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Leeds, Yorkshire



City/Town : Latitude: 53.7924209, Longitude: -1.5606994


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anson, May  6 Jul 1893Leeds, Yorkshire I55965
2 Appleyard, George  4 Sep 1885Leeds, Yorkshire I2920
3 Atkinson, Florence Catherine  Abt 1869Leeds, Yorkshire I6788
4 Berry, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1860Leeds, Yorkshire I12980
5 Booth, Ann  Abt 1866Leeds, Yorkshire I87306
6 Broughton, Selina  Abt 1878Leeds, Yorkshire I75619
7 Cain, Elsie  Abt Aug 1889Leeds, Yorkshire I49401
8 Carroll, Ellen  Abt 1868Leeds, Yorkshire I125036
9 Child, Mary  Abt 1851Leeds, Yorkshire I59916
10 Colman, Ambrose Alfred  Abt 1875Leeds, Yorkshire I19615
11 Colman, Charlotte  Abt May 1871Leeds, Yorkshire I19861
12 Colman, Emma Jane  Abt 1869Leeds, Yorkshire I5579
13 Colman, George  Abt 1866Leeds, Yorkshire I1190
14 Colman, Lilian  Abt 1886Leeds, Yorkshire I29766
15 Colman, Lydia  Abt 1881Leeds, Yorkshire I7798
16 Colman, Robert Arthur  Abt 1872Leeds, Yorkshire I10143
17 Colman, Samuel Jabez  Abt 1879Leeds, Yorkshire I21470
18 Colman, Samuel James  Abt 1854Leeds, Yorkshire I12256
19 Colman, Sarah Ann  Abt 1862Leeds, Yorkshire I10780
20 Colman, Walter A  Abt 1883Leeds, Yorkshire I22651
21 Colman, William Henry  Abt 1858Leeds, Yorkshire I2883
22 Cope, Leslie Mark  2 Mar 1965Leeds, Yorkshire I28823
23 Dawson, Jennifer  6 May 1947Leeds, Yorkshire I37039
24 Duckworth, Elsie  Abt Oct 1890Leeds, Yorkshire I13322
25 Duckworth, John  Abt Feb 1842Leeds, Yorkshire I25913
26 Fitzpatrick, Teresa  19 Aug 1889Leeds, Yorkshire I34678
27 Gerrard, Harry Vincent  Abt May 1870Leeds, Yorkshire I142333
28 Harland, Emily  Abt Nov 1852Leeds, Yorkshire I43961
29 House, Harold  Abt May 1909Leeds, Yorkshire I150743
30 House, Thomas  30 Nov 1879Leeds, Yorkshire I150740
31 Howes, Alice  Abt Aug 1882Leeds, Yorkshire I72069
32 Howes, Annie Blythman  Abt May 1905Leeds, Yorkshire I53124
33 Howes, Arthur  Abt Feb 1890Leeds, Yorkshire I63684
34 Howes, Clifford  22 Jul 1924Leeds, Yorkshire I103948
35 Howes, Dora Maldram  22 Apr 1906Leeds, Yorkshire I83258
36 Howes, Dorothy  5 Aug 1917Leeds, Yorkshire I91878
37 Howes, Fred  Abt Mar 1881Leeds, Yorkshire I63690
38 Howes, Fred  27 Oct 1931Leeds, Yorkshire I63691
39 Howes, Harry  Abt Feb 1887Leeds, Yorkshire I21096
40 Howes, James Frederick  Abt Feb 1883Leeds, Yorkshire I13261
41 Howes, Margaret Louisa  Abt Aug 1885Leeds, Yorkshire I56004
42 Howes, Margery  Abt Aug 1895Leeds, Yorkshire I7118
43 Howes, Mary Amelia  Abt May 1885Leeds, Yorkshire I14121
44 Howes, Matilda  Abt May 1877Leeds, Yorkshire I161082
45 Howes, Mavis  26 Jan 1928Leeds, Yorkshire I103949
46 Howes, Selina  1 Jun 1908Leeds, Yorkshire I83259
47 Howes, Thomas  Abt Oct 1880Leeds, Yorkshire I80632
48 Jackson, Mary  Abt 1840Leeds, Yorkshire I24549
49 King, John  Abt 1861Leeds, Yorkshire I125035
50 Lake, Alfred  Abt May 1884Leeds, Yorkshire I63703

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Colman, Ambrose Alfred  Abt Feb 1934Leeds, Yorkshire I19615
2 Gill, Sarah  13 Mar 1891Leeds, Yorkshire I1203
3 House, David Allan  27 Apr 2009Leeds, Yorkshire I43464
4 Howes, Brian George Fred  21 Aug 2008Leeds, Yorkshire I75863
5 Howes, Edith  17 Nov 1901Leeds, Yorkshire I142315
6 Howes, Geoffrey Paul  9 Jul 2017Leeds, Yorkshire I149741
7 Howes, Michael George  1 Apr 2010Leeds, Yorkshire I149739
8 Howes, Sarah  Abt Feb 1866Leeds, Yorkshire I28923
9 Southall, Joan  Abt Jan 2003Leeds, Yorkshire I131547
10 Unknown, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1893Leeds, Yorkshire I11095


