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Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire



City/Town : Latitude: 52.3159025, Longitude: -1.5548735


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alton, George W  Abt Feb 1913Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49590
2 Alton, John J  Abt Nov 1917Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49593
3 Casey, Llewellyn John  Abt Feb 1903Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I134163
4 Cook, Dorothy E  Abt May 1917Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82931
5 Cotton, Albert  Abt May 1914Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49600
6 Cotton, Nellie  Abt Nov 1915Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49602
7 Cotton, Rose M  Abt Aug 1912Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49603
8 Cotton, Walter  Abt Nov 1908Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49606
9 Dyde, Winifred B  20 May 1914Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I66808
10 Evans, Annie  Abt Nov 1911Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49607
11 Evans, Charles H  Abt May 1913Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49608
12 Freer, John Arthur  15 Dec 1925Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82995
13 French, Esther M  Abt Aug 1916Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82966
14 French, Thomas S  Abt Aug 1915Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82965
15 French, William H  Abt Aug 1917Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82967
16 Greatrex, Harold William  8 Dec 1901Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I100825
17 House, Alan J  Abt Nov 1937Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82700
18 House, Albert Harry  Abt May 1919Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49611
19 House, Charles  26 Jan 1921Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82916
20 House, Donald  Abt Feb 1937Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82920
21 House, Ellen Sophia  Abt May 1903Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I99675
22 House, Elsie Doreen  28 Dec 1928Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82982
23 House, George C  3 Jun 1915Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82913
24 House, Gordon  6 Oct 1922Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82897
25 House, Irene  Abt Nov 1917Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82914
26 House, James  Abt May 1918Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82896
27 House, Kenneth Milton  23 Feb 1930Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82918
28 House, Lilian M  Abt Aug 1917Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49622
29 House, Lucy W  Abt Feb 1916Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49624
30 House, Olive M  Abt Aug 1919Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82915
31 House, Robert Andrew  3 Mar 1932Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82983
32 House, Roland  9 Feb 1925Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82898
33 House, William James  23 Oct 1920Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82979
34 Lee, Doris  30 Jan 1933Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82908
35 Rolph, Edna M  Abt Feb 1915Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I78506
36 Rolph, Elsie M  Abt Nov 1918Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I78508
37 Rolph, Irene B  Abt May 1917Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I78507
38 Smart, Minnie  17 Feb 1920Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82956
39 Smout, Alan Edward  26 Oct 1932Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82975
40 Thould, Ronald William  6 Feb 1924Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82957
41 Ward, Sodonia M  Abt May 1913Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I78498


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alton, John Edward  Abt Aug 1944Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49592
2 Alton, John J  Abt Nov 1918Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49593
3 Aucott, Winifred May  Abt Feb 1966Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49599
4 Barber, Violet Lilian  Abt Feb 1961Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I70973
5 Boorer, Percy Hamlet  Abt Aug 1967Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I110656
6 Brandist, Thomas Ernest  Abt May 1971Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I52615
7 Casey, Llewellyn John  Abt Feb 1932Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I134163
8 Cotton, Rose M  Abt May 1914Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49603
9 Cotton, Thomas Henry  Abt Aug 1930Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49604
10 Cotton, Thomas Henry  Abt Aug 1959Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49605
11 Ellis, John Thomas B  Abt Feb 1982Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82985
12 Evans, Charles H  Abt Aug 1913Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49608
13 French, Sydney Thomas  Abt Aug 1931Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82964
14 House, Alan J  Abt Feb 1943Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82700
15 House, Albert  Abt Feb 1968Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49612
16 House, Albert Harry  Abt Aug 1979Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49611
17 House, Charles  Abt May 1977Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49615
18 House, James  Abt Nov 1924Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I46367
19 House, James  Abt May 1956Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49621
20 House, Lucy W  Abt Feb 1916Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49624
21 House, Mabel Annie  Abt Feb 1975Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I146594
22 House, Roger A  Abt Jun 1984Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I51067
23 Howes, Amy  Abt Nov 1961Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I37146
24 Howes, Arthur  Abt May 1950Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I24794
25 Howes, Arthur James  Abt Aug 1974Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I19246
26 Howes, Catherine Ellen  Abt Nov 1970Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I51458
27 Howes, Ernest William  Abt Aug 1962Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I51466
28 Howes, Florence Ellen  Abt Feb 1976Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I51468
29 Howes, Harold  Abt Feb 1984Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I69650
30 Howes, Nellie May  Abt Jul 1984Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I51482
31 Howes, Rose Ellen  Abt Aug 1967Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I66721
32 Howes, Sarah  Abt May 1947Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I66365
33 Howes, Sarah Ann  Abt Nov 1940Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I66367
34 Howes, Thomas  Abt Feb 1967Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82882
35 Howes, Walter Henry  Abt Nov 1955Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I14845
36 Howse, Henry Chamberlain  Abt Nov 1934Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I52626
37 Howse, Louisa  Abt May 1941Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I78487
38 Johnson, Lucy Ann  Abt Feb 1929Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I125704
39 North, Phyllis Martha  Abt Feb 1974Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I66384
40 Osman, Violet  Abt May 1954Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82895
41 Rumble, Esther  Abt Nov 1922Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49629
42 Smout, Barbara  Abt May 1942Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82973
43 Smout, Charles William  Abt Aug 1969Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82970
44 Smout, Raymond  Abt May 1942Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82974
45 Tapp, Ellen Annie  Abt May 1935Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I108591
46 Tedds, Joseph  Abt May 1980Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I92501
47 Wait, Edwin  Abt May 1940Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I39827


