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Mitford RD, Norfolk


Notes: Mitford RD centred on Dereham

City/Town : Latitude: 52.67008, Longitude: 0.9531645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Bertie G  Abt May 1913Mitford RD, Norfolk I104673
2 Barrett, Doris E  Abt Feb 1915Mitford RD, Norfolk I104674
3 Barrett, Eric  Abt Feb 1920Mitford RD, Norfolk I103482
4 Bartrum, Angela Muriel  Abt Aug 1928Mitford RD, Norfolk I114513
5 Bartrum, Elsie Margaret  27 May 1914Mitford RD, Norfolk I114510
6 Bartrum, Florence Phyllis  15 Jun 1919Mitford RD, Norfolk I114512
7 Bartrum, Murray Shuldham L  8 Mar 1917Mitford RD, Norfolk I114511
8 Bartrum, Peggy Olive E  Abt Feb 1925Mitford RD, Norfolk I114509
9 Coppen, Alice Maud M  Abt Aug 1897Mitford RD, Norfolk I16404
10 Dann, Bertie Robert  Abt May 1892Mitford RD, Norfolk I87326
11 Edwards, Mildrid J  Abt Feb 1913Mitford RD, Norfolk I76503
12 Fish, George E  Abt May 1911Mitford RD, Norfolk I89727
13 Gapp, Eva Muriel  Abt Feb 1885Mitford RD, Norfolk I56030
14 Gathercole, George William  14 May 1920Mitford RD, Norfolk I103842
15 Gower, Barbara H  Abt Aug 1912Mitford RD, Norfolk I93118
16 Gower, John P  Abt Aug 1917Mitford RD, Norfolk I93120
17 Gower, Pauline M  Abt May 1914Mitford RD, Norfolk I93119
18 Holliday, John V  Abt Aug 1917Mitford RD, Norfolk I88362
19 Howes, Barbara Florence  Abt May 1922Mitford RD, Norfolk I76469
20 Howes, Ellen  Abt Aug 1871Mitford RD, Norfolk I133841
21 Howes, Ellen  Abt Aug 1875Mitford RD, Norfolk I133843
22 Howes, Eva Margaret  Abt May 1907Mitford RD, Norfolk I133838
23 Howes, Francis Napier  22 Feb 1915Mitford RD, Norfolk I62816
24 Howes, George  Abt Nov 1872Mitford RD, Norfolk I133842
25 Howes, Helen Jane Brewster  23 Sep 1914Mitford RD, Norfolk I95074
26 Howes, Herbert William  5 May 1923Mitford RD, Norfolk I62498
27 Howes, Hilda Laura  Abt Aug 1917Mitford RD, Norfolk I76468
28 Howes, John  Abt Feb 1895Mitford RD, Norfolk I133839
29 Howes, Peggy  Abt Feb 1925Mitford RD, Norfolk I76375
30 Howes, Reginald Mervyn  10 Apr 1912Mitford RD, Norfolk I66907
31 Howes, Robert  Abt May 1869Mitford RD, Norfolk I95258
32 Howes, Robert  Abt May 1870Mitford RD, Norfolk I95259
33 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1883Mitford RD, Norfolk I133840
34 Howes, William Walter  Abt Nov 1874Mitford RD, Norfolk I134158
35 Juby, Bessie Selina  Abt Aug 1905Mitford RD, Norfolk I62395
36 Juby, Ivy Maud  Abt Aug 1905Mitford RD, Norfolk I62399
37 Kemp, Frederick W  Abt Feb 1914Mitford RD, Norfolk I76499
38 Kemp, Margaret E  Abt Feb 1912Mitford RD, Norfolk I76498
39 Lambert, Rose May  Abt May 1883Mitford RD, Norfolk I104657
40 Loades, Hannah Letitia  Abt Nov 1883Mitford RD, Norfolk I77485
41 Marjoram, Aubrey  Abt May 1911Mitford RD, Norfolk I95243
42 Melton, Richard James  Abt Nov 1897Mitford RD, Norfolk I61297
43 Nock, Aubrey William  Abt May 1906Mitford RD, Norfolk I95240
44 Oliver, Gwendoline Minnie  Abt Feb 1915Mitford RD, Norfolk I89508
45 Pease, Frederick Alfred  Abt Nov 1883Mitford RD, Norfolk I91613
46 Read, Gladys Sarah  9 Apr 1895Mitford RD, Norfolk I103684
47 Tills, Ethel May  14 Jul 1900Mitford RD, Norfolk I101835
48 Tuck, Ernest Jack  Abt Aug 1898Mitford RD, Norfolk I36462
49 Womack, Herbert Walter  7 Jan 1928Mitford RD, Norfolk I133355


