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Edmonton, Middlesex



Location : Latitude: 51.6136, Longitude: -0.0713


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Balls, Edward James  Mar 1881Edmonton, Middlesex I164326
2 Boyle, Sarah Annie  Abt Feb 1866Edmonton, Middlesex I25001
3 Brady, James Louis  Abt May 1884Edmonton, Middlesex I94327
4 Butcher, Herbert Edward  Abt Feb 1878Edmonton, Middlesex I127261
5 Cockrill, Cyril Frank P  Abt Aug 1896Edmonton, Middlesex I79736
6 Cockrill, Theodosia Kate M  Abt Apr 1900Edmonton, Middlesex I79737
7 Cook, Emma Eliza  18 Mar 1881Edmonton, Middlesex I39644
8 Crossley, Rose  Abt 1878Edmonton, Middlesex I81758
9 Drake, Minnie M  Abt 1896Edmonton, Middlesex I31273
10 Drake, Rosetta  Abt 1899Edmonton, Middlesex I31274
11 Etheridge, Susanna Sarah  28 Feb 1806Edmonton, Middlesex I23298
12 Garment, Betty Vera  7 Oct 1930Edmonton, Middlesex I94337
13 Goodchild, Jane Sarah  Abt Aug 1858Edmonton, Middlesex I94319
14 Howard, Albert James  22 Dec 1910Edmonton, Middlesex I29504
15 Howes, Alfred James  2 Apr 1909Edmonton, Middlesex I49971
16 Howes, Alice Dorothea  16 Sep 1890Edmonton, Middlesex I94323
17 Howes, Charles Stanley  21 Feb 1908Edmonton, Middlesex I93360
18 Howes, Edith Grace  23 Jan 1896Edmonton, Middlesex I94325
19 Howes, Edmund Henry Robert  14 Apr 1915Edmonton, Middlesex I49975
20 Howes, Edward Joshua  Abt Aug 1859Edmonton, Middlesex I94318
21 Howes, Emma Louisa  Abt May 1888Edmonton, Middlesex I94322
22 Howes, Eric Yeomans  3 Aug 1916Edmonton, Middlesex I26743
23 Howes, Gwendoline Maud  24 Apr 1903Edmonton, Middlesex I6370
24 Howes, Henry  1850Edmonton, Middlesex I5682
25 Howes, Ivy Sophia Maud Elizabeth  17 Nov 1907Edmonton, Middlesex I49980
26 Howes, Jenny Elizabeth  18 Nov 1892Edmonton, Middlesex I94324
27 Howes, Joseph F  Abt May 1860Edmonton, Middlesex I1275
28 Howes, Margaret Emily  16 May 1934Edmonton, Middlesex I75650
29 Howes, Margaret Helen  Abt Feb 1882Edmonton, Middlesex I94320
30 Howes, Marian Maud Elizabeth  30 Apr 1911Edmonton, Middlesex I116081
31 Howes, Mary Isabel  Abt Feb 1886Edmonton, Middlesex I94321
32 Howes, Maud Alice Eileen  30 Nov 1917Edmonton, Middlesex I49982
33 Howes, Mildred Constance  Abt Nov 1898Edmonton, Middlesex I94326
34 Howes, Phyllis  6 Jul 1907Edmonton, Middlesex I6706
35 Howes, Thomas George  23 May 1911Edmonton, Middlesex I75646
36 Howes, William George  Abt 1866Edmonton, Middlesex I16287
37 Hows, Audrey Eleanor  7 Dec 1921Edmonton, Middlesex I43332
38 Lewin, Eric H  4 Sep 1919Edmonton, Middlesex I45781
39 Matthews, Gladys Dorothy  21 Mar 1916Edmonton, Middlesex I8482
40 Matthews, Herbert Henry Alfred  16 Sep 1911Edmonton, Middlesex I1239
41 Matthews, Kenneth Charles  7 Apr 1923Edmonton, Middlesex I8069
42 Matthews, Lillian Joyce  25 Feb 1919Edmonton, Middlesex I22513
43 Matthews, Phyllis May  9 Sep 1913Edmonton, Middlesex I24084
44 Morrell, Violet Eleanor  23 Nov 1900Edmonton, Middlesex I94571
45 Phillips, Lilian Edith  19 Oct 1909Edmonton, Middlesex I140133
46 Pickett, Ronald Luther  27 May 1913Edmonton, Middlesex I147141
47 Plummer, William John  3 Jul 1903Edmonton, Middlesex I106807
48 Robins, Augusta Charlotte  Abt 1850Edmonton, Middlesex I21850
49 Spence, Joyce Ellen  20 Feb 1920Edmonton, Middlesex I69562
50 Spence, Robert S  19 May 1923Edmonton, Middlesex I69563

