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Bedminster RD, Somerset



City/Town : Latitude: 51.074972, Longitude: -3.0317215


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Charles James  16 Mar 1884Bedminster RD, Somerset I142254
2 Bagg, Dorace Kate Parsons  23 Apr 1895Bedminster RD, Somerset I33705
3 Cornish, Mary Silke  22 May 1893Bedminster RD, Somerset I117876
4 Davies, Ada Gwen Ingram  24 Jul 1894Bedminster RD, Somerset I140000
5 Fudge, Florence Ivy  Abt May 1894Bedminster RD, Somerset I139877
6 Gwyer, Ann Mary  Abt May 1842Bedminster RD, Somerset I142234
7 House, Alice Maud  Abt Aug 1870Bedminster RD, Somerset I138535
8 House, Arthur Ernest  Abt Nov 1873Bedminster RD, Somerset I138536
9 House, Edith Eliza  Abt Aug 1876Bedminster RD, Somerset I138468
10 House, Emily Florence  Abt Feb 1879Bedminster RD, Somerset I138537
11 House, Emily Florence  Abt Aug 1882Bedminster RD, Somerset I138539
12 House, Frederick John  Abt May 1888Bedminster RD, Somerset I138467
13 House, George Henry  Abt May 1870Bedminster RD, Somerset I139831
14 House, Gilbert George  Abt May 1881Bedminster RD, Somerset I138538
15 House, Kate  Abt May 1866Bedminster RD, Somerset I138471
16 House, William Edwin  Abt Feb 1865Bedminster RD, Somerset I138470
17 Howes, Minnie Violet  Abt Feb 1897Bedminster RD, Somerset I44330
18 Howes, Minnie Violet  30 Jan 1898Bedminster RD, Somerset I44331
19 Howes, Sidney  Abt Feb 1898Bedminster RD, Somerset I138472
20 Howse, Arthur George  Abt Nov 1894Bedminster RD, Somerset I139834
21 Howse, John  Abt Feb 1890Bedminster RD, Somerset I137875
22 Jennings, Lavinia Alice  15 Apr 1896Bedminster RD, Somerset I140391
23 Milsom, Thomas  Abt Aug 1873Bedminster RD, Somerset I140983
24 Parsons, Sarah Jane  Abt Feb 1897Bedminster RD, Somerset I130995
25 Perry, Albert Thomas  23 Mar 1890Bedminster RD, Somerset I139892
26 Spiller, Francis James  Abt Nov 1873Bedminster RD, Somerset I145493
27 Thwaites, Ethel Louisa  21 Sep 1890Bedminster RD, Somerset I139840
28 Wallace, Rosina Alice  13 Jun 1890Bedminster RD, Somerset I139969
29 Woolcock, Frederick John  Abt Nov 1890Bedminster RD, Somerset I142440


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chewton, Mary  Abt May 1852Bedminster RD, Somerset I81000
2 Erby, Richard  Abt Aug 1862Bedminster RD, Somerset I140959
3 House, Alfred James  Abt Feb 1878Bedminster RD, Somerset I44187
4 House, Alice Louisa  Abt Aug 1890Bedminster RD, Somerset I81007
5 House, Alice Maud  Abt Aug 1870Bedminster RD, Somerset I138535
6 House, Arthur Ernest  Abt Aug 1874Bedminster RD, Somerset I138536
7 House, Edith Eliza  Abt Feb 1877Bedminster RD, Somerset I138468
8 House, Emily Florence  Abt May 1880Bedminster RD, Somerset I138537
9 House, Emily Florence  Abt Nov 1883Bedminster RD, Somerset I138539
10 House, Frederick John  Abt Nov 1888Bedminster RD, Somerset I138467
11 House, George  Abt Aug 1866Bedminster RD, Somerset I44318
12 House, George  Abt Aug 1866Bedminster RD, Somerset I81042
13 House, George Henry  Abt May 1870Bedminster RD, Somerset I139831
14 House, George Henry  Abt Nov 1894Bedminster RD, Somerset I45027
15 House, Gilbert George  Abt Aug 1881Bedminster RD, Somerset I138538
16 House, Joel  Abt Nov 1863Bedminster RD, Somerset I80989
17 House, John  Abt Aug 1845Bedminster RD, Somerset I80991
18 House, John  Abt Nov 1880Bedminster RD, Somerset I80998
19 House, Kate  Abt Nov 1866Bedminster RD, Somerset I138471
20 House, Samuel  Abt Feb 1873Bedminster RD, Somerset I47485
21 House, William  Abt Aug 1862Bedminster RD, Somerset I81039
22 House, William Edwin  Abt Feb 1865Bedminster RD, Somerset I138470
23 Howes, Minnie Violet  Abt Aug 1897Bedminster RD, Somerset I44330
24 Howse, Arthur George  Abt Nov 1894Bedminster RD, Somerset I139834
25 Howse, William Henry  Abt Aug 1891Bedminster RD, Somerset I8844
26 Llewellin, Mary Ellen  Abt May 1877Bedminster RD, Somerset I9499
27 Locke, Albinia  Abt Nov 1871Bedminster RD, Somerset I81001
28 Mayger, Mary Ann  Abt Feb 1886Bedminster RD, Somerset I81004
29 Milsom, Thomas  Abt Aug 1873Bedminster RD, Somerset I140983
30 Newham, Hannah Jane  Abt Aug 1858Bedminster RD, Somerset I81044
31 Skinner, Kate Sarah  Abt Nov 1890Bedminster RD, Somerset I142181
32 Unknown, Mary  Abt Aug 1868Bedminster RD, Somerset I81040