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anson, May  Abt 1893Leeds, Yorkshire I55965
2 Appleyard, George  Abt 1885Leeds, Yorkshire I2920
3 Atkinson, Florence Catherine  Abt 1870Leeds, Yorkshire I6788
4 Bass, Frances  Abt 1842Leeds, Yorkshire I150739
5 Broughton, Selina  10 May 1877Leeds, Yorkshire I75619
6 Cain, Elsie  Abt 1889Leeds, Yorkshire I49401
7 Colman, Charlotte  Abt 1870Leeds, Yorkshire I19861
8 Colman, George  Abt 1867Leeds, Yorkshire I1190
9 Colman, Samuel James  Abt 1855Leeds, Yorkshire I12256
10 Colman, William Henry  Abt 1856Leeds, Yorkshire I2883
11 Duckworth, John  Abt 1839Leeds, Yorkshire I25913
12 Duckworth, John  Abt 1840Leeds, Yorkshire I25913
13 Fitzpatrick, Teresa  Abt 1881Leeds, Yorkshire I34678
14 Gerrard, Beatrice Annie  Abt 1882Leeds, Yorkshire I142338
15 Gerrard, Edward  Abt 1872Leeds, Yorkshire I142334
16 Gerrard, Ernest Alfred  Abt 1879Leeds, Yorkshire I142337
17 Gerrard, Harry Vincent  Abt 1869Leeds, Yorkshire I142333
18 Harland, Emily  Abt 1852Leeds, Yorkshire I43961
19 House, Emily  Abt 1860Leeds, Yorkshire I83053
20 House, Harold  Abt 1909Leeds, Yorkshire I150743
21 House, James George  Abt 1859Leeds, Yorkshire I83342
22 House, James George  Abt 1860Leeds, Yorkshire I83342
23 House, James George  Abt Nov 1860Leeds, Yorkshire I83342
24 House, Thomas  Abt 1878Leeds, Yorkshire I150740
25 House, Thomas  Abt 1879Leeds, Yorkshire I150740
26 Howes, Alice  Abt 1882Leeds, Yorkshire I72069
27 Howes, Alma  Abt 1884Leeds, Yorkshire I63683
28 Howes, Alma  Abt 1885Leeds, Yorkshire I63683
29 Howes, Annie Blythman  Abt 1905Leeds, Yorkshire I53124
30 Howes, Arthur  Abt 1889Leeds, Yorkshire I63684
31 Howes, Cecil Penrhyn  Abt 1890Leeds, Yorkshire I55978
32 Howes, Cecil Penrhyn  Abt Feb 1891Leeds, Yorkshire I55978
33 Howes, Clara  Abt 1886Leeds, Yorkshire I55981
34 Howes, Dora Maldram  Abt 1906Leeds, Yorkshire I83258
35 Howes, Edith Emma  Abt 1887Leeds, Yorkshire I63687
36 Howes, Edward  Abt 1877Leeds, Yorkshire I55984
37 Howes, Edward  Abt 1878Leeds, Yorkshire I55984
38 Howes, Edward  Abt 1879Leeds, Yorkshire I55984
39 Howes, Ernest Edgar  Abt 1881Leeds, Yorkshire I55989
40 Howes, Frances Jane  Abt 1843Leeds, Yorkshire I108498
41 Howes, Fred  Abt 1896Leeds, Yorkshire I56285
42 Howes, Frederick  Abt 1876Leeds, Yorkshire I55992
43 Howes, Harry  Abt 1886Leeds, Yorkshire I21096
44 Howes, Herbert  Abt 1895Leeds, Yorkshire I63694
45 Howes, Herbert  Abt 1909Leeds, Yorkshire I75849
46 Howes, James  Abt 1900Leeds, Yorkshire I63696
47 Howes, James Frederick  Abt 1882Leeds, Yorkshire I13261
48 Howes, Jessie  Abt 1899Leeds, Yorkshire I49410
49 Howes, Joseph Henry  Abt 1877Leeds, Yorkshire I55999
50 Howes, Lawrence  Abt 1892Leeds, Yorkshire I56284

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bell, Martha  30 Nov 1963Leeds, Yorkshire I49399
2 House, Frances  13 Mar 1878Leeds, Yorkshire I142319
3 Howes, Harry  15 Jul 1891Leeds, Yorkshire I21096
4 Howes, James  24 May 1903Leeds, Yorkshire I12689
5 Howes, Mary Ann  1931Leeds, Yorkshire I63698


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Dobson, Phyllis Annie  14 Apr 1988Leeds, Yorkshire I67298
2 Francis, Kathleen Mary  17 Jan 1994Leeds, Yorkshire I147763
3 Howes, Audrey Beatrice  22 Jan 1994Leeds, Yorkshire I96796
4 Howes, Joseph Arthur  2 Aug 1991Leeds, Yorkshire I1838
5 Howes, Karl Douglas Albert  18 Mar 2014Leeds, Yorkshire I81763
6 Howse, Dorothy Alice  14 Mar 1979Leeds, Yorkshire I99475
7 Lyford, Rosa Flora M  22 May 1995Leeds, Yorkshire I133861
8 Mapp, Irene Berrington  14 Nov 1986Leeds, Yorkshire I118269
9 Parker, Charles Henry  26 Apr 1971Leeds, Yorkshire I144915
10 Slayter, Jessie  12 Oct 1988Leeds, Yorkshire I9910
11 Swinbanks, Rita  27 Aug 1980Leeds, Yorkshire I57041


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 House, Frances  30 Jan 1863Leeds, Yorkshire I142319
2 Stewart, Joseph  25 Dec 1873Leeds, Yorkshire I141845


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Colman / Unknown  Abt Nov 1866Leeds, Yorkshire F4240