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Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire



Latitude: 51.7747995, Longitude: -0.8065995


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beard, Grace Rachel  Abt Jun 1991Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I72646
2 Biutcher, George Joseph  Abt Aug 1995Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I94181
3 Callingham, Charles James  Abt Feb 1987Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I66803
4 Dodd, Kathleen Bessie  Abt Nov 1990Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I115125
5 House, Henry Cuff  Abt Jul 1985Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I48834
6 House, Ian Robin W  Abt Feb 1989Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I38947
7 House, Walter Charles  Abt Jul 2002Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I81172
8 Howes, Dorothy Elizabeth  Abt Jun 1993Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I26568
9 Howes, Edna  Abt Apr 2000Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I100574
10 Howes, Edward  Jan 1996Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I51462
11 Howes, Margaret Ann  Apr 2006Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I135835
12 Howes, May Jeanette  Abt Jan 2004Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I109030
13 Howes, Winifred Matilda  Abt Feb 1985Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I39532
14 Howse, Ronald Edward  Abt Feb 2004Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I50801
15 Millers, Anthony Alfred  Dec 1988Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I135853
16 Mullan, Patrick Joseph  Abt Feb 1999Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I103085
17 Munday, Norman Daniel  Abt Feb 1996Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I132901
18 Oliver, Elsie Maude  Abt Jan 1992Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I109028
19 Pilgrim, Edith Alice  Sep 1989Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I47389
20 Pratt, Florence  Abt Feb 2004Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I119506
21 Saw, Victor Henry  Abt Apr 2000Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I116029
22 Sully, Ellen Alexandra  Abt Aug 2004Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I159721
23 Varney, Vera Elizabeth  Abt Jun 2005Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I106502
24 Wilby, Evelyn Rosina  Apr 1996Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I156964


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Ashdown, Lilian Ethel Louisa  Abt Nov 1987Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I78654
2 Howes, Arthur Henry  Abt Sep 1987Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I44835
3 Howes, Bernard  Abt Sep 2003Aylesbury Vale RD, Buckinghamshire I18055