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Abingdon RD, Berkshire



City/Town : Latitude: 51.447338, Longitude: -1.0486645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Isabella L  Abt Nov 1911Abingdon RD, Berkshire I43160
2 Ashfield, Eli George  Abt Feb 1859Abingdon RD, Berkshire I139639
3 Beesley, Josephine  28 Jul 1927Abingdon RD, Berkshire I136378
4 Belcher, Edward George  6 May 1908Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46318
5 Frewin, Mary Winifred  26 Apr 1908Abingdon RD, Berkshire I125347
6 House, Thomas Batcheldor  Abt Nov 1871Abingdon RD, Berkshire I52149
7 Howes, Harold  Abt May 1880Abingdon RD, Berkshire I123438
8 Howes, Kenneth Leslie Raymond  6 Feb 1923Abingdon RD, Berkshire I75375
9 Howse, Frederick George  Abt May 1856Abingdon RD, Berkshire I131455
10 Howse, James  Abt Feb 1840Abingdon RD, Berkshire I131454
11 Mott, Gladys Agnes A  Abt Feb 1902Abingdon RD, Berkshire I97738
12 Randall, James William  26 Apr 1930Abingdon RD, Berkshire I120306
13 Treadwell, Molly  4 Aug 1911Abingdon RD, Berkshire I144266
14 Webb, Daisy K  29 Aug 1918Abingdon RD, Berkshire I127969
15 Whitehead, Constance Betty  28 Apr 1912Abingdon RD, Berkshire I125311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cleaver, Mary Alport  Abt Aug 1865Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46804
2 Cox, Mary  Abt Nov 1950Abingdon RD, Berkshire I93239
3 Donohue, Violet Mary  Abt Nov 1966Abingdon RD, Berkshire I144602
4 East, Fanny  Abt Nov 1842Abingdon RD, Berkshire I68515
5 Eels, Laura Isabel  Abt Nov 1953Abingdon RD, Berkshire I105687
6 Ferriman, George  Abt Feb 1906Abingdon RD, Berkshire I49166
7 Goodluck, Elizabeth  Abt May 1860Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51622
8 Grove, John  Abt Nov 1873Abingdon RD, Berkshire I99317
9 Gunn, William Thomas  Abt Nov 1977Abingdon RD, Berkshire I72352
10 Hemmings, Ellan Ada  Abt Dec 1995Abingdon RD, Berkshire I78373
11 Hicks, Edward Howse  Abt Feb 1929Abingdon RD, Berkshire I104222
12 Holifield, Jane  Abt Aug 1848Abingdon RD, Berkshire I125333
13 House, Gerald Frederick  Abt Aug 1969Abingdon RD, Berkshire I52494
14 House, Henry James  Abt May 1973Abingdon RD, Berkshire I143910
15 House, Hilda Gertrude  Abt May 1999Abingdon RD, Berkshire I47224
16 Howes, Alfred Jesse  Abt Aug 1969Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51070
17 Howes, Clara  Abt Feb 1867Abingdon RD, Berkshire I16526
18 Howes, Edith Kathleen Mary  Abt Nov 1991Abingdon RD, Berkshire I72361
19 Howes, Edward  Abt May 1845Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51607
20 Howes, Edward Hutton  Abt Feb 1838Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51608
21 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1858Abingdon RD, Berkshire I127877
22 Howes, Frank Arthur  Abt Aug 1956Abingdon RD, Berkshire I78361
23 Howes, Gladys Annie  Abt Nov 1970Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46315
24 Howes, Grace  Abt Nov 1866Abingdon RD, Berkshire I9125
25 Howes, Henrietta Goodluck  Abt May 1861Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51611
26 Howes, Isaac  Abt May 1898Abingdon RD, Berkshire I9016
27 Howes, John  Abt Aug 1845Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51613
28 Howes, Priscilla  Abt Feb 1919Abingdon RD, Berkshire I8106
29 Howes, Robert  Abt May 1845Abingdon RD, Berkshire I9850
30 Howes, Thomas  Abt Aug 1890Abingdon RD, Berkshire I3469
31 Howes, William James Andrew  Abt Feb 1969Abingdon RD, Berkshire I26408
32 Howse, Edward  Abt Feb 1842Abingdon RD, Berkshire I125309
33 Howse, Frederick George  Abt Aug 1856Abingdon RD, Berkshire I131455
34 Howse, James  Abt Aug 1841Abingdon RD, Berkshire I131454
35 Howse, Thomas  Abt May 1905Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51661
36 Hyde, James  Abt Aug 1870Abingdon RD, Berkshire I17242
37 Meadows, Dennis Alfred  Abt Jan 1997Abingdon RD, Berkshire I78521
38 Nicholls, Flora  Abt Feb 1963Abingdon RD, Berkshire I72374
39 Preston, Martha Ann  Abt Feb 1889Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51621
40 Snow, Dinah  Abt May 1854Abingdon RD, Berkshire I125520
41 Taylor, Louisa Emmeline  Abt May 1957Abingdon RD, Berkshire I76940
42 Wicks, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1883Abingdon RD, Berkshire I8945
43 Woodland, Muriel Constance Gladys  Abt Feb 1974Abingdon RD, Berkshire I83867


