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New Forest RD, Hampshire



Location : Latitude: 51.0476605, Longitude: -1.3376775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Henry Charles  30 Mar 1901New Forest RD, Hampshire I131160
2 Blake, Sidney George Vincent  1 Jul 1900New Forest RD, Hampshire I116553
3 Bound, Peter Lionel  5 Sep 1927New Forest RD, Hampshire I144419
4 House, Augustus Montague  12 Oct 1919New Forest RD, Hampshire I38879
5 House, Barbara Jean  Abt May 1929New Forest RD, Hampshire I143107
6 House, Bernard D  8 Mar 1933New Forest RD, Hampshire I116516
7 House, Beryl Alberta  15 Oct 1923New Forest RD, Hampshire I38880
8 House, Beryl Celia  27 Mar 1939New Forest RD, Hampshire I131460
9 House, Betty Joyce  8 Dec 1918New Forest RD, Hampshire I143104
10 House, Carol Ann  Abt Feb 1941New Forest RD, Hampshire I131315
11 House, Caroline  Abt May 1838New Forest RD, Hampshire I143128
12 House, Geoffrey Thomas  Abt May 1925New Forest RD, Hampshire I143106
13 House, George  28 Apr 1924New Forest RD, Hampshire I131473
14 House, Harry Gilbert  12 Nov 1933New Forest RD, Hampshire I125078
15 House, Henry George  14 Feb 1916New Forest RD, Hampshire I74747
16 House, Hettie  Abt May 1920New Forest RD, Hampshire I143105
17 House, Ivy Amelia  24 Aug 1913New Forest RD, Hampshire I74745
18 House, James  Abt Aug 1845New Forest RD, Hampshire I143130
19 House, James  Abt Feb 1858New Forest RD, Hampshire I142866
20 House, Linda Gladys  20 Nov 1914New Forest RD, Hampshire I143103
21 House, Lucy  Abt May 1879New Forest RD, Hampshire I143135
22 House, Marjorie Caroline  23 Jul 1936New Forest RD, Hampshire I143081
23 House, Mavis Isabel  12 Jul 1923New Forest RD, Hampshire I125075
24 House, Michael J  Abt May 1943New Forest RD, Hampshire I116519
25 House, Percy Edgar  20 Jun 1927New Forest RD, Hampshire I38885
26 House, Sarah Ann  Abt Nov 1842New Forest RD, Hampshire I143129
27 House, Simon John  Abt May 1953New Forest RD, Hampshire I143012
28 House, Thomas Charles  Abt Feb 1862New Forest RD, Hampshire I143134
29 House, William Arthur  24 Aug 1913New Forest RD, Hampshire I74746
30 Lamb, Violet  29 Jan 1921New Forest RD, Hampshire I131330
31 Peckham, John Henry  30 Mar 1905New Forest RD, Hampshire I131311
32 Poole, Edna May  31 May 1934New Forest RD, Hampshire I116520
33 Renyard, Arthur William  Abt Aug 1939New Forest RD, Hampshire I143089
34 Searle, Dorothy Jean  16 Nov 1928New Forest RD, Hampshire I142989
35 Stride, William John T  9 Dec 1917New Forest RD, Hampshire I144067
36 Thorp, Reginald Claud  2 Apr 1900New Forest RD, Hampshire I116549
37 Trump, William John  22 Dec 1920New Forest RD, Hampshire I144092
38 Tupper, Ernest Walter  Abt May 1889New Forest RD, Hampshire I94670
39 Warmington, David Marshall  14 Feb 1944New Forest RD, Hampshire I83728
40 Webb, Elsie Florence  25 Oct 1901New Forest RD, Hampshire I116548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Henry Charles  Abt May 1983New Forest RD, Hampshire I131160
2 Bailey, Caroline  Abt May 1956New Forest RD, Hampshire I116546
3 Bound, Florence Kate  Abt Nov 1958New Forest RD, Hampshire I143190
4 Bran, Ethel Maud  Abt Feb 1967New Forest RD, Hampshire I38772
5 Brown, Ivy Louisa  Abt Jul 1989New Forest RD, Hampshire I116515
