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Massachusetts, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 42.0674455, Longitude: -71.7158735


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Chester M jr  Abt 1905Massachusetts, USA I127254
2 Baker, Ezra H  Abt Apr 1860Massachusetts, USA I136264
3 Baker, Mary L  Abt 1853Massachusetts, USA I136262
4 Baker, Wilbur K  Abt 1833Massachusetts, USA I136253
5 Baker, William C  Abt 1855Massachusetts, USA I136263
6 Beland, Emile  Abt 1912Massachusetts, USA I125143
7 Bliss, Blanchard O  Abt Jan 1900Massachusetts, USA I112548
8 Boffin, Jacob James  Abt 1854Massachusetts, USA I130578
9 Cahill, Elizabeth  Abt 1887Massachusetts, USA I141848
10 Child, Aberdeen H  Abt 1847Massachusetts, USA I83578
11 Child, Luther jr  Abt 1845Massachusetts, USA I83577
12 Child, Ruth E  Abt 1851Massachusetts, USA I83579
13 Cleavland, Helen Doris  1916Massachusetts, USA I88526
14 Colburn, Harriet  Oct 1857Massachusetts, USA I104637
15 Conroy, Lincoln G  Abt 1914Massachusetts, USA I85450
16 Coombs, Grace F  Abt 1886Massachusetts, USA I129214
17 Crowell, David F  Abt 1857Massachusetts, USA I17312
18 Crowell, David Howes  Abt 1820Massachusetts, USA I13943
19 Crowell, Helen M  Abt 1852Massachusetts, USA I17412
20 Crowell, Joshua  Abt 1782Massachusetts, USA I19388
21 Crowell, T R Carlton  Abt 1862Massachusetts, USA I4333
22 Easterbrook, Helen  Abt 1831Massachusetts, USA I91031
23 Edwards, Didama  29 Mar 1840Massachusetts, USA I136258
24 Farmer, John P  1882Massachusetts, USA I23513
25 Farr, Francis A  Abt 1901Massachusetts, USA I84171
26 Farr, Helen  Abt Jan 1892Massachusetts, USA I84170
27 Fuller, Mary  Abt Jun 1644Massachusetts, USA I62743
28 Gardner, Lillian A  Mar 1874Massachusetts, USA I73315
29 Gardner, Lizzie F  Abt 1861Massachusetts, USA I60328
30 Garfield, Lincoln Baker  23 Feb 1869Massachusetts, USA I101452
31 Greenquist, Evelyn R  Abt 1910Massachusetts, USA I141860
32 Hammond, Charity  Abt 1790Massachusetts, USA I115973
33 Holbrook, Effie M  Jul 1875Massachusetts, USA I2629
34 Holbrook, Minnie E  Sep 1870Massachusetts, USA I6422
35 Holbrook, Nellie H  Jul 1877Massachusetts, USA I5278
36 Homer, Margarette Josephine  Abt 1831Massachusetts, USA I91576
37 Hough, Pauline  Abt 1900Massachusetts, USA I112549
38 House, Nathaniel  1680Massachusetts, USA I63233
39 House, Winslow  Abt 1859Massachusetts, USA I84217
40 Howes, Addie Elizabeth  Abt 1857Massachusetts, USA I22990
41 Howes, Amy E  Abt 1887Massachusetts, USA I112552
42 Howes, Anna  Abt Feb 1917Massachusetts, USA I4831
43 Howes, Anna A  27 Aug 1887Massachusetts, USA I60329
44 Howes, Annis W  19 Sep 1835Massachusetts, USA I100026
45 Howes, Antinett  Abt 1846Massachusetts, USA I85058
46 Howes, Bessie L  Feb 1893Massachusetts, USA I100010
47 Howes, Betsey Sears  7 Mar 1843Massachusetts, USA I100028
48 Howes, Charles P  Abt 1858Massachusetts, USA I82540
49 Howes, Charlotte E  Abt 1856Massachusetts, USA I91034
50 Howes, Christine  Abt 1895Massachusetts, USA I124917

