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Oswego, New York, USA


Latitude: 43.4500696, Longitude: -76.1496477


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carr, Clara M  15 Aug 1890Oswego, New York, USA I59434
2 Carr, Cora S  7 Mar 1881Oswego, New York, USA I59431
3 Carr, Henry S  4 Jan 1883Oswego, New York, USA I59432
4 Gilfilian, Nellie L  Abt 1874Oswego, New York, USA I181208
5 House, Addison S  Abt 1852Oswego, New York, USA I59414
6 House, Conrad  Abt 1831Oswego, New York, USA I111847
7 House, Douglas Andrew  4 Mar 1884Oswego, New York, USA I59533
8 House, Emmaette  Abt 1853Oswego, New York, USA I111849
9 House, Frances  Mar 1872Oswego, New York, USA I59486
10 House, Leonard  Abt 1828Oswego, New York, USA I111844
11 House, Mary  Oswego, New York, USA I59485
12 House, Mary A  Abt 1878Oswego, New York, USA I59449
13 House, Menzo Lincoln  Abt 1863Oswego, New York, USA I59436
14 House, Seloma  Abt 1852Oswego, New York, USA I111846
15 Howes, Addie F  Abt 1860Oswego, New York, USA I156891
16 Howes, Betsy Dorlesen  Abt 1842Oswego, New York, USA I175599
17 Howes, Elbert Douglas  Abt 1842Oswego, New York, USA I95775
18 Howes, Ella May  May 1874Oswego, New York, USA I156892
19 Howes, Francis Henry  Abt 1858Oswego, New York, USA I156890
20 Howes, John L  Abt 1848Oswego, New York, USA I156889
21 Howes, Lewis Dillyea  29 Nov 1848Oswego, New York, USA I108482
22 Ireland, Louisa M  9 Nov 1825Oswego, New York, USA I103903
23 Peck, Hattie Ida  4 Nov 1863Oswego, New York, USA I91026
24 Unknown, Sarah M  Abt 1832Oswego, New York, USA I111848
25 Westover, Charles  Abt 1854Oswego, New York, USA I59578
26 Westover, Henry  Abt 1852Oswego, New York, USA I59576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dann, Hubert Charles  22 Dec 1926Oswego, New York, USA I156852
2 House, Louis David  1924Oswego, New York, USA I59450
3 House, Mary Louise  2001Oswego, New York, USA I59453
4 Howes, Lewis O  7 Sep 1870Oswego, New York, USA I95305
5 Hudson, Emma L  30 Apr 1934Oswego, New York, USA I156857


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carr, Clara M  Aug 1889Oswego, New York, USA I59434
2 Carr, Cora S  Mar 1881Oswego, New York, USA I59431
3 Carr, Henry S  Jan 1883Oswego, New York, USA I59432
4 House, Abraham T  Abt 1833Oswego, New York, USA I59408
5 House, Addison S  Abt 1851Oswego, New York, USA I59414
6 House, Albert  Abt 1836Oswego, New York, USA I59409
7 House, Almeda R  Abt 1860Oswego, New York, USA I59493
8 House, Alva  Abt 1842Oswego, New York, USA I59412
9 House, Amos J  Abt 1838Oswego, New York, USA I59410
10 House, Andrew  Abt 1810Oswego, New York, USA I59405
11 House, Andrew George  Abt 1848Oswego, New York, USA I59413
12 House, Andrew George  Abt 1849Oswego, New York, USA I59413
13 House, Sarah H  Abt 1840Oswego, New York, USA I59411
14 Howes, Addie F  Abt 1861Oswego, New York, USA I156891
15 Howes, Ella May  Abt 1873Oswego, New York, USA I156892
16 Howes, Emma  Abt 1861Oswego, New York, USA I108483
17 Howes, Frances A  Abt 1847Oswego, New York, USA I108480
18 Howes, Francis Henry  Abt 1859Oswego, New York, USA I156890
19 Howes, John L  Abt 1849Oswego, New York, USA I156889
20 Howes, Orson G  Abt 1837Oswego, New York, USA I108479
21 Ireland, Louisa M  1828Oswego, New York, USA I103903
22 Neal, Jerusha Amelia  Abt 1838Oswego, New York, USA I156840
23 Palmer, Emeline J  Abt 1833Oswego, New York, USA I156815


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Joshua Ferris  27 Feb 1902Oswego, New York, USA I95315


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bristol, Nellie B  1 Apr 1930Oswego, New York, USA I59421
2 Hazard, Betsey  Oswego, New York, USA I141037
3 House, Conrad  Oswego, New York, USA I95482
4 House, Ezekial Newton  1852Oswego, New York, USA I63530
5 House, Harriet Hepsibah  1852Oswego, New York, USA I168318
6 House, Henry Alonzo  1852Oswego, New York, USA I63533
7 House, James Alford  1852Oswego, New York, USA I63532
8 House, Owen Wild  1 Apr 1930Oswego, New York, USA I59420
9 King, Susanna  1852Oswego, New York, USA I63531
10 Place, Karl H  1943Oswego, New York, USA I90704


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Howes  24 Nov 1880Oswego, New York, USA F53421
2 Carr / House  Abt 1879Oswego, New York, USA F17238
3 Howes / Neal  Apr 1864Oswego, New York, USA F47717
4 Howes / Peck  10 Oct 1888Oswego, New York, USA F26330