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N Surrey RD, Surrey



Location : Latitude: 51.2742865, Longitude: -0.3880845


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ansell, Phyllis  Abt Feb 1987N Surrey RD, Surrey I94895
2 Birch, Emily Mary  Abt Nov 1980N Surrey RD, Surrey I71631
3 Bond, Elizabeth Anne  Abt Nov 1960N Surrey RD, Surrey I20215
4 Bowler, David Thomas  Abt Aug 1983N Surrey RD, Surrey I94129
5 Bowler, Eileen Clara  Aug 1999N Surrey RD, Surrey I94130
6 Brian, Elsie Lilian  Abt Dec 1996N Surrey RD, Surrey I136844
7 Brown, Florence Rebecca  Abt Feb 1955N Surrey RD, Surrey I52497
8 Burr, Margaret M  Abt Aug 1964N Surrey RD, Surrey I37395
9 Case, Esther  Abt Feb 2001N Surrey RD, Surrey I91786
10 Clifton, Pamela Anne  Abt May 1983N Surrey RD, Surrey I136858
11 Cockcroft, Mary  Abt Jan 1990N Surrey RD, Surrey I105415
12 Cooper, Herbert George  Abt May 1953N Surrey RD, Surrey I99178
13 Doye, Victor W  Abt Aug 1948N Surrey RD, Surrey I134751
14 Earl, Mabel Dorothy  Abt Nov 1975N Surrey RD, Surrey I118040
15 Ellis, Hilda Ada Laycock  Abt Feb 1976N Surrey RD, Surrey I163260
16 Fairhead, Harry Reginald  Abt Apr 2002N Surrey RD, Surrey I162282
17 Finn, Margaret J  Abt May 1981N Surrey RD, Surrey I94077
18 Francis, Hannah Mary  Abt Feb 1962N Surrey RD, Surrey I127739
19 Gibson, Sydney  Abt May 1997N Surrey RD, Surrey I137642
20 Goldring, May  Abt Nov 1961N Surrey RD, Surrey I50619
21 Granados, Florence Eliza Maud  26 Dec 1999N Surrey RD, Surrey I93230
22 Harris, Evelyn  Abt Feb 2000N Surrey RD, Surrey I75334
23 Harrison, Lilian Agnes  Abt Nov 1976N Surrey RD, Surrey I93967
24 Harwood, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1951N Surrey RD, Surrey I32533
25 House, Agnes Mary Frances  Abt Dec 1996N Surrey RD, Surrey I38074
26 House, Alan Frank  Abt Dec 1989N Surrey RD, Surrey I48082
27 House, Alfred Leonard  Abt Feb 1994N Surrey RD, Surrey I31709
28 House, Audrey Winifred E  Abt Jun 2005N Surrey RD, Surrey I48859
29 House, Denis Edwin  Abt Apr 1996N Surrey RD, Surrey I48085
30 House, Derek Arthur  Abt May 1992N Surrey RD, Surrey I106499
31 House, Doris Eileen  Abt Jun 1986N Surrey RD, Surrey I49800
32 House, Doris Emily  Abt Dec 2000N Surrey RD, Surrey I71632
33 House, Douglas Edward Victor  15 May 1957N Surrey RD, Surrey I39664
34 House, Frank Holman  Abt Nov 1974N Surrey RD, Surrey I48091
35 House, Frank Stanley  Abt Jan 1990N Surrey RD, Surrey I51931
36 House, Isabella Southern  Abt Nov 1960N Surrey RD, Surrey I59695
37 House, Peter Arthur  Abt Mar 2004N Surrey RD, Surrey I42413
38 House, Violet Millicent  17 Apr 1999N Surrey RD, Surrey I52010
39 House, William George F  Abt Nov 1977N Surrey RD, Surrey I13382
40 Howes, Ada  Abt Nov 1992N Surrey RD, Surrey I15266
41 Howes, Ada Gertrude  Abt Feb 1965N Surrey RD, Surrey I14548
42 Howes, Agnes Ellen  Abt Aug 1957N Surrey RD, Surrey I91857
43 Howes, Alice Mary  Abt Jun 2006N Surrey RD, Surrey I48024
44 Howes, Amy Martha  Abt Oct 1986N Surrey RD, Surrey I20813
45 Howes, Annie Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1983N Surrey RD, Surrey I15589
46 Howes, Arthur Henry  Aug 1993N Surrey RD, Surrey I91385
47 Howes, Arthur St George  Abt Nov 1950N Surrey RD, Surrey I3140
48 Howes, Arthur Victor  Abt Aug 1973N Surrey RD, Surrey I110343
49 Howes, Charles Henry  Abt Aug 1975N Surrey RD, Surrey I15992
50 Howes, Charles Henry  Abt Sep 1985N Surrey RD, Surrey I78358

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Coles, Roger Charles  Abt Nov 1954N Surrey RD, Surrey I61546
2 Doye, William Frederick  Abt Feb 1949N Surrey RD, Surrey I134752
3 Granados, Florence Eliza Maud  Abt Nov 1999N Surrey RD, Surrey I93230
4 House, Douglas Edward Victor  Abt May 1957N Surrey RD, Surrey I39664
5 House, Violet Millicent  Abt Apr 1999N Surrey RD, Surrey I52010
6 Howes, Frank Edward  Abt Jan 1997N Surrey RD, Surrey I29714
7 Howse, Tom  Abt May 1963N Surrey RD, Surrey I69260
8 Kearse, Minnie Florence  Abt Nov 1973N Surrey RD, Surrey I56157
9 Pugh, William Joseph Cooper  Abt Feb 1957N Surrey RD, Surrey I22288
10 Withecombe, Joseph Henry  Abt Mar 1985N Surrey RD, Surrey I163262


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Babbage / Russell  Abt Feb 1961N Surrey RD, Surrey F42506
2 Freeman / Howes  Abt May 1980N Surrey RD, Surrey F45315
3 House / Munday  Abt Feb 1949N Surrey RD, Surrey F39630
4 Howes / Hammett  18 May 1958N Surrey RD, Surrey F21904
5 Howes / Morritt  Abt Aug 1949N Surrey RD, Surrey F27407
6 Rider / Howse  Abt Aug 1948N Surrey RD, Surrey F38698
7 Wallis / Howes  Abt Feb 1949N Surrey RD, Surrey F19461
8 Whybro / Fuller  Abt Mar 1953N Surrey RD, Surrey F16234


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Hammett  Abt May 1958N Surrey RD, Surrey F21904