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alton, Sarah E L  Abt Feb 1911Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49594
2 Cotton, Louie  Abt Feb 1911Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49601
3 Cotton, Thomas Henry  Abt Nov 1906Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49605
4 Cotton, Walter  Abt Nov 1908Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49606
5 Dumbleton, Ronald  Abt Aug 1904Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I137745
6 Dyde, Winifred B  Abt May 1914Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I66808
7 Evans, Joseph James  Abt Feb 1905Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49610
8 Freer, John Arthur  Abt Feb 1926Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82995
9 Gascoigne, Lavinia  Abt Aug 1870Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I7634
10 Greatrex, Harold William  Abt Feb 1902Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I100825
11 House, Albert  Abt Nov 1886Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49612
12 House, Annie  Abt Nov 1892Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49613
13 House, Charles  Abt Nov 1894Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49615
14 House, Charles  Abt May 1921Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82916
15 House, Elsie Doreen  Abt Feb 1929Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82982
16 House, Esther  Abt May 1897Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49618
17 House, Ethel Lily  Abt May 1899Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49619
18 House, George C  Abt May 1915Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82913
19 House, Gordon  Abt Nov 1922Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82897
20 House, James  Abt Feb 1890Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49621
21 House, Kenneth Milton  Abt Feb 1931Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82918
22 House, Lucy  Abt Feb 1889Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I49623
23 House, Robert Andrew  Abt Feb 1932Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82983
24 House, Roland  Abt Feb 1925Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82898
25 House, William James  Abt Nov 1920Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82979
26 Lee, Doris  Abt Feb 1933Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82908
27 Pickering, Cecil John  Abt Nov 1903Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I66389
28 Pickering, Evelyn Ada  Abt May 1902Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I66392
29 Pickering, Irene  Abt Feb 1913Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I66393
30 Preece, Isabel Nancy  Abt Nov 1903Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I53000
31 Preece, Nora Agnes  Abt Nov 1905Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I53001
32 Rolph, William Henry  Abt Nov 1921Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I78509
33 Smart, Minnie  Abt Feb 1920Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82956
34 Smout, Alan Edward  Abt Nov 1932Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82975
35 Smout, Barbara  Abt Feb 1925Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82973
36 Smout, Charles Bernard  Abt Feb 1922Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82971
37 Smout, Raymond  Abt May 1930Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82974
38 Thould, Ronald William  Abt Feb 1924Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I82957
39 Ward, Henry Joseph W  Abt Aug 1906Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I78495
40 Ward, Julia  Abt Aug 1844Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I12993
41 Ward, Leslie Edwin  Abt Aug 1908Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I78496
42 Ward, Louisa Edith Grace  Abt Feb 1911Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire I78497


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alton / House  Abt May 1910Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F14748
2 Brandist / Howse  Abt Feb 1936Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F15469
3 Coleman / House  Abt Feb 1940Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23658
4 Cotton / House  Abt Aug 1905Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F14749
5 Ellis / House  Abt May 1939Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23678
6 Freer / House  Abt May 1948Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23680
7 French / House  Abt Nov 1914Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23675
8 House / Aucott  Abt Nov 1915Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F14746
9 House / Cook  Abt Aug 1939Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23663
10 House / Green  Abt May 1914Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23657
11 House / Hallam  Abt Aug 1944Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23681
12 House / Lovelock  Abt May 1885Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F13967
13 House / Osman  Abt Aug 1917Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23652
14 House / Smart  Abt Nov 1946Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23670
15 Menzfeld / Howes  Abt Feb 1955Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F20244
16 Rolph / Howse  Abt Nov 1913Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F22270
17 Smout / House  Abt Nov 1919Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23676
18 Thould / Smart  Abt Nov 1956Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F23671
19 Ward / Howse  Abt May 1905Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F22268


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howse / Ward  Abt Nov 1865Nuneaton RD, Warwickshire F4787