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Chester Moody  May 1963Massachusetts, USA I119864
2 Bacon, Sarah  1751Massachusetts, USA I63911
3 Cobb, Sarah  Massachusetts, USA I63927
4 Edwards, Oliver  9 May 1892Massachusetts, USA I84267
5 Hall, Edward III  17 Dec 1883Massachusetts, USA I144805
6 House, Joseph  20 Sep 1732Massachusetts, USA I63224
7 House, Julia  1 Sep 1872Massachusetts, USA I84263
8 House, Marietta  8 Aug 1864Massachusetts, USA I84264
9 House, Winslow  18 Jul 1859Massachusetts, USA I84217
10 Howes, Jean Mary  2019Massachusetts, USA I112507
11 Howes, Stephen  23 Feb 1792Massachusetts, USA I110899
12 Snow, Elisha B  18 Jan 1950Massachusetts, USA I136270


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Fuller, Mary  16 Jun 1644Massachusetts, USA I62743


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allard, Herbert D  Abt 1869Massachusetts, USA I60336
2 Allen, Chester Moody  Abt 1877Massachusetts, USA I119864
3 Allen, Chester Moody  Abt 1878Massachusetts, USA I119864
4 Allen, Edward Howes  Abt 1912Massachusetts, USA I127257
5 Allen, Edward Howes  Abt 1913Massachusetts, USA I127257
6 Allen, Edward Howes  15 Feb 1913Massachusetts, USA I127257
7 Allen, Elmer Howes  Abt 1912Massachusetts, USA I125880
8 Allen, Elmer Howes  1913Massachusetts, USA I125880
9 Allen, Eunice Mather  Abt 1907Massachusetts, USA I127255
10 Allen, Eunice Mather  Abt 1908Massachusetts, USA I127255
11 Allen, Jean Winifred  Abt 1911Massachusetts, USA I127256
12 Allis, Isabella Margaret  Abt 1910Massachusetts, USA I100018
13 Baker, Ruth Ann  Abt 1813Massachusetts, USA I79367
14 Baker, Ruth Ann  Abt 1851Massachusetts, USA I88167
15 Baker, Ruth Ann  Abt 1852Massachusetts, USA I88167
16 Baker, Ruth Ann  Abt 1857Massachusetts, USA I88167
17 Barrus, Ruth  Abt 1805Massachusetts, USA I82159
18 Bee, Elizabeth  Abt 1776Massachusetts, USA I31991
19 Bennett, Clara  Abt 1871Massachusetts, USA I79663
20 Bliss, Blanchard O  Abt 1899Massachusetts, USA I112548
21 Bliss, Blanchard O  Abt 1900Massachusetts, USA I112548
22 Brown, Rizpah Minerva  Abt 1854Massachusetts, USA I9373
23 Brown, Rizpah Minerva  Abt 1855Massachusetts, USA I9373
24 Bullard, Ruth Meriam  Abt 1897Massachusetts, USA I18101
25 Burgess, Isabelle Lucille  Abt 1904Massachusetts, USA I82125
26 Burke, Mary Ann  Abt 1891Massachusetts, USA I11377
27 Carlson, Hulda Angelina  Abt 1886Massachusetts, USA I139059
28 Carlson, Hulda Angelina  Abt 1887Massachusetts, USA I139059
29 Chapman, Harriet Newell  Abt 1831Massachusetts, USA I60332
30 Child, Aberdeen H  Abt 1848Massachusetts, USA I83578
31 Child, Luther jr  Abt 1846Massachusetts, USA I83577
32 Church, Julia Ann  Abt 1823Massachusetts, USA I2825
33 Clark, Clara Arabelle  Abt 1849Massachusetts, USA I82150
34 Clark, Clara Arabelle  Jan 1850Massachusetts, USA I82150
35 Cole, Ida A  Abt 1864Massachusetts, USA I26608
36 Coombs, Grace F  Abt 1881Massachusetts, USA I129214
37 Coombs, Grace F  Abt 1893Massachusetts, USA I129214
38 Crowell, Abigail  Abt 1813Massachusetts, USA I124559
39 Curtis, Alma E  Abt 1818Massachusetts, USA I124585
40 Cushing, Charles A  Abt 1826Massachusetts, USA I84222
41 Cushing, Charles A  Abt 1827Massachusetts, USA I84222
42 Davis, Eliza Jane  Abt 1824Massachusetts, USA I91447
43 Davis, Eliza Jane  Abt 1827Massachusetts, USA I91447
44 Drake, Florence Chenery  Abt 1893Massachusetts, USA I134710
45 Drake, Florence Chenery  Abt 1894Massachusetts, USA I134710
46 Edwards, Didama  Abt 1839Massachusetts, USA I136258
47 Edwards, Didama  Abt 1840Massachusetts, USA I136258
48 Eldridge, Dorcas Nickerson  Abt 1836Massachusetts, USA I101419
49 Eldridge, Dorcas Nickerson  Oct 1836Massachusetts, USA I101419
50 Eldridge, Dorcas Nickerson  Abt 1837Massachusetts, USA I101419

