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Woodstock, Oxfordshire



Location : Latitude: 51.8508397, Longitude: -1.3484096


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berry, Elizabeth Ann  Abt May 1866Woodstock, Oxfordshire I20105
2 Cooper, Mary Ann  Abt 1825Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85886
3 Creek, Emily Maude  25 Nov 1900Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136352
4 Creek, John Francis  11 Jun 1899Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136354
5 Ferrier, Christine Louise  27 Dec 1920Woodstock, Oxfordshire I78154
6 Ferriman, Blanch Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1871Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49161
7 Ferriman, Duncan Albert  Abt May 1868Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49164
8 Ferriman, George Prince  Abt Nov 1873Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49167
9 Ferriman, Ida Louise  Abt Feb 1876Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49168
10 Ferriman, Rosa Minnie  Abt Aug 1865Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49169
11 Holley, Edna Mary  2 Nov 1908Woodstock, Oxfordshire I94773
12 Howes, Arthur Sidney  12 Jul 1906Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53435
13 Howes, Charles Edward  3 Mar 1857Woodstock, Oxfordshire I26536
14 Howes, Emily  Abt Nov 1861Woodstock, Oxfordshire I28919
15 Howes, Frank Reginald  3 Jan 1901Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53437
16 Howes, Frederick William  17 Aug 1902Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53438
17 Howes, George  Abt Feb 1858Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53544
18 Howes, George  Abt May 1868Woodstock, Oxfordshire I1220
19 Howes, John  Abt Jun 1787Woodstock, Oxfordshire I8985
20 Howes, Percy  12 Mar 1904Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53439
21 Howse, Charles  Abt Jun 1782Woodstock, Oxfordshire I6769
22 Howse, Elizabeth  Abt May 1779Woodstock, Oxfordshire I3765
23 Howse, Hannah  Abt Dec 1785Woodstock, Oxfordshire I17302
24 Howse, James  Abt 1778Woodstock, Oxfordshire I19821
25 Howse, James Henry  Abt Aug 1866Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85888
26 Howse, Louisa Jane  Abt Nov 1871Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53291
27 Howse, Mary Jane  Abt Feb 1863Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85887
28 Howse, Thomas  Abt May 1777Woodstock, Oxfordshire I28614
29 Howse, Tom Charles  Abt Nov 1874Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53443
30 Masters, Ellen Mary  Abt Nov 1884Woodstock, Oxfordshire I137439
31 Masters, John Henry  Abt Aug 1881Woodstock, Oxfordshire I137441
32 Price, Ann Elizabeth  Abt May 1859Woodstock, Oxfordshire I128412
33 Price, Beatrice  Abt Feb 1871Woodstock, Oxfordshire I128416
34 Price, Fanny Agnes  Abt Dec 1865Woodstock, Oxfordshire I128419
35 Price, William  Abt Aug 1862Woodstock, Oxfordshire I128424
36 Smith, Jonah  Abt May 1863Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136347
37 Wilsdon, Emma  Abt 1843Woodstock, Oxfordshire I50695


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blagrove, Charles Ivor  23 Feb 2009Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136380
2 Brotherton, John  Abt 21 Feb 1787Woodstock, Oxfordshire I156907
3 Bullock, Charles  5 Nov 1936Woodstock, Oxfordshire I15548
4 Ferriman, Samuel  Abt 25 Jun 1869Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49170
5 House, Lucy  Abt 1 Jun 1794Woodstock, Oxfordshire I156906
6 Howes, Dennis Leonard  4 Nov 2008Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53436
7 Howes, Henry  Abt 2 Feb 1939Woodstock, Oxfordshire I8603
8 Howse, Thomas  Abt 13 Feb 1860Woodstock, Oxfordshire I125402
9 Masters, Charles  Abt 23 Feb 1937Woodstock, Oxfordshire I137437
10 Oliver, Herbert William Edwin  30 Oct 2014Woodstock, Oxfordshire I145536
11 Webb, Ellen  Abt 19 Feb 1915Woodstock, Oxfordshire I137448
12 Webb, Sarah  Abt 14 Nov 1923Woodstock, Oxfordshire I137451


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brotherton, John  25 Feb 1787Woodstock, Oxfordshire I156907
2 House, Lucy  Abt 5 Jun 1794Woodstock, Oxfordshire I156906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Howes, John  3 Jun 1787Woodstock, Oxfordshire I8985
2 Howse, Charles  14 Jun 1782Woodstock, Oxfordshire I6769
3 Howse, Elizabeth  30 May 1799Woodstock, Oxfordshire I3765
4 Howse, Hannah  26 Dec 1785Woodstock, Oxfordshire I17302
5 Howse, James  8 Oct 1780Woodstock, Oxfordshire I19821
6 Howse, Thomas  25 May 1777Woodstock, Oxfordshire I28614


