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Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire



Location : Latitude: 51.6436, Longitude: -1.16626


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Whichelo, Ann  Abt 1822Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30226
2 Prince, Ann  Abt 1756Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49308
3 Piggott, William  Abt 1849Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30221
4 Piggott, Mary Ann  Abt 1845Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30220
5 Piggott, Ann Prince  Abt 1846Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30219
6 Howse, William Joseph  Abt May 1852Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30228
7 Howse, William  Abt 1822Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49264
8 Howse, William  Abt May 1816Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I138500
9 Howse, William  Abt 1784Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49263
10 Howse, Vincent John  4 Apr 1862Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55159
11 Howse, Thomas  14 Mar 1860Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30231
12 Howse, Stephen  Abt 1789Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49256
13 Howse, Richard Prince  Abt 1786Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I75759
14 Howse, Mary Ann Prince  Abt Nov 1854Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55157
15 Howse, Letitia Anne  Abt Aug 1850Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30227
16 Howse, John Prince  Abt 1781Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49230
17 Howse, John  Abt 1825Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30225
18 Howse, James  Abt Feb 1858Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30230
19 Howse, James  Abt 1796Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30222
20 Howse, Emily Elizabeth  Abt May 1856Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30229
21 Howse, Elizabeth  Abt 1819Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30224
22 Howse, Ada Alexandra  Abt May 1864Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55155


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Piggott, William  Abt 2 Jan 1850Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30217
2 Howse, William  Abt 26 Mar 1816Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49263
3 Howse, John  28 Jul 1900Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30225
4 Howse, James  Abt 28 Jul 1858Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30222
5 Hedges, Richard  Abt 27 Apr 1882Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30218
6 Grimpshire, Elizabeth  Abt 1 Sep 1875Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30223


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Howse, William  1784Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49263
2 Howse, Stephen  1789Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49256
3 Howse, Richard Prince  1786Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I75759
4 Howse, James  20 Jan 1797Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30222
5 Howse, James  1797Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30222


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Whichelo, Ann  Abt 1824Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30226
2 Whichelo, Ann  Abt 1823Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30226
3 Howse, William Joseph  Abt 1852Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30228
4 Howse, William Joseph  Abt 1851Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30228
5 Howse, William  Abt 1830Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49264
6 Howse, William  Abt 1825Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49264
7 Howse, William  Abt 1823Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49264
8 Howse, Vincent John  Abt 1862Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55159
9 Howse, Vincent John  Abt 1861Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55159
10 Howse, Thomas  Abt 1860Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30231
11 Howse, Thomas  Abt 1859Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30231
12 Howse, Thomas  Abt 1859Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30231
13 Howse, Mary Ann Prince  Abt 1854Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55157
14 Howse, Mary Ann Prince  Abt 1854Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55157
15 Howse, Mary Ann Prince  Abt 1853Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55157
16 Howse, Mary Ann Prince  Abt 1853Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55157
17 Howse, Letitia Anne  Abt 1851Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30227
18 Howse, Letitia Anne  Abt 1850Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30227
19 Howse, John Prince  Abt 1782Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49230
20 Howse, John  Abt 1826Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30225
21 Howse, John  Abt 1823Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30225
22 Howse, James  Abt 1858Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30230
23 Howse, James  Abt 1857Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30230
24 Howse, Harriet Sarah  Abt 1814Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30216
25 Howse, Emily Elizabeth  Abt 1856Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30229
26 Howse, Emily Elizabeth  Abt 1855Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30229
27 Howse, Ada Alexandra  Abt 1864Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55155


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Prince, Ann  4 Jul 1784Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49308
2 Prince, Ann  17 May 1782Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49308
3 Prince, Ann  10 Jan 1781Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49308
4 Howse, William  29 May 1816Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49263
5 Howse, William  20 Nov 1814Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49263
6 Howse, William  4 Jul 1784Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49261
7 Howse, William  17 May 1782Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I49261
8 Howse, Mary Ann Prince  6 Jun 1882Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I55157
9 Howse, Letitia Anne  16 Oct 1873Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30227
10 Howse, James  29 May 1825Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30222
11 Howse, Harriet Sarah  30 Jan 1843Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30216
12 Howse, Harriet Sarah  6 Jun 1841Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30216
13 Howse, Emily Elizabeth  10 Nov 1885Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30229
14 Grimpshire, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30223
15 Grimpshire, Elizabeth  9 Apr 1820Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I30223
16 Bridges, Annie Elizabeth  4 Jun 1906Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I46310
17 Banbury, Elizabeth  29 May 1816Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I138499
18 Banbury, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1814Dorchester on Thames, Oxfordshire I138499