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alsworth, Kathleen Ada  Abt Feb 1909Abingdon RD, Berkshire I78512
2 Barson, Elizabeth A  Abt Nov 1863Abingdon RD, Berkshire I24613
3 Barson, John  1867Abingdon RD, Berkshire I22702
4 Beckett, Aubrey Charles  Abt May 1898Abingdon RD, Berkshire I136370
5 Beesley, Josephine  Abt Aug 1927Abingdon RD, Berkshire I136378
6 Belcher, Edward George  Abt Aug 1908Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46318
7 Bridges, Annie Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1881Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46310
8 Brown, Edward James  Abt Feb 1903Abingdon RD, Berkshire I142296
9 Bushnell, Sarah  Abt Aug 1871Abingdon RD, Berkshire I140041
10 Chapman, Edwin George  Abt Feb 1882Abingdon RD, Berkshire I76304
11 Cleaver, Annie  Abt Feb 1867Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46798
12 Cleaver, Edward Alport  Abt Nov 1875Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46800
13 Cleaver, Emma  Abt May 1877Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46801
14 Cleaver, Kate  Abt Aug 1871Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46803
15 Cleaver, Mary Alport  Abt Aug 1865Abingdon RD, Berkshire I46804
16 Crutch, Hannah Agnes S  Abt May 1888Abingdon RD, Berkshire I45885
17 Fowles, Edith Lilian Emma  Abt May 1902Abingdon RD, Berkshire I145535
18 Frewin, Mary Winifred  Abt May 1908Abingdon RD, Berkshire I125347
19 House, Augusta  Abt Nov 1852Abingdon RD, Berkshire I48936
20 House, Emma  Abt Feb 1849Abingdon RD, Berkshire I48946
21 House, Jonathan James  Abt Feb 1841Abingdon RD, Berkshire I47957
22 House, Mabel  Abt May 1905Abingdon RD, Berkshire I48977
23 House, Rose  Abt May 1901Abingdon RD, Berkshire I48992
24 House, William Joseph  Abt Feb 1870Abingdon RD, Berkshire I52150
25 Howes, Clara  Abt Nov 1846Abingdon RD, Berkshire I16526
26 Howes, Edward  Abt May 1844Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51607
27 Howes, Edward Hutton  Abt Nov 1837Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51608
28 Howes, Fanny  Abt Nov 1840Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51610
29 Howes, Grace  Abt Aug 1842Abingdon RD, Berkshire I9125
30 Howes, Helena  Abt Nov 1844Abingdon RD, Berkshire I5873
31 Howes, Henrietta  Abt Feb 1851Abingdon RD, Berkshire I16825
32 Howes, Hutton  Abt Aug 1842Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51612
33 Howes, Kenneth Leslie Raymond  Abt Feb 1923Abingdon RD, Berkshire I75375
34 Howes, Martha  Abt Feb 1881Abingdon RD, Berkshire I8196
35 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt May 1848Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51614
36 Howes, Robert  Abt Nov 1838Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51615
37 Howes, Robert Dennis  Abt Nov 1882Abingdon RD, Berkshire I21080
38 Howes, Sarah  Abt May 1849Abingdon RD, Berkshire I11939
39 Howes, Susan  Abt May 1840Abingdon RD, Berkshire I18980
40 Howes, Susan  Abt Feb 1846Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51618
41 Howes, Thomas  Abt Feb 1838Abingdon RD, Berkshire I982
42 Howes, William James  Abt Aug 1879Abingdon RD, Berkshire I20576
43 Howse, Albert Looker  Abt Aug 1843Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51760
44 Howse, Ann  Abt May 1845Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51695
45 Howse, Daniel  Abt Feb 1842Abingdon RD, Berkshire I70894
46 Howse, Elizabeth Fruin  Abt May 1847Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51697
47 Howse, George  Abt Aug 1850Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51699
48 Howse, Isabella  Abt May 1853Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51654
49 Howse, James  Abt May 1851Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51656
50 Howse, Joseph  Abt Feb 1843Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51657