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Berry, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1864Woodstock, Oxfordshire I20105
2 Cooper, Mary Ann  Abt 1823Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85886
3 Creek, Emily Maude  Abt 1900Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136352
4 Creek, Emily Maude  Dec 1900Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136352
5 Creek, Gilbert Leonard  Abt 1908Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136353
6 Creek, John Francis  Abt 1899Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136354
7 Creek, John Pearson Brodrick  Abt 1866Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136355
8 Creek, John Pearson Brodrick  Abt 1868Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136355
9 Ferriman, Blanch Elizabeth  Abt 1871Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49161
10 Ferriman, Blanch Elizabeth  Abt 1872Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49161
11 Ferriman, Blanch Elizabeth  Abt 1873Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49161
12 Ferriman, Duncan Albert  Abt 1868Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49164
13 Ferriman, George Prince  Abt 1873Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49167
14 Ferriman, George Prince  Abt 1874Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49167
15 Ferriman, Ida Louise  Abt 1875Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49168
16 Ferriman, Rosa Minnie  Abt 1865Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49169
17 Holley, Edna Mary  Abt 1908Woodstock, Oxfordshire I94773
18 House, Henry  Abt 1818Woodstock, Oxfordshire I65261
19 Howes, Albert John  Abt 1888Woodstock, Oxfordshire I18149
20 Howes, Arthur Sidney  Abt 1906Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53435
21 Howes, Charles Edward  Abt 1856Woodstock, Oxfordshire I26536
22 Howes, Emily  Abt 1861Woodstock, Oxfordshire I28919
23 Howes, Frank Reginald  Abt Dec 1900Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53437
24 Howes, Frederick Samuel  Abt 1840Woodstock, Oxfordshire I9172
25 Howes, Frederick William  Abt 1902Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53438
26 Howes, George  Abt 1848Woodstock, Oxfordshire I18920
27 Howes, George  Abt 1857Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53544
28 Howes, George  Abt 1867Woodstock, Oxfordshire I1220
29 Howes, Hannah  Abt 1858Woodstock, Oxfordshire I7385
30 Howes, Hannah  Abt Feb 1859Woodstock, Oxfordshire I7385
31 Howes, James Lawton  Abt 1836Woodstock, Oxfordshire I3176
32 Howes, John  Abt 1787Woodstock, Oxfordshire I8985
33 Howes, Percy  Abt 1903Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53439
34 Howes, Rebecca Hannah  Abt 1842Woodstock, Oxfordshire I2988
35 Howes, Thomas  Abt 1867Woodstock, Oxfordshire I69768
36 Howse, Benjamin  Abt 1845Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85885
37 Howse, Benjamin  Abt 1848Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85885
38 Howse, James Henry  Abt 1866Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85888
39 Howse, Louisa Jane  Abt 1871Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53291
40 Howse, Mary Jane  Abt 1861Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85887
41 Howse, Mary Jane  Abt 1862Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85887
42 Howse, Samuel  Abt 1850Woodstock, Oxfordshire I54517
43 Howse, Thomas  Abt 1859Woodstock, Oxfordshire I125402
44 Howse, Tom Charles  Abt 1874Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53443
45 Howse, Tom Charles  Abt 1875Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53443
46 Masters, Ellen Mary  Abt 1884Woodstock, Oxfordshire I137439
47 Masters, John Henry  Abt 1881Woodstock, Oxfordshire I137441
48 Nelms, Ivy Alice  Abt 1901Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136360
49 Price, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1859Woodstock, Oxfordshire I128412
50 Price, Beatrice  Abt 1870Woodstock, Oxfordshire I128416

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Court case

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court case    Person ID 
1 Cox, Ann  2 Apr 1895Woodstock, Oxfordshire I69772
2 Howes, William  19 Jun 1890Woodstock, Oxfordshire I78904


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Howes, John  31 Mar 1851Woodstock, Oxfordshire I8985
2 Howes, Percy  18 Oct 1920Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53439


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Clifford, James Charles  2 Apr 1911Woodstock, Oxfordshire I86114
2 Cooper, Mary Ann  12 May 1861Woodstock, Oxfordshire I85886
3 Ferriman, Samuel  16 Jun 1863Woodstock, Oxfordshire I49170
4 Gane, Mabel Emily Pearson  31 Jul 1900Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53428
5 Grimmett, Sarah  8 Mar 1843Woodstock, Oxfordshire I99469
6 Holley, Edna Mary  21 Jan 1933Woodstock, Oxfordshire I94773
7 Howes, George F  31 May 1924Woodstock, Oxfordshire I17632
8 Howes, Michael D  1967Woodstock, Oxfordshire I82750
9 Howes, Percy  21 Jan 1933Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53439
10 Howse, Francis  24 Feb 1880Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53441
11 Howse, George  1851Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53585
12 Howse, James  12 May 1861Woodstock, Oxfordshire I55317
13 Howse, Tom Charles  31 Jul 1900Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53443
14 Judd, Sophia  8 Jul 1811Woodstock, Oxfordshire I6621
15 Langdon, Christiana  24 Feb 1880Woodstock, Oxfordshire I53445
16 Masters, Charles  5 Jan 1871Woodstock, Oxfordshire I137437
17 Nelms, Ivy Alice  2 Apr 1923Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136360
18 Smith, Nellie Elizabeth  26 Dec 1908Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136364
19 Stephens, Samuel  29 Apr 1916Woodstock, Oxfordshire I136365


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Crick  18 Feb 1772Woodstock, Oxfordshire F4378
2 Howse / Eaglestone  27 Aug 1723Woodstock, Oxfordshire F1593


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Duffield  Abt May 1850Woodstock, Oxfordshire F5148