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boyle, Hughes Samuel  1872Edmonton, Middlesex I28762
2 Dell, Sarah Janet  Abt Feb 1903Edmonton, Middlesex I9553
3 Evans, Arthur Owen  May 1936Edmonton, Middlesex I61593
4 Howes, Edward Joshua  20 Jun 1914Edmonton, Middlesex I94318
5 Howes, John  28 Jun 1893Edmonton, Middlesex I94316
6 Howes, Sarah  16 Jan 1908Edmonton, Middlesex I94315
7 Howes, Walter James  Abt May 1917Edmonton, Middlesex I64626
8 Knight, Sarah Charlotte  22 Mar 1907Edmonton, Middlesex I15359
9 Turner, James William  1854Edmonton, Middlesex I23047


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Balls, Edward James  Abt 1880Edmonton, Middlesex I164326
2 Balls, Margaret Susan  Abt 1885Edmonton, Middlesex I164323
3 Balls, Robert William  Abt 1883Edmonton, Middlesex I164322
4 Boyle, Sarah Annie  Abt 1865Edmonton, Middlesex I25001
5 Brady, James Louis  Abt 1883Edmonton, Middlesex I94327
6 Butcher, Herbert Edward  Abt 1877Edmonton, Middlesex I127261
7 Clark, Swan  Abt 1852Edmonton, Middlesex I172762
8 Clark, Swan  Abt 1864Edmonton, Middlesex I172762
9 Cockrill, Cyril Frank P  Abt 1896Edmonton, Middlesex I79736
10 Cook, Emma Eliza  Abt 1880Edmonton, Middlesex I39644
11 Etheridge, Susanna Sarah  Abt 1807Edmonton, Middlesex I23298
12 Goodchild, Jane Sarah  Abt 1858Edmonton, Middlesex I94319
13 Howes, Alfred James  Abt 1908Edmonton, Middlesex I49971
14 Howes, Alice Dorothea  Abt 1890Edmonton, Middlesex I94323
15 Howes, Alice Dorothea  Abt Oct 1890Edmonton, Middlesex I94323
16 Howes, Caroline Emma Florence  15 Feb 1903Edmonton, Middlesex I49972
17 Howes, Charles Stanley  Abt 1907Edmonton, Middlesex I93360
18 Howes, Edith Grace  Abt 1895Edmonton, Middlesex I94325
19 Howes, Edward Joshua  Abt 1859Edmonton, Middlesex I94318
20 Howes, Emma Louisa  Abt 1887Edmonton, Middlesex I94322
21 Howes, Frederick Samuel  Abt 1841Edmonton, Middlesex I9172
22 Howes, Ivy Sophia Maud Elizabeth  Abt 1907Edmonton, Middlesex I49980
23 Howes, Jenny Elizabeth  Abt 1892Edmonton, Middlesex I94324
24 Howes, Joseph F  Abt 1859Edmonton, Middlesex I1275
25 Howes, Margaret Helen  Abt 1881Edmonton, Middlesex I94320
26 Howes, Martin Charles  Abt 1845Edmonton, Middlesex I490
27 Howes, Martin Charles  Abt 1848Edmonton, Middlesex I490
28 Howes, Mary Isabel  Abt 1885Edmonton, Middlesex I94321
29 Howes, Mildred Constance  Abt 1898Edmonton, Middlesex I94326
30 Howes, Rosa Emily  Abt 1843Edmonton, Middlesex I13596
31 Howes, Rosa Emily  Abt 1844Edmonton, Middlesex I13596
32 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt 1839Edmonton, Middlesex I9941
33 Lewin, Eric H  1919Edmonton, Middlesex I45781
34 Lewin, Vera C  1911Edmonton, Middlesex I45780
35 Morrell, Violet Eleanor  Abt 1900Edmonton, Middlesex I94571
36 Plummer, William John  Abt 1903Edmonton, Middlesex I106807
37 Sweatman, Lottie  Abt 1885Edmonton, Middlesex I67400
38 Turner, Fanny Elizabeth  1850Edmonton, Middlesex I24241
39 Tyler, William Ernest  Abt 1903Edmonton, Middlesex I56053


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Rosa Emily  Dec 1859Edmonton, Middlesex I13596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Goodchild, Jane Sarah  2 Oct 1881Edmonton, Middlesex I94319
2 House, Andrew  11 Jun 1799Edmonton, Middlesex I118608
3 House, Richard  5 Jul 1860Edmonton, Middlesex I116929
4 Howes, Joseph  8 Feb 1772Edmonton, Middlesex I45497
5 Howes, Susan  6 Aug 1874Edmonton, Middlesex I20933
6 Orme, Clara Caroline  5 Jul 1860Edmonton, Middlesex I116930
7 Sutton, Elsie  1945Edmonton, Middlesex I44171
8 Whitehead, Katherine  8 Feb 1772Edmonton, Middlesex I45498


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / Howes  Abt Nov 1874Edmonton, Middlesex F13757
2 Hallett / Cawthorne  Abt May 1924Edmonton, Middlesex F8910
3 Howes / Bysouth  Abt May 1893Edmonton, Middlesex F1540
4 Howes / Thorne  31 Oct 1858Edmonton, Middlesex F27486
5 Quigley / Howes  Abt May 1915Edmonton, Middlesex F55990
6 Shelbourne / Taylor  24 Sep 1889Edmonton, Middlesex F9067