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blomfield, Miles  Abt Nov 1875Mitford RD, Norfolk I36034
2 Blyth, Samuel  Abt Aug 1928Mitford RD, Norfolk I31412
3 Burton, Sarah Ann  Abt Feb 1892Mitford RD, Norfolk I95255
4 Clarke, Edward Walter  Abt Feb 1938Mitford RD, Norfolk I62338
5 Clarke, Lilyas Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1934Mitford RD, Norfolk I76496
6 Eke, Anna Jemima  Abt Feb 1918Mitford RD, Norfolk I72347
7 Gay, Beatrice Alice  Abt Feb 1889Mitford RD, Norfolk I100633
8 Gould, Walter George  Abt Aug 1927Mitford RD, Norfolk I27826
9 Howe, Joseph  Abt Aug 1866Mitford RD, Norfolk I61951
10 Howes, Anne  Abt May 1879Mitford RD, Norfolk I2269
11 Howes, Charles  Abt Feb 1934Mitford RD, Norfolk I5099
12 Howes, Eliza  Abt May 1935Mitford RD, Norfolk I63566
13 Howes, Elizabeth Ann Raynes  Abt May 1860Mitford RD, Norfolk I3057
14 Howes, Ellen  Abt Feb 1872Mitford RD, Norfolk I133841
15 Howes, Ellen  Abt Nov 1875Mitford RD, Norfolk I133843
16 Howes, Ethel Martha  Abt May 1912Mitford RD, Norfolk I29817
17 Howes, Eva Margaret  Abt Nov 1907Mitford RD, Norfolk I133838
18 Howes, George  Abt Feb 1873Mitford RD, Norfolk I22804
19 Howes, George  Abt Feb 1873Mitford RD, Norfolk I133842
20 Howes, George William  Abt Aug 1898Mitford RD, Norfolk I126610
21 Howes, Harriett  Abt Feb 1899Mitford RD, Norfolk I77475
22 Howes, Harry Fountain  Abt Aug 1922Mitford RD, Norfolk I15888
23 Howes, Isaac  Abt Feb 1840Mitford RD, Norfolk I13527
24 Howes, James Raynes  Abt May 1845Mitford RD, Norfolk I23709
25 Howes, James Robert  Abt May 1907Mitford RD, Norfolk I45443
26 Howes, John  Abt Feb 1895Mitford RD, Norfolk I133839
27 Howes, John Land  Abt Nov 1921Mitford RD, Norfolk I72366
28 Howes, Lydia  Abt May 1877Mitford RD, Norfolk I17419
29 Howes, Mildred Jessie  Abt May 1894Mitford RD, Norfolk I20852
30 Howes, Robert  Abt Aug 1869Mitford RD, Norfolk I95258
31 Howes, Robert  Abt Nov 1870Mitford RD, Norfolk I95259
32 Howes, Robert  Abt Feb 1882Mitford RD, Norfolk I4076
33 Howes, Unnamed  Abt Aug 1883Mitford RD, Norfolk I133840
34 Howes, William  Abt May 1889Mitford RD, Norfolk I77467
35 Howes, William  Abt Feb 1916Mitford RD, Norfolk I17937
36 Howes, William Page  Abt Aug 1929Mitford RD, Norfolk I14922
37 Howes, William Raynes  Abt Nov 1925Mitford RD, Norfolk I27879
38 Juby, Bessie Selina  Abt Aug 1905Mitford RD, Norfolk I62395
39 Juby, Ivy Maud  Abt Nov 1905Mitford RD, Norfolk I62399
40 Keely, Sarah  Abt Nov 1881Mitford RD, Norfolk I77468
41 Kirk, James  Abt May 1892Mitford RD, Norfolk I1529
42 Knock, John  Abt Aug 1964Mitford RD, Norfolk I77478
43 Land, Jemima  Abt Feb 1878Mitford RD, Norfolk I3808
44 Lodge, John  Abt May 1866Mitford RD, Norfolk I524
45 Tann, Mary  Abt Nov 1874Mitford RD, Norfolk I42857
46 Thirkettle, Elizabeth Rebecca  Abt Nov 1878Mitford RD, Norfolk I6262
47 Topler, Maria  Abt Aug 1891Mitford RD, Norfolk I35927
48 Unknown, Edith Mary  Abt Aug 1909Mitford RD, Norfolk I63601
49 Ward, Walter  Abt Nov 1921Mitford RD, Norfolk I20738
50 Woods, William Henry  Abt May 1922Mitford RD, Norfolk I63610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrett, Horace Bertie  Abt Nov 1889Mitford RD, Norfolk I104672