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Brown, Rizpah Minerva  1928Massachusetts, USA I9373
2 House, Almira  10 Jun 1889Massachusetts, USA I84265
3 House, Samuel  12 Sep 1667Massachusetts, USA I38982
4 Howes, James Sturgis  30 Oct 1930Massachusetts, USA I91424
5 Howes, Kathleen  3 Sep 1994Massachusetts, USA I111424
6 Howes, Rebecca D  9 Nov 1876Massachusetts, USA I101421


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 House, Gladys E  Massachusetts, USA I38996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 House, Peninah  16 Sep 1638Massachusetts, USA I39006
2 House, Samuel  1636Massachusetts, USA I38982
3 Howes, Thomas  1638Massachusetts, USA I19201
4 Lothrop, Jane  18 Sep 1634Massachusetts, USA I62729


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Heywood, Arlene Margaret  16 Feb 1980Massachusetts, USA I134703
2 Howes, Alan Graham  23 May 1964Massachusetts, USA I124905
3 Howes, Harry W  Dec 1970Massachusetts, USA I90033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Service    Person ID 
1 House, Eleazer  10 Jul 1775Massachusetts, USA I137325


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chapin / Howes  18 May 1886Massachusetts, USA F26704
2 Edwards / House  7 Nov 1855Massachusetts, USA F24082
3 Gage / Howes  2 Nov 1857Massachusetts, USA F36932
4 Gray / Howes  Nov 1814Massachusetts, USA F33224
5 Greer / Howes  1 Jan 1896Massachusetts, USA F7206
6 Hall / Howes  1826Massachusetts, USA F26748
7 Hall / Howes  2 Feb 1832Massachusetts, USA F36941
8 Holbrook / Howes  16 Nov 1870Massachusetts, USA F8875
9 Howes / Barrus  24 Nov 1831Massachusetts, USA F23426
10 Howes / Cunningham  19 Jun 1927Massachusetts, USA F36625
11 Howes / Hall  29 Dec 1862Massachusetts, USA F26703
12 Howes / Howes  1756Massachusetts, USA F22576
13 Howes / Longley  6 Sep 1838Massachusetts, USA F27939
14 Howes / Paddock  28 Nov 1689Massachusetts, USA F19329
15 Kelley / Howes  Abt May 1852Massachusetts, USA F36931
16 Matthews / Howes  15 Dec 1698Massachusetts, USA F8609
17 Prence / Burr  1668Massachusetts, USA F8399
18 Thomas / House  20 Feb 1774Massachusetts, USA F18323
19 Wixon / Howes  Jan 1851Massachusetts, USA F36930


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / Gorham  1699Massachusetts, USA F6823
2 Howes / Snow  9 Feb 1748Massachusetts, USA F4815