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Westminster RD, London



City/Town : Latitude: 51.4726715, Longitude: -0.1193525


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Gadd, Alfred  Abt May 1876Westminster RD, London I85464
2 House, Aaron  Abt May 1908Westminster RD, London I14604
3 House, Henry  Abt May 1877Westminster RD, London I117543
4 House, Thomas George  Abt Feb 1876Westminster RD, London I117542
5 Howes, Eliza Amelia  Abt Nov 1869Westminster RD, London I4723
6 Howes, Peter Frederick  5 Dec 1938Westminster RD, London I117561
7 Prouse, Mary  Abt Nov 1870Westminster RD, London I104553
8 Reynolds, Constance Cecilia  23 May 1894Westminster RD, London I129710


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beckmann, Charlotte Jane  31 Jul 1956Westminster RD, London I148051
2 Brockway, Jessie Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1979Westminster RD, London I94137
3 Clark, Nellie Marsden  Abt Feb 1971Westminster RD, London I94739
4 Dann, Louisa Sarah  Abt Feb 1902Westminster RD, London I39546
5 Davison, Charles Alexander  Abt Feb 1951Westminster RD, London I112818
6 Dearing, Noel Norman  Abt Apr 2006Westminster RD, London I132754
7 Donne, Agnes Bridget  Abt Jul 1999Westminster RD, London I172763
8 Frazieur, Teresa C  Abt Aug 1956Westminster RD, London I104703
9 Gardener, George Edward  Abt Feb 1971Westminster RD, London I170980
10 Hepher, Marjorie  Abt Nov 2001Westminster RD, London I69102
11 Hills, Lily May  Abt Nov 1948Westminster RD, London I65402
12 House, Archibald John  Abt Nov 1949Westminster RD, London I33256
13 House, Arthur Reuben  Abt May 1963Westminster RD, London I81175
14 House, Charles Edward  Abt Aug 1936Westminster RD, London I30614
15 House, Elgelene  Abt Nov 1993Westminster RD, London I73241
16 House, George Evison  Abt Nov 1959Westminster RD, London I75933
17 House, Henry  Abt May 1878Westminster RD, London I117543
18 House, Jack A  Abt Nov 1967Westminster RD, London I106494
19 House, Leonard James  Abt Feb 1961Westminster RD, London I58265
20 House, Olga Mary Brind  Abt Nov 1983Westminster RD, London I79012
21 House, Robert Charles  Abt Aug 1977Westminster RD, London I55189
22 House, Rose Linton  Abt May 1967Westminster RD, London I37087
23 House, Samuel Charles  Abt Nov 1938Westminster RD, London I48490
24 House, Thomas George  Abt Aug 1877Westminster RD, London I117542
25 House, William  Abt Feb 1907Westminster RD, London I39609
26 House, William Henry  Abt May 1971Westminster RD, London I48606
27 Howes, Albert Edward  Abt Feb 1967Westminster RD, London I57860
28 Howes, Alice Emma  Abt Feb 1962Westminster RD, London I1620
29 Howes, Alice Maude Gouldstone  Abt Feb 1952Westminster RD, London I53410
30 Howes, Charles James  Abt Nov 2003Westminster RD, London I138210
31 Howes, Doreen Olive  Abt Feb 1973Westminster RD, London I106389
32 Howes, Doris Alice  Abt Nov 1942Westminster RD, London I49908
33 Howes, Edward Elderkin  Abt Nov 1944Westminster RD, London I67576
34 Howes, Emily Florence  Abt Oct 2002Westminster RD, London I72038
35 Howes, Frederick  Abt May 1975Westminster RD, London I9837
36 Howes, Hildred  Abt Nov 1969Westminster RD, London I16745
37 Howes, Kenneth Henry  Abt Aug 1977Westminster RD, London I106356
38 Howes, Lucy May  Abt Nov 1965Westminster RD, London I17377
39 Howes, Margaret  May 1986Westminster RD, London I156946
40 Howes, Margaret Louise  Abt Feb 1984Westminster RD, London I73218
41 Howes, Mark Kevin  Abt May 1968Westminster RD, London I120635
42 Howes, Patrick  Abt Feb 1976Westminster RD, London I120268
43 Howes, Roy Stuart  Abt Aug 1959Westminster RD, London I3230
44 Howes, Victor Harry  Abt Aug 1984Westminster RD, London I93232
45 Howes, Walter Elliott  Abt Feb 1897Westminster RD, London I117835
46 Hows, Alfred John  Abt Aug 1972Westminster RD, London I31542
47 Howse, Doris Gladys  Abt May 1983Westminster RD, London I54496
48 Howse, George Albert  Abt Nov 1985Westminster RD, London I127704
49 Howse, Ivy Irene M  Abt Nov 1986Westminster RD, London I93770
50 Howse, Walter Frederick  Abt Feb 1960Westminster RD, London I50804