2 Bartrum, Elsie Margaret  Abt Aug 1914Mitford RD, Norfolk I114510
3 Bartrum, Florence Phyllis  Abt May 1919Mitford RD, Norfolk I114512
4 Bartrum, Murray Shuldham L  Abt May 1917Mitford RD, Norfolk I114511
5 Bloy, Alice  Abt Feb 1862Mitford RD, Norfolk I19552
6 Bloy, Howes  Abt Feb 1856Mitford RD, Norfolk I17031
7 Bloy, Julia  Abt Feb 1865Mitford RD, Norfolk I711
8 Bloy, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1853Mitford RD, Norfolk I22215
9 Bloy, Samuel  Abt May 1854Mitford RD, Norfolk I26663
10 Bloy, Thomas  Abt Aug 1857Mitford RD, Norfolk I23368
11 Blyth, Alice  Abt Aug 1871Mitford RD, Norfolk I35931
12 Blyth, Ashton Robert  Abt Feb 1884Mitford RD, Norfolk I86995
13 Blyth, Charles Henry  Abt Feb 1880Mitford RD, Norfolk I35934
14 Blyth, Florence Eliza  Abt Feb 1878Mitford RD, Norfolk I35933
15 Blyth, Frederick Fordham  Abt Feb 1874Mitford RD, Norfolk I35932
16 Blyth, Kate Eliza  Abt May 1881Mitford RD, Norfolk I86975
17 Blyth, Mary Maria  Abt Nov 1869Mitford RD, Norfolk I35930
18 Blyth, Samuel  Abt Nov 1864Mitford RD, Norfolk I35929
19 Blyth, Thomas William  Abt Feb 1881Mitford RD, Norfolk I41577
20 Blyth, William Topler  Abt Feb 1863Mitford RD, Norfolk I35928
21 Brereton, John  Abt Aug 1907Mitford RD, Norfolk I23355
22 Buckle, George  Abt May 1865Mitford RD, Norfolk I64048
23 Bullock, Geoffrey Charles  Abt Aug 1902Mitford RD, Norfolk I106900
24 Burton, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1874Mitford RD, Norfolk I52727
25 Chamberlain, Harry David  Abt Feb 1887Mitford RD, Norfolk I89529
26 Clarke, Lilyas Mary Ann  Abt Nov 1856Mitford RD, Norfolk I76496
27 Eagling, Anna Lily  Abt May 1888Mitford RD, Norfolk I76467
28 Ebbage, Noel Charis  Feb 1909Mitford RD, Norfolk I56476
29 Edwards, Frank  Abt May 1879Mitford RD, Norfolk I76501
30 Edwards, Kathleen Nora  Abt May 1904Mitford RD, Norfolk I76502
31 Emmerson, Dorothy Gladys  Abt Nov 1903Mitford RD, Norfolk I62361
32 Emmerson, Herbert George Harry  Abt May 1902Mitford RD, Norfolk I62362
33 Fish, Charles Frederick W  Abt Nov 1909Mitford RD, Norfolk I89726
34 Fish, James Raynes A  Abt Feb 1908Mitford RD, Norfolk I89725
35 Fish, Vera Cecily  Abt May 1903Mitford RD, Norfolk I89724
36 Futter, Frederick John  Abt Aug 1877Mitford RD, Norfolk I37297
37 Fysh, Jessie Ida  Abt Nov 1901Mitford RD, Norfolk I89723
38 Garwood, George  Abt May 1852Mitford RD, Norfolk I76508
39 Gathercole, George William  Abt May 1920Mitford RD, Norfolk I103842
40 Gay, Alfred John Noel  Abt Feb 1891Mitford RD, Norfolk I100628
41 Gay, Beatrice Alice  Abt May 1888Mitford RD, Norfolk I100633
42 Gay, Beatrix Ivy  Abt May 1893Mitford RD, Norfolk I100630
43 Gay, Frank Owen  Abt May 1892Mitford RD, Norfolk I100629
44 Gay, Mabel  Abt Nov 1883Mitford RD, Norfolk I100632
45 Gay, Marguerite  Abt Feb 1887Mitford RD, Norfolk I100626
46 Gay, Mildred Violet  Abt Feb 1887Mitford RD, Norfolk I100625
47 Gay, Olive Maud  Abt Feb 1885Mitford RD, Norfolk I100623
48 Gay, Philip Gordon  Abt May 1897Mitford RD, Norfolk I100631
49 Gay, Reginald Sparke  Abt May 1886Mitford RD, Norfolk I100624
50 Gay, Winifred Muriel F  Abt Feb 1900Mitford RD, Norfolk I100627

