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Southend on Sea RD, Essex



City/Town : Latitude: 51.7966325, Longitude: 0.6376925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aslett, Lilian  Abt Mar 1989Southend on Sea RD, Essex I125180
2 Austin, Edith Lilian  Abt Feb 2001Southend on Sea RD, Essex I93150
3 Baxter, Frank Henry  Abt Aug 1976Southend on Sea RD, Essex I163461
4 Biles, Dennis Ronald  Abt Jan 2003Southend on Sea RD, Essex I114349
5 Bowyer, Robert Charles  Abt Feb 1968Southend on Sea RD, Essex I81986
6 Box, Ellen Louisa  Abt Jan 1997Southend on Sea RD, Essex I120290
7 Bridge, Frederick Wyatt  Abt Sep 1987Southend on Sea RD, Essex I104802
8 Burley, Joyce Ada  Abt Oct 1984Southend on Sea RD, Essex I106524
9 Carter, Hilda  Abt Nov 1970Southend on Sea RD, Essex I104755
10 Carter, Lily  Abt Feb 1995Southend on Sea RD, Essex I106655
11 Chawner, Ernest D  Abt Feb 1985Southend on Sea RD, Essex I104795
12 Chenery, Stanley Robert  Abt May 1980Southend on Sea RD, Essex I103544
13 Crane, George Edward  Abt May 1978Southend on Sea RD, Essex I110736
14 Cridge, Vernon Walter J  Abt Feb 1983Southend on Sea RD, Essex I109239
15 Dines, Estella Lilian  Abt May 1980Southend on Sea RD, Essex I104857
16 Downs, Annie I B  Abt Mar 1997Southend on Sea RD, Essex I142171
17 Duke, Olive Cecely  Abt Feb 1982Southend on Sea RD, Essex I61941
18 Ellison, Doris  Abt Aug 1967Southend on Sea RD, Essex I104746
19 Falco, Leslie Sidney  Abt Jul 1996Southend on Sea RD, Essex I79145
20 Hall, John Hyde  Abt May 1987Southend on Sea RD, Essex I22897
21 Harker, Elsie Louise  Abt Aug 1977Southend on Sea RD, Essex I104826
22 Hays, John Joseph  Abt Nov 1971Southend on Sea RD, Essex I120295
23 Hilliker, George Frederic  Abt Nov 1967Southend on Sea RD, Essex I104736
24 Hope, Charles James  Abt Dec 1989Southend on Sea RD, Essex I162810
25 House, Albert Edward  Abt Aug 1980Southend on Sea RD, Essex I48445
26 House, Daphne Rose A  Abt Jul 1991Southend on Sea RD, Essex I79210
27 House, David Alfred  Abt May 1990Southend on Sea RD, Essex I106523
28 House, Doreen Queenie  Abt Apr 2005Southend on Sea RD, Essex I80726
29 House, Dorothy Edith  Abt Nov 1982Southend on Sea RD, Essex I50875
30 House, Edgar Robert  Abt Jun 1984Southend on Sea RD, Essex I43808
31 House, Emily  Abt Apr 1993Southend on Sea RD, Essex I81458
32 House, Ethel May  Abt Apr 1988Southend on Sea RD, Essex I38896
33 House, George Henry  Abt May 1951Southend on Sea RD, Essex I38898
34 House, Harold George  Abt Feb 1978Southend on Sea RD, Essex I51364
35 House, Harry  Abt Aug 1974Southend on Sea RD, Essex I92122
36 House, Herbert Ewart  Abt May 1974Southend on Sea RD, Essex I30023
37 House, Lily  Abt Feb 1951Southend on Sea RD, Essex I38900
38 House, Mary Elizabeth  Abt May 1940Southend on Sea RD, Essex I71867
39 House, Matilda  Abt Feb 1987Southend on Sea RD, Essex I70835
40 House, Nellie  Abt May 1969Southend on Sea RD, Essex I38902
41 House, Rita Margaret Grace  Abt Feb 2007Southend on Sea RD, Essex I30053
42 House, Ronald Wilfred  Abt Sep 2000Southend on Sea RD, Essex I104783
43 House, Thomas David  Abt Oct 1990Southend on Sea RD, Essex I106628
44 Howes, Adelaide Sarah Julia  Abt Nov 1947Southend on Sea RD, Essex I99007
45 Howes, Agnes May  Abt Feb 1981Southend on Sea RD, Essex I46880
46 Howes, Albert Walter  Abt Feb 1983Southend on Sea RD, Essex I37303
47 Howes, Alice Eleanor Mary  Abt Oct 1989Southend on Sea RD, Essex I63082
48 Howes, Annie Louisa  Abt Nov 1940Southend on Sea RD, Essex I105182
49 Howes, Beatrice Anna  Abt Nov 1944Southend on Sea RD, Essex I11237
50 Howes, Beatrice Gladys A  Abt Sep 2000Southend on Sea RD, Essex I68797

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bullett, William John  Abt Nov 1959Southend on Sea RD, Essex I51847
2 Burden, Florence Emma  Abt Aug 1966Southend on Sea RD, Essex I138845
3 House, John Abel  Abt Feb 1957Southend on Sea RD, Essex I50888
4 Howes, Dorothy Evelyn  Abt Feb 1977Southend on Sea RD, Essex I65344
5 Howes, Samuel Benjamin  Abt Aug 1939Southend on Sea RD, Essex I64835
6 Howes, Terence John  Nov 1994Southend on Sea RD, Essex I135158
7 Howse, Frank Henry  Abt Aug 1942Southend on Sea RD, Essex I27632
8 Howse, Frederick Walter  Abt Apr 1993Southend on Sea RD, Essex I72337
9 Howse, Victor Stanley William  Abt Feb 1990Southend on Sea RD, Essex I70767
10 Sporne, Ada Louise  Abt Feb 1957Southend on Sea RD, Essex I23558
11 Ward, Ernest Frank  Abt Feb 1999Southend on Sea RD, Essex I87320


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Charlton / Howes  Abt Aug 1939Southend on Sea RD, Essex F4449
2 Hart / Cox  Abt Feb 1946Southend on Sea RD, Essex F31026
3 House / Cattermole  Abt Aug 1951Southend on Sea RD, Essex F15117
4 House / Kelly  Abt May 1948Southend on Sea RD, Essex F31024
5 House / Roberts  Abt Aug 1970Southend on Sea RD, Essex F31015
6 Howse / Bertani  Abt Aug 1977Southend on Sea RD, Essex F22264
7 Howse / Rackham  Abt Nov 1912Southend on Sea RD, Essex F23994
8 Knowles / Howes  Abt Feb 1996Southend on Sea RD, Essex F21834
9 Payton / House  Abt Nov 1967Southend on Sea RD, Essex F31019
10 Phillips / Kimberley  Abt Aug 1939Southend on Sea RD, Essex F29700
11 Pinckheard / Howes  Abt Nov 1969Southend on Sea RD, Essex F35409
12 Townsend / Box  Abt May 1974Southend on Sea RD, Essex F36300
13 Watson / House  Abt May 1957Southend on Sea RD, Essex F31022


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowyer / Howes  Abt Aug 1944Southend on Sea RD, Essex F23373
2 Hall / Howes  Abt Feb 1943Southend on Sea RD, Essex F3237