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bond, Albert Edward  Abt Aug 1894Westminster RD, London I71626
2 Burton, Ellen Esther Emily  Abt May 1896Westminster RD, London I104837
3 Croucher, Louisa Clara  Abt Feb 1871Westminster RD, London I2881
4 Garrod, Ethel Lucy  Abt Aug 1878Westminster RD, London I53349
5 Graham, Rosa  Abt Feb 1851Westminster RD, London I54975
6 House, Ellen  Abt Aug 1878Westminster RD, London I87171
7 House, Emily Jane  Abt Nov 1874Westminster RD, London I87167
8 House, Harriet  Abt Aug 1857Westminster RD, London I84361
9 House, Horace Lawson  Abt Aug 1898Westminster RD, London I39581
10 Howes, Catherine Charlotte  Abt Nov 1874Westminster RD, London I99198
11 Howes, Edward Charles  Abt Nov 1897Westminster RD, London I1211
12 Howes, Frances Jane  Abt May 1877Westminster RD, London I99199
13 Howes, Peter Frederick  Abt Nov 1938Westminster RD, London I117561
14 Hows, Robert Sidney  Abt Aug 1904Westminster RD, London I41585
15 Reynolds, Constance Cecilia  Abt Aug 1894Westminster RD, London I129710
16 Walker, Margaret Elizabeth  Abt May 1869Westminster RD, London I177775
17 Walkling, Constance Violet  Abt May 1881Westminster RD, London I10088
18 Webb, William Henry  Abt Feb 1871Westminster RD, London I87287


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Beckmann, Charlotte Jane  Abt Aug 1956Westminster RD, London I148051
2 Dennis, William  Abt May 1877Westminster RD, London I20336
3 Edmonds, Olive Gladys Ruby  Abt May 1979Westminster RD, London I70792
4 Edmonds, Phyllis Queenie  Abt Aug 1982Westminster RD, London I70793
5 Foulsham, Walter Mark John  Abt Nov 1963Westminster RD, London I3766
6 Halfacree, Edward Robert  Oct 1987Westminster RD, London I49172
7 Howes, Anthony John  Abt Nov 1990Westminster RD, London I6845
8 Howes, Reverend Charles  Abt Aug 1880Westminster RD, London I13509
9 Howes, Donald Albert  Abt Nov 1981Westminster RD, London I25000
10 Piggott, Rebecca  Abt Aug 1842Westminster RD, London I123422


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Hurst  Abt Aug 1961Westminster RD, London F52068
2 Archer / Rawlings  Abt Nov 1884Westminster RD, London F43377
3 Bazeley / Hedges  Abt Feb 1876Westminster RD, London F7604
4 Biden / Harrison  Abt Nov 1951Westminster RD, London F15669
5 Copp / House  Abt Feb 1937Westminster RD, London F23045
6 Dacke / Howse  Abt Aug 1936Westminster RD, London F41499
7 Deans / Howes  Abt Feb 1945Westminster RD, London F40733
8 Egerton / Howse  31 Mar 1954Westminster RD, London F34965
9 House / Lawson  Abt Aug 1897Westminster RD, London F12192
10 House / Magna  Abt Nov 1894Westminster RD, London F12616
11 Howes / Miles  Abt Nov 1946Westminster RD, London F13519
12 Hows / Pruce  Abt Feb 1903Westminster RD, London F12731
13 Marles / Howes  Abt Feb 1959Westminster RD, London F26510
14 Seegar / Collier  Abt Aug 1964Westminster RD, London F35443
15 Slawson / Wisdom  Abt Feb 1943Westminster RD, London F33605
16 Warmington / Howes  18 Jul 1942Westminster RD, London F23914


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Egerton / Howse  Abt Feb 1954Westminster RD, London F34965
2 House / Smith  Abt May 1862Westminster RD, London F24125
3 House / Smith  Abt Aug 1864Westminster RD, London F10271
4 Howes / Brunker  Abt May 1864Westminster RD, London F4948
5 Howes / Martin  Abt Aug 1937Westminster RD, London F23962
6 Howes / Pitt  Abt May 1935Westminster RD, London F23988
7 Howes / Pooley  Abt Feb 1937Westminster RD, London F3545
8 Howes / Robinson  Abt Aug 1861Westminster RD, London F11293
9 Howes / Salt  Abt Aug 1911Westminster RD, London F24016
10 Howes / Theobald  Abt May 1872Westminster RD, London F4453
11 Howes / Wharton  Abt Aug 1839Westminster RD, London F25025
12 Howse / Cross  Abt May 1871Westminster RD, London F14898
13 Howse / Ffitch  Abt Feb 1888Westminster RD, London F21541
14 Jones / Howse  Abt Nov 1870Westminster RD, London F14895
15 Manning / Howse  Abt Feb 1866Westminster RD, London F25051
16 Mullins / House  Abt Feb 1871Westminster RD, London F25065
17 Plowright / House  Abt Aug 1880Westminster RD, London F25059
18 Powis / House  Abt Aug 1896Westminster RD, London F25067
19 Pugh / Howes  Abt Nov 1889Westminster RD, London F8134
20 Warmington / Howes  Abt Aug 1942Westminster RD, London F23914
21 Webb / Howes  Abt May 1859Westminster RD, London F25009
22 Woodward / House  Abt Aug 1850Westminster RD, London F20193