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Havering RD, Essex



Location : Latitude: 51.7966325, Longitude: 0.6376925


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arment, Florence Lilian Rebecca  Abt May 1980Havering RD, Essex I92138
2 Ashford, Ivy Louise  Abt Jul 1989Havering RD, Essex I29687
3 Benjamin, Ada  Abt Feb 1996Havering RD, Essex I72775
4 Binden, Edward John  Abt Feb 1975Havering RD, Essex I92703
5 Boor, Florence Mary  Abt Jun 1987Havering RD, Essex I94411
6 Brown, Cecilia Florence  Abt Nov 1965Havering RD, Essex I106795
7 Cross, David Robert  Abt Aug 1997Havering RD, Essex I138177
8 Elphinstone, Cecil William  Abt Oct 1990Havering RD, Essex I118481
9 Filmer, Maisie Rose Helen  Abt Aug 1982Havering RD, Essex I123452
10 Fleetwood, Frederick Samuel  Abt Aug 1976Havering RD, Essex I117075
11 Fleetwood, Raymond Leonard  Abt Apr 2005Havering RD, Essex I117072
12 Fletcher, Edith Lily May  Abt Nov 1970Havering RD, Essex I98303
13 Freeman, Edward  Abt Feb 1999Havering RD, Essex I30984
14 Freeman, Ronald  Abt Jul 1999Havering RD, Essex I118835
15 Gardner, John Arthur Charles  6 May 1999Havering RD, Essex I93283
16 Gay, Annie Louise Lilian  Abt May 1968Havering RD, Essex I64309
17 Geach, Florence May  Abt Sep 2004Havering RD, Essex I123875
18 Goodson, Eleanor Florence  Abt Feb 1982Havering RD, Essex I337
19 Grist, Paul R  Abt Dec 2004Havering RD, Essex I118144
20 Hanson, Gerald David  Abt Jun 1992Havering RD, Essex I118171
21 Hart, Alfred Lawrence  Abt Sep 1998Havering RD, Essex I11348
22 Head, Nellie Florence  Abt Feb 1971Havering RD, Essex I123907
23 Hills, Richard William  Abt Nov 1981Havering RD, Essex I83749
24 Hines, Harry Horace  Abt Apr 2005Havering RD, Essex I11977
25 House, Charles Douglas  Abt May 1990Havering RD, Essex I60370
26 House, Charles Frederick  Abt Jul 1985Havering RD, Essex I72788
27 House, Charlotte Isabel  Abt Apr 1986Havering RD, Essex I72790
28 House, Doris May  Abt Aug 1997Havering RD, Essex I92390
29 House, Frederick  Abt Nov 1968Havering RD, Essex I78237
30 House, George  Abt Jun 2001Havering RD, Essex I71287
31 House, Gertrude M  Abt May 1965Havering RD, Essex I119892
32 House, Grace Millicent  Abt Nov 1996Havering RD, Essex I98323
33 House, Harry  Abt May 2005Havering RD, Essex I111687
34 House, Leonard William  Abt Dec 1995Havering RD, Essex I130017
35 House, May Florence  Abt Sep 1984Havering RD, Essex I70834
36 House, Nellie  Abt May 1975Havering RD, Essex I92424
37 House, Rosina Barbara  Abt Oct 2004Havering RD, Essex I68216
38 House, William Joseph C  Abt Nov 1977Havering RD, Essex I78101
39 Howes, Beatrice Matilda  Abt Dec 1999Havering RD, Essex I72428
40 Howes, Dennis Charles  Abt May 1983Havering RD, Essex I76199
41 Howes, Edith Agnes  Abt Nov 2004Havering RD, Essex I98312
42 Howes, Edward John  Abt Feb 2005Havering RD, Essex I67259
43 Howes, Ernest Douglas  Abt May 1979Havering RD, Essex I56088
44 Howes, Florence Sarah  Abt May 1976Havering RD, Essex I34389
45 Howes, Frank Henry  Abt Jan 1993Havering RD, Essex I64320
46 Howes, Frederick James  Abt Aug 1973Havering RD, Essex I49868
47 Howes, Gertrude Florence L  Abt Nov 2005Havering RD, Essex I123861
48 Howes, Harry  Abt Nov 1972Havering RD, Essex I48406
49 Howes, Henry James  Abt Feb 1987Havering RD, Essex I116078
50 Howes, James Charles  Abt Feb 1978Havering RD, Essex I49872

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Gardner, John Arthur Charles  Abt May 1999Havering RD, Essex I93283
2 Gay, Katherine Mary  Abt Aug 2002Havering RD, Essex I96558
3 Howes, Christopher Benjamin  Abt Jul 1992Havering RD, Essex I153248
4 Howes, Florence Irene  Abt Jun 1992Havering RD, Essex I64690
5 Howse, Gladys Winifred  1979Havering RD, Essex I45249
6 Pitkin, Sarah  Abt Feb 2001Havering RD, Essex I72666
7 Tucker, Jane Alice Miranda  Abt Nov 1976Havering RD, Essex I78475