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Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire


City/Town : Latitude: 51.5383, Longitude: -2.3918


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amos, Gerald Frederick  28 Oct 1919Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I82662
2 Brown, George Wilfred  Abt Feb 1908Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I53191
3 Butler, Violet Maud  19 Dec 1908Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138557
4 Cater, Verdun  Abt May 1916Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141013
5 Crew, Ted  27 Aug 1905Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138677
6 Cryer, Donald Norman  12 Apr 1910Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141016
7 Gifford, Alice Florence  Abt Aug 1920Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I181056
8 Gifford, Celia Maud  Abt May 1916Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I181055
9 Glenny, Albert Reginald  Abt Aug 1914Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I114019
10 Holder, Percy Raymond  Abt Feb 1902Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I164258
11 House, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1846Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I19694
12 House, Fanny  Abt Nov 1843Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I29713
13 Howes, Fred  Abt Aug 1864Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138666
14 Howes, John  10 May 1934Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I52569
15 Howes, John D  31 Mar 1931Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138671
16 Howes, John Henry  Abt Feb 1873Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138667
17 Howes, William Oliver  6 Jul 1911Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I12997
18 Hows, Ellen Sarah  Abt Feb 1880Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138665
19 Hussey, Dorothy May  29 Sep 1912Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141955
20 Iles, Allen  4 Jan 1890Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I140389
21 Iles, Hilda May  7 Oct 1916Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I140390
22 Kembrey, Cyril  12 Dec 1913Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141018
23 Kendall, Albert Edward  5 Apr 1891Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141768
24 Luton, Desmond Vincent  16 Dec 1922Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I140987
25 Luton, Gordon Daniel  12 Apr 1921Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I140986
26 Maggs, Vera Doris  Abt Feb 1916Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141764
27 Mann, Lilian Mabel  11 Jun 1909Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138672
28 Pullin, Francis W  Abt May 1924Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I35155
29 Pullin, Lewis J P  Abt Feb 1914Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I35156
30 Pullin, Phyllis A  Abt Feb 1917Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I35157
31 Rogers, Florence Hilda  23 Jul 1917Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141012
32 Rogers, William Leslie  6 May 1913Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141011
33 Sherman, William J  Abt Aug 1922Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I160715
34 Turner, Henry John  30 Aug 1908Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I183215
35 Woodham, Fanny Ethel May  27 Jun 1892Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I142958


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, James  Abt May 1917Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I45513
2 Brown, Daniel  Abt Aug 1922Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I20218
3 Brown, George Wilfred  Abt May 1964Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I53191
4 Bryant, Victoria  Abt Feb 1930Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I21010
5 Chudleigh, Ivy May  Abt Aug 1968Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I81023
6 Gifford, Alice Florence  Abt May 1926Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I181056
7 Gifford, John  Abt Aug 1931Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I181052
8 Harcombe, Bertha Elizabeth  Abt May 1941Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I45529
9 Harmer, Charles  Abt May 1911Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I111141
10 House, Lucy  Abt Aug 1891Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I181382
11 House, Sarah  Abt May 1888Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I47471
12 Howes, Florence Annie  Abt Feb 1965Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I8007
13 Howes, Fred  Abt Aug 1864Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138666
14 Howes, John Henry  Abt Nov 1873Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138667
15 Howes, Katie Stoneman  Abt Feb 1930Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I58080
16 Howes, Sabina  Abt Aug 1923Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I45540
17 Lowe, Edwin  Abt Aug 1950Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I45550
18 Lowe, Gilbert  Abt May 1928Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I45552
19 Mapstone, Austin Sidney  Abt Feb 1927Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I7057
20 Mapstone, Celia Jane  Abt Feb 1914Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I8413
21 Mapstone, Charles Henry  Abt Nov 1906Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I29437
22 Patch, Harold Herbert  Abt May 1912Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I21527
23 Rogers, William Tanner  Abt Nov 1964Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I80328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amos, Gerald Frederick  Abt Nov 1919Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I82662
2 Bryant, Victoria  Abt Nov 1844Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I21010
3 Butler, Violet Maud  Abt Feb 1909Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138557
4 Cater, Verdun  10 Apr 1916Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141013
5 Chambers, Percy  Abt Feb 1892Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I164254
6 Crew, Ted  Abt Nov 1905Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138677
7 Cryer, Donald Norman  Abt May 1910Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141016
8 Cryer, Victor  Abt Aug 1888Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I7738
9 Dicks, Albert  Abt Nov 1866Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I85978
10 Eamer, Elizabeth Ann  Abt May 1860Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I8780
11 Farvis, Sarah Ann  Abt May 1850Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I87394
12 Gifford, Frank  Abt May 1911Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I181054
13 Gifford, Henry Edward  Abt Aug 1908Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I181053
14 Grace, Mary  Abt Nov 1868Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I4302
15 Green, Ellen Ann  Abt May 1886Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I4685
16 Hawkins, Ada  Abt May 1881Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I43798
17 Hewer, Albert Edward  Abt Aug 1885Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I79970
18 Hewer, Francis Sidney  Abt Nov 1888Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I79972
19 Hewer, Levi Campbell  Abt May 1896Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I79974
20 Hewer, Mervyn Digby  Abt May 1903Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I79975
21 Hewer, Seymour  Abt May 1887Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I79971
22 Hewer, Victor George  Abt Nov 1892Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I79973
23 Highman, Daisy Blanche  Abt Aug 1886Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I49181
24 Highman, Ivy Grace  Abt Aug 1892Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I49183
25 Horder, Mary Ann  Abt Aug 1871Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I2608
26 House, Annie  Abt Aug 1881Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I42783
27 House, Edward  Abt Aug 1881Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I42793
28 House, George  Abt Nov 1879Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I42798
29 House, John Stagg  Abt Aug 1839Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I44790
30 Howes, Charles  Abt May 1907Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I45535
31 Howes, Dimon Frederick  Abt Aug 1903Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I52566
32 Howes, Dimon Frederick  Abt Aug 1903Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I52566
33 Howes, Eliza  Abt May 1841Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I20963
34 Howes, Elizabeth  Abt Feb 1845Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I26924
35 Howes, Ellita Monica  Abt May 1902Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I28385
36 Howes, Enos  Abt Nov 1857Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I15757
37 Howes, Enos Jason  Abt Nov 1893Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I8615
38 Howes, Ethel Martha  Abt Nov 1890Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I24602
39 Howes, Francis James  Abt Feb 1906Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I25768
40 Howes, Frederick Charles  Abt Nov 1871Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I18316
41 Howes, Jestinna Harriet  Abt Feb 1868Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I17167
42 Howes, John  Abt Nov 1850Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I5576
43 Howes, John  Abt May 1934Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I52569
44 Howes, John D  Abt May 1931Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138671
45 Howes, Lillie  Abt May 1906Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I45539
46 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt May 1847Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I22944
47 Howes, Olive  Abt Feb 1895Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138668
48 Howes, Percival Thomas Chambers  Abt Nov 1911Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I141948
49 Howes, Robert John  Abt May 1898Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I25697
50 Howes, Robert Jones Percy Jefferies  Abt Aug 1880Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I20550