6 Buckle, Flossie Irene  Abt Jan 2002New Forest RD, Hampshire I116543
7 Burton, Richard  Abt May 1936New Forest RD, Hampshire I37879
8 Coles, Doris Isabel  Abt Oct 1987New Forest RD, Hampshire I39455
9 Cox, Bertha Sarah  Abt Nov 1960New Forest RD, Hampshire I32834
10 Dennett, Thomas Charles Leslie  Abt Oct 1986New Forest RD, Hampshire I116606
11 Dovey, Hugh Charles  Abt Jan 1989New Forest RD, Hampshire I143004
12 Drake, Walter Morris  Abt May 1941New Forest RD, Hampshire I86387
13 Drewett, Elsie  Abt Nov 1976New Forest RD, Hampshire I86379
14 Edgar, Sarah Louisa  Abt Feb 1916New Forest RD, Hampshire I11221
15 Evans, Nancy Mabel  Jan 1991New Forest RD, Hampshire I64582
16 Flood, Marie Josephine  Abt Feb 1983New Forest RD, Hampshire I142821
17 Freeman, John Walter  Abt Aug 1904New Forest RD, Hampshire I37734
18 Gerty, Bernard C  Abt Aug 1978New Forest RD, Hampshire I64542
19 Glasbey, Thomas  Abt May 1877New Forest RD, Hampshire I40777
20 Godding, Alice Beryl Ida  Abt Mar 1979New Forest RD, Hampshire I24563
21 Goff, Eleanor Georgina  Abt Feb 1940New Forest RD, Hampshire I39457
22 Goodall, Dorothy Joyce  Abt Jun 1994New Forest RD, Hampshire I87571
23 Hayne, Annie  Abt Feb 1959New Forest RD, Hampshire I38534
24 Haynes, John  Abt Nov 2002New Forest RD, Hampshire I80698
25 Hayward, Eva Sarah  Abt May 1934New Forest RD, Hampshire I38389
26 Hinves, Gertrude Mabel  Abt Feb 1951New Forest RD, Hampshire I142902
27 Holes, Edward Charles  Abt Feb 1943New Forest RD, Hampshire I142901
28 Hollis, Bertram  Abt Feb 1990New Forest RD, Hampshire I143110
29 Hookey, Edith May  Abt Jan 1997New Forest RD, Hampshire I143099
30 Hopkins, Sarah Ann  Abt Aug 1887New Forest RD, Hampshire I37737
31 House, Alex Edward  Abt Feb 1956New Forest RD, Hampshire I39652
32 House, Alfred George  Abt Nov 1983New Forest RD, Hampshire I41280
33 House, Amelia May  Abt May 2003New Forest RD, Hampshire I31765
34 House, Annie Laura  Abt Feb 1967New Forest RD, Hampshire I38785
35 House, Annie Rosaline  Abt May 1961New Forest RD, Hampshire I37895
36 House, Arthur Henry Hayward  Abt Nov 1975New Forest RD, Hampshire I38399
37 House, Barbara Jean  Abt Nov 1995New Forest RD, Hampshire I143107
38 House, Beatrice Eliza  Abt Feb 1992New Forest RD, Hampshire I32845
39 House, Benjamin James  Abt Aug 1941New Forest RD, Hampshire I40719
40 House, Betty Joyce  Abt Apr 1999New Forest RD, Hampshire I143104
41 House, Bob  Abt Aug 1965New Forest RD, Hampshire I39660
42 House, Brian Augustine Ingrem  21 Oct 2005New Forest RD, Hampshire I11367
43 House, Carol Ann  Abt Feb 1941New Forest RD, Hampshire I131315
44 House, Caroline  Abt May 1841New Forest RD, Hampshire I143128
45 House, Charles  Abt Nov 1873New Forest RD, Hampshire I40795
46 House, Charles Edward  Abt Nov 1971New Forest RD, Hampshire I38540
47 House, Charlotte  Abt May 1849New Forest RD, Hampshire I143122
48 House, Cyril James  Abt May 1990New Forest RD, Hampshire I38541
49 House, Edwin Charles  Abt Mar 1984New Forest RD, Hampshire I38411
50 House, Eli  Abt Feb 1875New Forest RD, Hampshire I143125

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Henry Charles  Abt May 1901New Forest RD, Hampshire I131160
2 Beach, William  Abt Nov 1867New Forest RD, Hampshire I39641
3 Biddlecomb, Emma  Abt Feb 1840New Forest RD, Hampshire I38380
