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Maidstone, Kent



City/Town : Latitude: 51.2660958, Longitude: 0.5213874


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Abbott William  Abt Aug 1869Maidstone, Kent I58234
2 Bishop, Maria Priscilla  Abt 1839Maidstone, Kent I9047
3 Boulter, John  1830Maidstone, Kent I10435
4 Bushel, Margaret May  Abt Oct 1875Maidstone, Kent I3924
5 Cox, Gwendoline Mary  Abt Aug 1905Maidstone, Kent I67677
6 Curtis, Ellen Annie  11 Jun 1888Maidstone, Kent I142306
7 Dove, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1814Maidstone, Kent I68869
8 Driscoll, Norah  11 Apr 1884Maidstone, Kent I43988
9 Gaskin, Reginald  28 Jan 1908Maidstone, Kent I106544
10 Giles, Elizabeth  Abt 1772Maidstone, Kent I5314
11 Good, Clara  Abt Nov 1859Maidstone, Kent I56321
12 Grover, Eliza Kate  Abt 1867Maidstone, Kent I26939
13 House, Nathaniel  Abt Feb 1870Maidstone, Kent I50894
14 Howe, Thomas Brownrigg  Abt 1846Maidstone, Kent I663
15 Howes, Allen James  31 Dec 1901Maidstone, Kent I17040
16 Howes, Amy Julia  26 Apr 1889Maidstone, Kent I17859
17 Howes, Arthur  Abt Nov 1874Maidstone, Kent I12260
18 Howes, Betsy Brooks  Abt 1832Maidstone, Kent I102866
19 Howes, Edwin  Abt 1812Maidstone, Kent I68863
20 Howes, Edwin T  Abt 1836Maidstone, Kent I68872
21 Howes, Eleanor Louisa  1 Jan 1870Maidstone, Kent I117629
22 Howes, Eleanor Maria  Abt Nov 1871Maidstone, Kent I25376
23 Howes, Elizabeth Emily  Abt 1858Maidstone, Kent I58753
24 Howes, Ellen  Abt May 1843Maidstone, Kent I14266
25 Howes, Ellen  Abt Jul 1845Maidstone, Kent I29689
26 Howes, Ernest  Abt May 1865Maidstone, Kent I15979
27 Howes, Ethel  Abt Feb 1890Maidstone, Kent I19836
28 Howes, Ettie May  3 Dec 1907Maidstone, Kent I21360
29 Howes, Florrie Selina  Abt 1905Maidstone, Kent I16934
30 Howes, Frances  Abt 1820Maidstone, Kent I103140
31 Howes, Frances Jane  Abt May 1838Maidstone, Kent I9732
32 Howes, George Arthur  Abt 1831Maidstone, Kent I68437
33 Howes, George Arthur  Abt 1838Maidstone, Kent I68849
34 Howes, Grace Ella  25 May 1911Maidstone, Kent I116035
35 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1832Maidstone, Kent I103146
36 Howes, Herbert  25 Aug 1869Maidstone, Kent I4151
37 Howes, Herbert  Abt May 1896Maidstone, Kent I4566
38 Howes, Horace  Abt Aug 1857Maidstone, Kent I20919
39 Howes, Horace  19 Feb 1869Maidstone, Kent I27306
40 Howes, Isabella  Abt May 1843Maidstone, Kent I28070
41 Howes, Jessie Alice  Abt Feb 1898Maidstone, Kent I10217
42 Howes, John  Abt 1828Maidstone, Kent I17902
43 Howes, Mary  Abt 1834Maidstone, Kent I28775
44 Howes, May Ellen  22 May 1909Maidstone, Kent I507
45 Howes, Mercy  Abt May 1854Maidstone, Kent I7595
46 Howes, Milly Monica  Abt May 1886Maidstone, Kent I56367
47 Howes, Nelson  Abt May 1872Maidstone, Kent I20252
48 Howes, Nicholas  Abt 1846Maidstone, Kent I68871
49 Howes, Phillis  Abt May 1849Maidstone, Kent I16263
50 Howes, Priscilla Mercy Isabella  Abt Nov 1861Maidstone, Kent I5686

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Howse, Beatrice Alice Maud  16 Apr 1995Maidstone, Kent I55279
2 Howse, Florance Margaret Amelia  Abt Feb 1934Maidstone, Kent I36146
3 Page, Peter Thomas  1952Maidstone, Kent I35865
4 Townshend, Jane Alice  1959Maidstone, Kent I42587