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Howes, Albert  Abt Nov 1927Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I2488
2 Howes, Emma Jane  Abt Aug 1936Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I27220
3 Howes, Frederick Charles  Abt Aug 1939Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I18316
4 Howes, George  Abt Nov 1923Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I22081
5 Howes, James  Abt Feb 1944Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I3732
6 Howes, Jason  Abt Feb 1913Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I6246
7 Howes, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1864Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I25526
8 Howes, Olive  Abt Feb 1895Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I138668
9 Howes, Robert  Feb 1896Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I21166
10 Howes, Robert  Abt Feb 1955Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I7791
11 Howes, Tom  Abt Nov 1925Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I20274
12 Howse, Ann Prince  Abt Feb 1906Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I49187
13 Jones, Fownes Fitzherbert  Abt Aug 1880Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I109255
14 Luton, Daniel Samson  Abt Nov 1936Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I140984
15 Nelson, Martha  Abt Aug 1906Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I15619
16 Pritchard, Sarah Watts  Abt May 1924Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire I31467


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Lees  Abt Aug 1913Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F33509
2 Gifford / Mapstone  Abt Aug 1907Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F56055
3 Holder / Alsop  Abt Aug 1928Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F49977
4 House / Collins  Abt May 1936Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42444
5 House / Hawkins  Abt Nov 1904Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F13303
6 Howes / Cosker  Abt Aug 1930Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42181
7 Howes / Hussey  Abt Nov 1930Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F43291
8 Howes / Mann  Abt May 1932Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42182
9 Howes / Rowland  Abt Aug 1934Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42184
10 Iles / Adams  Abt May 1914Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42756
11 Iles / House  Abt Feb 1937Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42242
12 Jones / Baldwin  Abt Feb 1937Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42449
13 Jones / Unknown  Abt May 1846Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F32637
14 Kembrey / Cryer  Abt Feb 1935Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42961
15 Smart / Howes  Abt Nov 1932Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42183
16 Smith / Pritchard  Abt May 1898Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F35890
17 Stinchcombe / Howes  Abt May 1886Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F8906
18 Taylor / Howes  Abt Aug 1926Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F42150


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chappell / Stinchcombe  Abt Nov 1916Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F33354
2 House / Bagg  Abt Aug 1931Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F9801
3 House / Horder  Abt Aug 1843Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F7279
4 House / Prior  Abt May 1921Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F36318
5 Howes / Grace  Abt Aug 1902Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F2297
6 Howes / Nelson  Abt Feb 1861Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F5553
7 Stinchcombe / Smith  Abt Feb 1917Chipping Sodbury RD, Gloucestershire F33360