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Massachusetts, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 42.0674455, Longitude: -71.7158735


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
201 Howes, Dorothy M  Abt 1908Massachusetts, USA I129267
202 Howes, Earle Knowlton  Abt 1904Massachusetts, USA I14376
203 Howes, Earle Knowlton  Abt 1905Massachusetts, USA I14376
204 Howes, Edith Mary  Abt 1855Massachusetts, USA I124584
205 Howes, Edward Everett  Abt 1847Massachusetts, USA I83631
206 Howes, Edwin Francis  Abt 1823Massachusetts, USA I29672
207 Howes, Edwin Porter  Abt 1850Massachusetts, USA I22575
208 Howes, Edwin Porter  Oct 1850Massachusetts, USA I22575
209 Howes, Edwin Porter  Abt 1877Massachusetts, USA I20002
210 Howes, Edwin Porter  Jan 1878Massachusetts, USA I20002
211 Howes, Eleanor Marie  Feb 1896Massachusetts, USA I110862
212 Howes, Elijah Smith  Jun 1881Massachusetts, USA I91432
213 Howes, Elijah Smith  Abt 1882Massachusetts, USA I91432
214 Howes, Elisha III  Abt 1826Massachusetts, USA I91030
215 Howes, Elisha Carrington  Abt 1864Massachusetts, USA I91025
216 Howes, Elisha Carrington  Sep 1864Massachusetts, USA I91025
217 Howes, Elisha Carrington  Sep 1865Massachusetts, USA I91025
218 Howes, Eliza Ann  Abt 1825Massachusetts, USA I136243
219 Howes, Eliza Boice  Abt 1862Massachusetts, USA I82541
220 Howes, Elizabeth B  Abt 1849massachusetts, USA I31988
221 Howes, Elizabeth B  Abt 1850Massachusetts, USA I31988
222 Howes, Elizabeth Mary  Abt 1854Massachusetts, USA I92144
223 Howes, Elizabeth Mary  Abt 1854Massachusetts, USA I92144
224 Howes, Elizabeth Mary  Mar 1855Massachusetts, USA I92144
225 Howes, Elizabeth Taylor  Abt 1848Massachusetts, USA I91429
226 Howes, Elizabeth Taylor  Abt 1849Massachusetts, USA I91429
227 Howes, Elizabeth Taylor  May 1849Massachusetts, USA I91429
228 Howes, Ellen Bryan  Abt 1896Massachusetts, USA I298
229 Howes, Ellen Bryan  Sep 1896Massachusetts, USA I298
230 Howes, Elmore Greer  Abt 1905Massachusetts, USA I17899
231 Howes, Elmore Greer  1906Massachusetts, USA I17899
232 Howes, Elmore Greer  11 Feb 1906Massachusetts, USA I17899
233 Howes, Elnathan D  Abt 1846Massachusetts, USA I101478
234 Howes, Elnathan D  Abt 1847Massachusetts, USA I101478
235 Howes, Elwin Tyler  Abt 1874Massachusetts, USA I82154
236 Howes, Emory George  Abt 1907Massachusetts, USA I82190
237 Howes, Ensign C  Abt 1857Massachusetts, USA I83636
238 Howes, Ernest David  Abt 1906Massachusetts, USA I6332
239 Howes, Ernest David  1907Massachusetts, USA I6332
240 Howes, Esther Bryant  Nov 1882Massachusetts, USA I92178
241 Howes, Ethel Louise  Abt Mar 1909Massachusetts, USA I24214
242 Howes, Ethel Marian  Abt 1875Massachusetts, USA I129
243 Howes, Ethel Mary  Abt 1882Massachusetts, USA I82157
244 Howes, Ethel Mary  Sep 1883Massachusetts, USA I82157
245 Howes, Evelyn  Abt 1888Massachusetts, USA I91580
246 Howes, Evelyn  Abt 1889Massachusetts, USA I91580
247 Howes, Everett Newton  Abt 1904Massachusetts, USA I148988
248 Howes, Everett Newton  Abt 1905Massachusetts, USA I148988
249 Howes, Everett Newton  8 Apr 1905Massachusetts, USA I148988
250 Howes, Ezra F  Abt 1853Massachusetts, USA I31978

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