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Hoxton, London



Latitude: 51.5341206, Longitude: -0.0750175


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 Sinclair, Eleanor Frances  Abt 1889Hoxton, London I126301
152 Sinclair, Robert William  Abt 1887Hoxton, London I126300
153 Smith, Eleanor  Abt 1876Hoxton, London I98820
154 Thompson, Maria Eleanor  Abt 1852Hoxton, London I106824
155 Tilley, Florence  Abt 1870Hoxton, London I64697
156 Turton, Thomas Henry  Abt 1877Hoxton, London I593
157 Vallance, Charles Albert  Abt 1894Hoxton, London I99070
158 Vallance, Rosina  Abt 1896Hoxton, London I99071
159 Vickery, Emma Elizabeth  Abt 1861Hoxton, London I70989
160 Vickery, Emma Elizabeth  Abt 1862Hoxton, London I70989
161 Vine, Edith Charlotte  Abt 1892Hoxton, London I81754
162 Watts, Ada Elizabeth  Abt 1889Hoxton, London I29638
163 Watts, Ada Elizabeth  Abt 1890Hoxton, London I29638
164 Wiggins, Emma  Abt 1850Hoxton, London I19587
165 Yarrow, Eliza Elizabeth  Abt 1854Hoxton, London I37103
166 Yarrow, Eliza Elizabeth  Abt 1856Hoxton, London I37103
167 Yarrow, Emily  Abt 1858Hoxton, London I37104

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