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Blyth, Ashton Robert  Abt Feb 1890Mitford RD, Norfolk I86995
2 Cooke, Charles Christmas  Abt May 1878Mitford RD, Norfolk I9810
3 Cooke, Charles Earsham  Abt May 1915Mitford RD, Norfolk I13753
4 Gay, Reginald Sparke  Abt May 1923Mitford RD, Norfolk I100624
5 Howes, Burton Raynes  Abt Feb 1861Mitford RD, Norfolk I4207
6 Howes, Edward Plumptre  Abt May 1857Mitford RD, Norfolk I28181
7 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt Jan 1928Mitford RD, Norfolk I29229
8 Turner, Anne  Abt Dec 1852Mitford RD, Norfolk I5058


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Howes, Harry  1861Mitford RD, Norfolk I44581


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Bartrum  Abt May 1933Mitford RD, Norfolk F30839
2 Barrett / Howes  Abt Nov 1912Mitford RD, Norfolk F30969
3 Bartrum / Gray  Abt Nov 1935Mitford RD, Norfolk F30840
4 Blyth / Tye  Abt Nov 1896Mitford RD, Norfolk F24981
5 Bowgen / Hubbard  Abt Nov 1853Mitford RD, Norfolk F11236
6 Carter / Burton  Abt Nov 1872Mitford RD, Norfolk F8280
7 Cooke / Kendrick  Abt Aug 1903Mitford RD, Norfolk F8694
8 Eke / Bateley  Abt May 1843Mitford RD, Norfolk F18402
9 Eke / Howes  Abt May 1919Mitford RD, Norfolk F26358
10 Fincham / Burton  Abt Aug 1881Mitford RD, Norfolk F27809
11 Garwood / Howes  Abt Nov 1878Mitford RD, Norfolk F18584
12 Gay / Sparke  Abt Feb 1883Mitford RD, Norfolk F29622
13 Gower / Howes  Abt May 1908Mitford RD, Norfolk F27071
14 Howard / Bartrum  Abt Aug 1935Mitford RD, Norfolk F34438
15 Howes / Lambert  Abt Aug 1929Mitford RD, Norfolk F30967
16 Howes / Steggles  Abt Nov 1934Mitford RD, Norfolk F27805
17 Juby / Howes  Abt Feb 1902Mitford RD, Norfolk F18083
18 Loades / Knock  Abt Nov 1876Mitford RD, Norfolk F21913
19 Pease / Bangay  Abt Nov 1909Mitford RD, Norfolk F26532
20 Sadd / Howes  Abt Feb 1908Mitford RD, Norfolk F8243
21 Tuck / Blyth  Abt Nov 1896Mitford RD, Norfolk F11223
22 Winter / Blyth  Abt May 1891Mitford RD, Norfolk F11222
23 Woods / Griffin  Abt Nov 1901Mitford RD, Norfolk F18385


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blyth / Topler  Abt Nov 1862Mitford RD, Norfolk F11221
2 Brereton / Cooke  Abt May 1902Mitford RD, Norfolk F7130
3 Edwards / Howes  Abt May 1901Mitford RD, Norfolk F1460
4 Futter / Howes  Abt Feb 1903Mitford RD, Norfolk F11605
5 Harvey / Howes  Abt Feb 1863Mitford RD, Norfolk F3996
6 Hill / Howes  Abt Aug 1855Mitford RD, Norfolk F1947
7 Howe / Burrows  Abt Aug 1865Mitford RD, Norfolk F17955
8 Howe / Burton  Abt Aug 1865Mitford RD, Norfolk F27808
9 Howes / Burton  Abt Feb 1902Mitford RD, Norfolk F15495
10 Howes / Clarke  Abt Nov 1911Mitford RD, Norfolk F21670
11 Howes / Eagling  Abt Aug 1916Mitford RD, Norfolk F21660
12 Howes / Eke  Abt Aug 1880Mitford RD, Norfolk F20590
13 Howes / Gapp  Abt May 1919Mitford RD, Norfolk F16382
14 Howes / Harrison  Abt Aug 1922Mitford RD, Norfolk F18116
15 Howes / Hearn  Abt Feb 1904Mitford RD, Norfolk F11841
16 Howes / Hood  Abt Feb 1883Mitford RD, Norfolk F8081
17 Howes / Keely  Abt Nov 1851Mitford RD, Norfolk F21909
18 Howes / Peacock  Abt Nov 1897Mitford RD, Norfolk F8761
19 Howes / Sanctuary  Abt Nov 1844Mitford RD, Norfolk F7510
20 Howes / Tann  Abt Aug 1839Mitford RD, Norfolk F13084
21 Huggins / Howes  Abt Nov 1895Mitford RD, Norfolk F2937
22 Kemp / Howes  Abt May 1909Mitford RD, Norfolk F4748
23 Parker / Howes  Abt Nov 1869Mitford RD, Norfolk F1311
24 Rivett / House  Abt May 1897Mitford RD, Norfolk F11557
25 Seaman / Howes  Abt Feb 1926Mitford RD, Norfolk F11790
26 Thompson / Howes  Abt Nov 1878Mitford RD, Norfolk F1931
27 Turner / Howes  Abt Aug 1852Mitford RD, Norfolk F1734
28 Woods / Howes  Abt Nov 1873Mitford RD, Norfolk F18388