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East Dorset RD, Dorset



Latitude: 50.817131, Longitude: -1.910404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Board, Edith Mary  Abt Nov 2003East Dorset RD, Dorset I60478
2 Brockway, Anna Irene  Abt Aug 2002East Dorset RD, Dorset I159307
3 Fellows, Esther Evelyn  Abt Nov 2003East Dorset RD, Dorset I99777
4 House, Hilda Evelyn  Abt Dec 1998East Dorset RD, Dorset I38809
5 House, Lena Mary  Abt Nov 1998East Dorset RD, Dorset I131027
6 House, Michael John  Abt Feb 1998East Dorset RD, Dorset I143352
7 House, Peter Antony  Abt Oct 2003East Dorset RD, Dorset I93484
8 House, William Charles  Abt May 1997East Dorset RD, Dorset I28891
9 House, Winifred Beatrice Mary  Abt Feb 1998East Dorset RD, Dorset I30937
10 Howes, Phoebe Lilian  Abt Dec 2004East Dorset RD, Dorset I129095
11 Howse, Edith Mabel  Abt Nov 1997East Dorset RD, Dorset I60500
12 Howse, Francis William John  12 Aug 1999East Dorset RD, Dorset I83798
13 Howse, Maureen Audrey  Abt Jan 2004East Dorset RD, Dorset I137866
14 Kenny, Deryck John  Abt Nov 2003East Dorset RD, Dorset I93549
15 Kenny, Ernest  Abt Nov 2001East Dorset RD, Dorset I93542
16 Marshall, Kathleen Ena  Abt Mar 1998East Dorset RD, Dorset I79622
17 Marshallsay, James  Abt Mar 2004East Dorset RD, Dorset I160030
18 Pinchen, Joyce Rosebery  Abt Apr 1998East Dorset RD, Dorset I143354
19 Rowland, Basil  Abt May 2005East Dorset RD, Dorset I75507


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howse, Francis William John  Aug 1999East Dorset RD, Dorset I83798