4 Blake, Sidney George Vincent  Abt Aug 1900New Forest RD, Hampshire I116553
5 Bound, Peter Lionel  Abt Aug 1927New Forest RD, Hampshire I144419
6 Broomfield, Annie  Abt Nov 1865New Forest RD, Hampshire I33147
7 Cardy, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1892New Forest RD, Hampshire I38871
8 Cull, Rose  Abt Aug 1897New Forest RD, Hampshire I86494
9 Drake, Arthur Charles  Abt May 1899New Forest RD, Hampshire I86392
10 Drake, Ernest Alfred  Abt Nov 1900New Forest RD, Hampshire I86393
11 Drake, Ethel Rose  Abt Nov 1902New Forest RD, Hampshire I86394
12 Drake, Francis Walter  Abt May 1892New Forest RD, Hampshire I86388
13 Drake, George Edward  Abt Nov 1893New Forest RD, Hampshire I86389
14 Drake, Mabel Dora  Abt Feb 1897New Forest RD, Hampshire I86391
15 Drake, Marjorie  Abt Nov 1908New Forest RD, Hampshire I86395
16 Drake, Nellie  Abt May 1910New Forest RD, Hampshire I86396
17 Drake, Walter Morris  Abt Nov 1862New Forest RD, Hampshire I86387
18 Drake, Winifred Kate  Abt Feb 1895New Forest RD, Hampshire I86390
19 Dunnings, Sarah  Abt May 1841New Forest RD, Hampshire I72696
20 Fry, John  Abt Nov 1839New Forest RD, Hampshire I144878
21 Glasbey, Ellen  Abt Nov 1862New Forest RD, Hampshire I40773
22 Glasbey, Emma  Abt Nov 1870New Forest RD, Hampshire I40774
23 Glasbey, Frances Eliza  Abt May 1861New Forest RD, Hampshire I40775
24 Glasbey, Hannah Louisa  Abt Feb 1874New Forest RD, Hampshire I40776
25 Hibberd, Elizabeth Emma  Abt Feb 1847New Forest RD, Hampshire I46113
26 Hinves, Gertrude Mabel  Abt Nov 1872New Forest RD, Hampshire I142902
27 Holloway, Ellen  Abt Aug 1854New Forest RD, Hampshire I1112
28 House, Alex Edward  Abt May 1887New Forest RD, Hampshire I39652
29 House, Andrew  Abt Aug 1853New Forest RD, Hampshire I39656
30 House, Andrew  Abt May 1882New Forest RD, Hampshire I39654
31 House, Annie Louisa  Abt May 1889New Forest RD, Hampshire I39658
32 House, Arthur William  Abt Nov 1895New Forest RD, Hampshire I79618
33 House, Augustus Montague  Abt Nov 1919New Forest RD, Hampshire I38879
34 House, Bernard D  Abt Feb 1933New Forest RD, Hampshire I116516
35 House, Beryl Alberta  Abt Nov 1923New Forest RD, Hampshire I38880
36 House, Beryl Celia  Abt May 1939New Forest RD, Hampshire I131460
37 House, Betty Joyce  Abt Feb 1919New Forest RD, Hampshire I143104
38 House, Charles  Abt Aug 1847New Forest RD, Hampshire I39663
39 House, Edith Katherine  Abt May 1910New Forest RD, Hampshire I41284
40 House, Edward  Abt Feb 1849New Forest RD, Hampshire I40800
41 House, Edward  Abt Nov 1856New Forest RD, Hampshire I39665
42 House, Edward John Stephen  Abt Nov 1887New Forest RD, Hampshire I29894
43 House, Eli  Abt Nov 1853New Forest RD, Hampshire I143125
44 House, Ellis William  Abt Feb 1865New Forest RD, Hampshire I40808
45 House, Emma  Abt Feb 1839New Forest RD, Hampshire I143119
46 House, Frank  Abt Feb 1863New Forest RD, Hampshire I37908
47 House, George  Abt Nov 1845New Forest RD, Hampshire I40812
48 House, George  Abt Feb 1855New Forest RD, Hampshire I39675
49 House, George  Abt May 1879New Forest RD, Hampshire I39674
50 House, George  Abt May 1924New Forest RD, Hampshire I131473

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 House, Brian Augustine Ingrem  Abt Nov 2005New Forest RD, Hampshire I11367