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Brown, Annie  Abt May 1967Abingdon RD, Berkshire I133866
2 Creek, John Pearson Brodrick  Abt Aug 1949Abingdon RD, Berkshire I136355
3 Fowles, Edith Lilian Emma  Sep 1992Abingdon RD, Berkshire I145535
4 Hawkins, Emma  Abt Feb 1913Abingdon RD, Berkshire I9135
5 Howes, Henrietta  Abt Aug 1891Abingdon RD, Berkshire I16825
6 Howes, Hutton  Abt May 1870Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51612
7 Howes, Leonard  Abt Aug 1976Abingdon RD, Berkshire I24586
8 Howes, Robert  Abt Nov 1884Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51616
9 Howes, William Goodluck  Abt Feb 1866Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51620
10 Howes, William Samuel  Abt May 1962Abingdon RD, Berkshire I134916
11 Howse, Alexander  Abt Aug 1950Abingdon RD, Berkshire I25008
12 Howse, Benjamin  Abt May 1871Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51651
13 Howse, Cyril George  Abt Mar 1991Abingdon RD, Berkshire I125319
14 Howse, George  Abt Feb 1892Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51652
15 Howse, Robert  Abt Aug 1896Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51659
16 Howse, Stephen Edward  Abt May 1941Abingdon RD, Berkshire I125313
17 Howse, Susannah  Abt Nov 1869Abingdon RD, Berkshire I148752
18 Hutton, Sarah  Abt Aug 1879Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51623
19 Mead, Daisy May  Oct 1995Abingdon RD, Berkshire I136410
20 Savins, Kate  Abt Aug 1952Abingdon RD, Berkshire I125314
21 Smith, Roland  Abt Aug 1890Abingdon RD, Berkshire I55175
22 Unknown, Lucy  Abt Aug 1877Abingdon RD, Berkshire I51675


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arnott / Baker  Abt Feb 1891Abingdon RD, Berkshire F43566
2 Barson / Howes  Abt Nov 1862Abingdon RD, Berkshire F3370
3 Bishop / Bradfield  Abt Nov 1851Abingdon RD, Berkshire F2433
4 Clarke / Lawrence  Abt May 1840Abingdon RD, Berkshire F39916
5 Hiscock / Howes  Abt May 1880Abingdon RD, Berkshire F4495
6 House / Davis  Abt Nov 1848Abingdon RD, Berkshire F14573
7 Howes / Bishop  Abt Feb 1874Abingdon RD, Berkshire F4844
8 Howes / Fowles  Abt May 1922Abingdon RD, Berkshire F44502
9 Howes / Stimpson  Abt Nov 1951Abingdon RD, Berkshire F40969
10 Howse / Frewin  Abt Aug 1930Abingdon RD, Berkshire F37946
11 Howse / Savins  Abt Nov 1898Abingdon RD, Berkshire F37934
12 Hyde / Howes  Abt Aug 1864Abingdon RD, Berkshire F8393
13 Judt / Howse  Abt Aug 1948Abingdon RD, Berkshire F37936
14 Salter / Howes  Abt Aug 1899Abingdon RD, Berkshire F29100
15 Sturch / Howes  Abt May 1867Abingdon RD, Berkshire F6521
16 Tubb / Howse  Abt Aug 1872Abingdon RD, Berkshire F15258
17 Walker / Whitehead  Abt Feb 1958Abingdon RD, Berkshire F37932
18 Washington / Norris  Abt Feb 1911Abingdon RD, Berkshire F7941


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beechey / House  Abt May 1840Abingdon RD, Berkshire F29212
2 Grove / Howse  Abt Nov 1838Abingdon RD, Berkshire F29221
3 Hine / Howes  Abt Aug 1877Abingdon RD, Berkshire F2750
4 Holiday / Howse  Abt May 1924Abingdon RD, Berkshire F37935
5 Howse / Coster  Abt May 1866Abingdon RD, Berkshire F41892
6 Howse / Enoch  Abt Nov 1847Abingdon RD, Berkshire F3986
7 Howse / Horwood  Abt Nov 1877Abingdon RD, Berkshire F15257
8 Howse / Pointer  Abt May 1839Abingdon RD, Berkshire F15260
9 Howse / Powell  Abt May 1840Abingdon RD, Berkshire F14777
10 Kinch / Howse  Abt May 1854Abingdon RD, Berkshire F29219
11 Pether / Howse  Abt May 1838Abingdon RD, Berkshire F15269
12 Pheysey / Howes  Abt Nov 1864Abingdon RD, Berkshire F25950
13 Radford / Howse  Abt Nov 1868Abingdon RD, Berkshire F15259
14 Trafford / Howes  Abt Nov 1873Abingdon RD, Berkshire F29217