolk I35346
15 Howes, Charles  12 Aug 1869Somerleyton, Suffolk I7752
16 Howes, Daisy Eleanor  3 Aug 1901Somerleyton, Suffolk I35320
17 Howes, Edward Obadiah  23 Apr 1902Somerleyton, Suffolk I35318
18 Howes, George  29 Sep 1850Somerleyton, Suffolk I3107
19 Howes, John  15 Apr 1808Somerleyton, Suffolk I41928
20 Howes, John  1 Jul 1810Somerleyton, Suffolk I41928
21 Howes, John  2 Feb 1812Somerleyton, Suffolk I41928
22 Howes, John  10 Jul 1813Somerleyton, Suffolk I41928
23 Howes, John  24 Mar 1817Somerleyton, Suffolk I41928
24 Howes, John  23 Sep 1828Somerleyton, Suffolk I41928
25 Howes, Louisa  7 Jan 1833Somerleyton, Suffolk I41927
26 Howes, Louisa  12 Oct 1834Somerleyton, Suffolk I41927
27 Howes, Louisa  9 Dec 1838Somerleyton, Suffolk I41927
28 Howes, Louisa  6 Jun 1841Somerleyton, Suffolk I41927
29 Howes, Louisa  29 Sep 1850Somerleyton, Suffolk I41927
30 Smith, Elizabeth  12 Aug 1869Somerleyton, Suffolk I35340