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Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire



Address : Latitude: 50.821227, Longitude: -1.367476


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 House, Alex Edward  1891Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39652
2 House, Alex Edward  1901Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39652
3 House, Andrew  1891Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39654
4 House, Annie Louisa  1891Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39658
5 House, Annie Louisa  1901Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39658
6 House, George  1891Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39675
7 House, George  1891Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39674
8 House, George  1901Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39675
9 House, John  1891Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39681
10 House, Lily May  1901Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39684
11 House, Mark  1891Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39686
12 House, Nellie Rose  1901Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39687
13 House, William  1891Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39691
14 Mintram, Ann  1891Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39696
15 Mintram, Ann  1901Fourshells, Fawley, Hampshire I39696