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Beaminster RD, Dorset



City/Town : Latitude: 50.8054655, Longitude: -2.311029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 House, Thomas John Montagu  Abt Nov 1909Beaminster RD, Dorset I25750
102 House, Tom  Abt Nov 1863Beaminster RD, Dorset I28026
103 House, Tom  Abt Feb 1886Beaminster RD, Dorset I2689
104 House, Tom Victor  Abt Aug 1897Beaminster RD, Dorset I1619
105 House, Walter Redvers Buller  Abt Nov 1901Beaminster RD, Dorset I31833
106 House, William  Abt Aug 1887Beaminster RD, Dorset I13539
107 House, William  Abt May 1900Beaminster RD, Dorset I2334
108 Howe, Ernest Frank  Abt May 1883Beaminster RD, Dorset I38886
109 Howe, Frank  Abt Feb 1854Beaminster RD, Dorset I21235
110 Howse, Frederick Joseph Lane  Abt Aug 1864Beaminster RD, Dorset I53009
111 Humber, Alan Raymond  Abt May 1915Beaminster RD, Dorset I91161
112 Humber, Alfred Charles  Abt Feb 1912Beaminster RD, Dorset I91160
113 Kingston, Theo Hubert  Abt Nov 1913Beaminster RD, Dorset I86896
114 Langford, Linda Winifred  Abt Feb 1901Beaminster RD, Dorset I86877
115 Larcombe, Mabel  Abt Aug 1892Beaminster RD, Dorset I84884
116 Legg, Bessie  Abt Feb 1878Beaminster RD, Dorset I25407
117 Loveless, Winifred Beatrice Mary  Abt Feb 1912Beaminster RD, Dorset I79825
118 Norris, Frederick  Abt Nov 1854Beaminster RD, Dorset I159277
119 Pearce, Thomas John Smith  Abt Feb 1880Beaminster RD, Dorset I142376
120 Phillips, William  Abt Nov 1895Beaminster RD, Dorset I86879
121 Pitcher, Dorothy  Abt Nov 1902Beaminster RD, Dorset I85753
122 Pitcher, George Bernard  Abt Nov 1901Beaminster RD, Dorset I86434
123 Rawlins, Francis  Abt Nov 1876Beaminster RD, Dorset I84875
124 Steele, Harold Francis Henry  Abt May 1898Beaminster RD, Dorset I13474
125 Stevens, Dorothy Nellie  Abt Feb 1906Beaminster RD, Dorset I33008
126 Stevens, Mary Olive  Abt Feb 1902Beaminster RD, Dorset I33010
127 Tuck, Annie Louisa  Abt Nov 1869Beaminster RD, Dorset I4410
128 Walbridge, John  Abt Nov 1871Beaminster RD, Dorset I91337
129 Wallbridge, Emma Elliott  Abt May 1870Beaminster RD, Dorset I7055
130 Watts, Kathleen Mabel  Abt Aug 1899Beaminster RD, Dorset I44352
131 Wellman, Dorothy Jane  Abt May 1898Beaminster RD, Dorset I86859
132 Willmott, Ernest Henry  Abt Nov 1876Beaminster RD, Dorset I30389

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