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Boulter, John  28 Jul 1830Maidstone, Kent I10435
2 Howes, Betsy Brooks  14 Apr 1833Maidstone, Kent I102866
3 Howes, Edwin T  23 Jun 1837Maidstone, Kent I68872
4 Howes, Ellen  27 Jul 1845Maidstone, Kent I29689
5 Howes, Mary  4 Jan 1835Maidstone, Kent I28775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Abbott William  Abt 1868Maidstone, Kent I58234
2 Bushel, Margaret May  Abt 1869Maidstone, Kent I3924
3 Church, Maria  Abt 1856Maidstone, Kent I9579
4 Cooper, Amos  Abt 1858Maidstone, Kent I158996
5 Cox, Gwendoline Mary  Abt 1905Maidstone, Kent I67677
6 Dove, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1812Maidstone, Kent I68869
7 Dove, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1813Maidstone, Kent I68869
8 Driscoll, Norah  Abt 1885Maidstone, Kent I43988
9 Gaskin, Reginald  Abt 1907Maidstone, Kent I106544
10 Good, Clara  Abt 1859Maidstone, Kent I56321
11 House, Charles William  Abt 1867Maidstone, Kent I50873
12 House, Nathaniel  Abt 1869Maidstone, Kent I50894
13 Howe, Thomas Brownrigg  Abt May 1847Maidstone, Kent I663
14 Howes, Allen James  Abt 1901Maidstone, Kent I17040
15 Howes, Amy Julia  Abt 1888Maidstone, Kent I17859
16 Howes, Amy Julia  Abt 1889Maidstone, Kent I17859
17 Howes, Arthur  Abt 1874Maidstone, Kent I12260
18 Howes, Edwin T  Abt 1837Maidstone, Kent I68872
19 Howes, Eleanor Louisa  Abt 1870Maidstone, Kent I117629
20 Howes, Eleanor Louisa  Abt Feb 1870Maidstone, Kent I117629
21 Howes, Eleanor Maria  Abt 1871Maidstone, Kent I25376
22 Howes, Ellen  Abt 1843Maidstone, Kent I14266
23 Howes, Ellen  Abt 1844Maidstone, Kent I29689
24 Howes, Ernest  Abt 1865Maidstone, Kent I15979
25 Howes, Ethel  Abt 1889Maidstone, Kent I19836
26 Howes, Ettie May  Abt 1907Maidstone, Kent I21360
27 Howes, Florrie Selina  Abt Aug 1905Maidstone, Kent I16934
28 Howes, Frances  Abt 1821Maidstone, Kent I103140
29 Howes, Frances Jane  Abt 1836Maidstone, Kent I9732
30 Howes, Frances Jane  Abt 1837Maidstone, Kent I9732
31 Howes, Frances Jane  Abt 1839Maidstone, Kent I9732
32 Howes, George Arthur  Abt 1837Maidstone, Kent I68849
33 Howes, Herbert  Abt 1869Maidstone, Kent I4151
34 Howes, Herbert  Abt 1896Maidstone, Kent I4566
35 Howes, Horace  Abt 1856Maidstone, Kent I20919
36 Howes, Horace  Abt 1868Maidstone, Kent I27306
37 Howes, Isabella  Abt 1843Maidstone, Kent I28070
38 Howes, Jessie Alice  Abt 1897Maidstone, Kent I10217
39 Howes, John  Abt 1826Maidstone, Kent I17902
40 Howes, John  Abt 1827Maidstone, Kent I17902
41 Howes, John  Abt 1829Maidstone, Kent I17902
42 Howes, May Ellen  Abt 1909Maidstone, Kent I507
43 Howes, Mercy  Abt 1854Maidstone, Kent I7595
44 Howes, Milly Monica  Abt 1885Maidstone, Kent I56367
45 Howes, Milly Monica  Abt 1885Maidstone, Kent I56367
46 Howes, Milly Monica  Abt 1886Maidstone, Kent I56367
47 Howes, Nelson  Abt 1871Maidstone, Kent I20252
48 Howes, Phillis  Abt 1848Maidstone, Kent I16263
49 Howes, Priscilla Mercy Isabella  Abt 1861Maidstone, Kent I5686
50 Howes, Richard  Abt 1845Maidstone, Kent I68870

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Giles, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1801Maidstone, Kent I5314
2 Howes, Robinson Guy Peall  25 Jan 1972Maidstone, Kent I44604
3 Howes, Thomas  2 Jul 1843Maidstone, Kent I9456
4 Lawrence, Mary Ann  15 Apr 1850Maidstone, Kent I77538
5 Miles, Marjorie Ella  25 Jan 1972Maidstone, Kent I44639
6 Payne, Jane  2 Jul 1843Maidstone, Kent I4671


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Dove  15 Feb 1835Maidstone, Kent F19734


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Giles  2 Jul 1801Maidstone, Kent F2584
2 Howes / Reader  23 Aug 1849Maidstone, Kent F19478