2 House, Frank Edgar  Abt Aug 1976New Forest RD, Hampshire I38802
3 House, Reginald Tom  Abt Aug 2000New Forest RD, Hampshire I32904
4 Nelson, Pamela Dorothy  Abt Nov 2004New Forest RD, Hampshire I33692
5 Smith, Nellie Louise  Abt Nov 1969New Forest RD, Hampshire I23988


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Henning, Hilda Annie  1901New Forest RD, Hampshire I86373


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Webb  Abt Nov 1924New Forest RD, Hampshire F35087
2 Aikman / House  Abt Aug 1940New Forest RD, Hampshire F43689
3 Blake / Howes  Abt Nov 1926New Forest RD, Hampshire F35086
4 Bolt / House  Abt Feb 1925New Forest RD, Hampshire F39924
5 Child / House  Abt May 1934New Forest RD, Hampshire F39863
6 Dillow / House  Abt May 1888New Forest RD, Hampshire F11722
7 Gardner / House  Abt Nov 1938New Forest RD, Hampshire F8403
8 Glasbey / House  Abt Nov 1860New Forest RD, Hampshire F12515
9 Hollis / House  Abt Feb 1942New Forest RD, Hampshire F43690
10 House / Brown  Abt Nov 1859New Forest RD, Hampshire F11891
11 House / Cardy  Abt Nov 1913New Forest RD, Hampshire F12015
12 House / Curtis  Abt Aug 1939New Forest RD, Hampshire F39864
13 House / Dolman  Abt Nov 1908New Forest RD, Hampshire F12646
14 House / Hardy  Abt May 1948New Forest RD, Hampshire F11928
15 House / Hookey  Abt Nov 1935New Forest RD, Hampshire F43685
16 House / Howe  Abt Feb 1947New Forest RD, Hampshire F42077
17 House / Jones  Abt Nov 1953New Forest RD, Hampshire F43733
18 House / Kerfoot  Abt May 1934New Forest RD, Hampshire F12602
19 House / Kitcher  Abt Feb 1921New Forest RD, Hampshire F43607
20 House / Lamb  Abt May 1943New Forest RD, Hampshire F39868
21 House / Lane  Abt May 1938New Forest RD, Hampshire F11935
22 House / Matlock  Abt Feb 1943New Forest RD, Hampshire F24793
23 House / Maunder  Abt Feb 1936New Forest RD, Hampshire F43680
24 House / Mintram  Abt Aug 1878New Forest RD, Hampshire F12219
25 House / Pink  Abt May 1942New Forest RD, Hampshire F11940
26 House / Poole  Abt Nov 1955New Forest RD, Hampshire F35074
27 House / Sprack  Abt May 1936New Forest RD, Hampshire F11918
28 House / Wheeler  Abt Nov 1915New Forest RD, Hampshire F12224
29 Howes / Bailey  Abt Aug 1897New Forest RD, Hampshire F35084
30 Howes / Holloway  Abt Nov 1886New Forest RD, Hampshire F1393
31 Huxham / House  Abt May 1953New Forest RD, Hampshire F43691
32 Ingram / Lawford  Abt Feb 1923New Forest RD, Hampshire F11937
33 Kunkler / Marshall  Abt May 1954New Forest RD, Hampshire F1370
34 Leigh / House  Abt Nov 1948New Forest RD, Hampshire F43658
35 Peckham / House  Abt Nov 1932New Forest RD, Hampshire F39862
36 Purdie / House  Abt May 1945New Forest RD, Hampshire F43660
37 Simmons / Hookey  Abt Aug 1962New Forest RD, Hampshire F43686
38 Thorp /   Abt Feb 1923New Forest RD, Hampshire F35085
39 Trollope / House  Abt Feb 1943New Forest RD, Hampshire F43654
40 Vicary / House  Abt Feb 1940New Forest RD, Hampshire F30398
41 Wiseman / House  Abt May 1888New Forest RD, Hampshire F11718


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hockley / House  Abt Nov 1871New Forest RD, Hampshire F12517
2 House / Auger  Abt Feb 1894New Forest RD, Hampshire F12504
3 House / Cook  Abt Feb 1907New Forest RD, Hampshire F12207
4 Howes / Hollingworth  Abt Nov 1853New Forest RD, Hampshire F6049