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Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk


Notes: Applies to a ring around Norwich

Location : Latitude: 52.67008, Longitude: 0.9531645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
101 Howes, Eliza  Abt May 1946Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I4481
102 Howes, Ellen Catherine  Abt Aug 1990Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I85834
103 Howes, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1940Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I19815
104 Howes, Ellen Rosa  Abt May 1972Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I13824
105 Howes, Elsie Olive  Abt Nov 1977Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I38211
106 Howes, Elvina Matilda  Abt Aug 1940Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I3233
107 Howes, Emily  Abt Nov 1945Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I20875
108 Howes, Emma  Abt Aug 1952Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I23962
109 Howes, Emma Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1943Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I10992
110 Howes, Emma Rebecca  Abt Feb 1971Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I19643
111 Howes, Emma Rebecca  Abt Aug 1977Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I24554
112 Howes, Eric Ivor  Abt Feb 1986Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I56453
113 Howes, Ernest Albert  Abt Feb 1984Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I18540
114 Howes, Ernest Harman  Abt Feb 1981Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I38196
115 Howes, Esther Clara Mary  Abt Nov 1981Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I19553
116 Howes, Ethel Maria  Abt Nov 1966Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I18289
117 Howes, Evelyn Olive  Abt May 1968Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I38855
118 Howes, Flora Maud  Abt May 1973Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I26270
119 Howes, Florence Alice Eleanor  Abt Nov 1980Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I21876
120 Howes, Frederick  Abt Aug 1964Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I2250
121 Howes, Frederick Arthur  Abt Nov 1989Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I11385
122 Howes, Frederick George  Abt Feb 1955Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I28274
123 Howes, Frederick Peacock  Abt Aug 1985Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I1360
124 Howes, George  Abt Feb 1974Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I55052
125 Howes, George Albert  Abt Feb 1964Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I14686
126 Howes, George Arthur  Abt Aug 1944Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I36238
127 Howes, George Frank  Abt May 1959Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I1309
128 Howes, Grace Delicia  Abt Feb 1976Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I26299
129 Howes, Hannah  Abt Nov 1957Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I13889
130 Howes, Hannah Sarah  Abt Feb 1961Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I25048
131 Howes, Harold Southgate  Abt Feb 1957Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I11738
132 Howes, Harry  Abt Aug 1975Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I37992
133 Howes, Helen Mary  Abt Aug 1979Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I11336
134 Howes, Herbert Edmund  Abt Feb 1976Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I26858
135 Howes, Herbert Knights  Abt Feb 1956Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I39128
136 Howes, Hilda Florence  Abt Feb 1981Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I38961
137 Howes, Hubert Lawrence  Abt May 1986Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I76747
138 Howes, Ida Winifred  Abt Feb 1989Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I24689
139 Howes, Ivy Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1976Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I20337
140 Howes, Ivy May  Abt Aug 1952Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I20597
141 Howes, James  Abt Feb 1945Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I25185
142 Howes, James Walter William  Abt Nov 1940Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I17522
143 Howes, James William  Abt May 1963Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I38295
144 Howes, Jane Maria  Abt May 1959Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I23233
145 Howes, John Ernest  26 Jul 1956Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I66592
146 Howes, John Frederick  Abt Feb 1971Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I132113
147 Howes, John Henry  Abt Aug 1942Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I25841
148 Howes, John Richard  Abt Feb 1978Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I38271
149 Howes, John Robert  Abt Nov 1965Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I7151
150 Howes, Julia Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1949Outer Norwich RD, Norfolk I25833

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