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allison, Charles James  Abt May 1884Bedminster RD, Somerset I142254
2 Alvis, Albert  Abt Nov 1859Bedminster RD, Somerset I44177
3 Bagg, Dorace Kate Parsons  Abt May 1895Bedminster RD, Somerset I33705
4 Baker, Gertrude Emily  Abt May 1874Bedminster RD, Somerset I23332
5 Baker, William Vowles  Abt Feb 1864Bedminster RD, Somerset I30524
6 Bartlett, Ellen  Abt May 1883Bedminster RD, Somerset I45015
7 Burris, Samuel  Abt May 1880Bedminster RD, Somerset I81242
8 Canter, Agnes  Abt Nov 1871Bedminster RD, Somerset I83905
9 Clements, Cyril Albert  Abt Nov 1898Bedminster RD, Somerset I44180
10 Cornish, Mary Silke  Abt May 1893Bedminster RD, Somerset I117876
11 Cox, Laura May Porter  Abt Nov 1872Bedminster RD, Somerset I82020
12 Cox, Susan  Abt Aug 1866Bedminster RD, Somerset I44185
13 Davey, Laura  Abt Nov 1895Bedminster RD, Somerset I58226
14 Davies, Ada Gwen Ingram  Abt Aug 1894Bedminster RD, Somerset I140000
15 Derrick, Edith Maud  Abt Aug 1895Bedminster RD, Somerset I80824
16 Dix, Florence Beatrice M  Abt Nov 1894Bedminster RD, Somerset I81913
17 Doel, Dorothy  Abt Aug 1891Bedminster RD, Somerset I29694
18 Doel, Louis Lancelot  Abt Feb 1895Bedminster RD, Somerset I26614
19 Erby, Agnes Lucy  Abt May 1860Bedminster RD, Somerset I140958
20 Erby, Frederick John  Abt Nov 1858Bedminster RD, Somerset I140957
21 Erby, Richard  Abt May 1862Bedminster RD, Somerset I140959
22 Gale, Edith  Abt May 1859Bedminster RD, Somerset I27890
23 Gregory, May Emmeline  Abt Aug 1888Bedminster RD, Somerset I126990
24 Hodge, Jesse James  Abt Aug 1872Bedminster RD, Somerset I43989
25 Hodge, William James  Abt Nov 1898Bedminster RD, Somerset I43990
26 House, Agnes Minnie  Abt Feb 1870Bedminster RD, Somerset I43214
27 House, Albert William  Abt Aug 1884Bedminster RD, Somerset I43991
28 House, Alfred Walter  Abt Aug 1862Bedminster RD, Somerset I44188
29 House, Alice Mary  Abt Nov 1863Bedminster RD, Somerset I44301
30 House, Alice Maud  Abt Feb 1875Bedminster RD, Somerset I43992
31 House, Arnold Tom  Abt Aug 1888Bedminster RD, Somerset I42369
32 House, Arthur Charles  Abt Nov 1881Bedminster RD, Somerset I30359
33 House, Charles Henry  Abt Nov 1877Bedminster RD, Somerset I43997
34 House, Charlotte Johanna  Abt Feb 1881Bedminster RD, Somerset I45019
35 House, Edgar  Abt Nov 1874Bedminster RD, Somerset I44190
36 House, Edward James  Abt Nov 1886Bedminster RD, Somerset I44001
37 House, Elizabeth  Abt Nov 1849Bedminster RD, Somerset I44082
38 House, Elsie  Abt May 1896Bedminster RD, Somerset I44963
39 House, Emily Hannah  Abt May 1871Bedminster RD, Somerset I44256
40 House, Ethel Mary  Abt Feb 1882Bedminster RD, Somerset I42385
41 House, Florence Mary  Abt Aug 1890Bedminster RD, Somerset I30365
42 House, Francis William  Abt Aug 1884Bedminster RD, Somerset I45026
43 House, Frank  Abt Nov 1872Bedminster RD, Somerset I44192
44 House, Frederick William  Abt Nov 1887Bedminster RD, Somerset I71628
45 House, George Henry  Abt Aug 1886Bedminster RD, Somerset I45028
46 House, Gertrude Mary  Abt Aug 1888Bedminster RD, Somerset I44304
47 House, Grace  Abt Aug 1852Bedminster RD, Somerset I44085
48 House, Harry  Abt Nov 1883Bedminster RD, Somerset I30369
49 House, Harry George  Abt Feb 1871Bedminster RD, Somerset I44261
50 House, Ida Maud  Abt Nov 1883Bedminster RD, Somerset I42397

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Selway, Elijah  Abt May 1866Bedminster RD, Somerset I24856


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alvis / House  Abt Aug 1887Bedminster RD, Somerset F13419
2 Barrington / Mountstevens  Abt Nov 1897Bedminster RD, Somerset F11687
3 Clements / House  Abt May 1896Bedminster RD, Somerset F13420
4 Clevely / Delve  Abt Feb 1870Bedminster RD, Somerset F13449
5 Grimster / Howes  Abt Feb 1894Bedminster RD, Somerset F23194
6 Hale / House  Abt May 1870Bedminster RD, Somerset F13162
7 Hodge / House  Abt Feb 1898Bedminster RD, Somerset F13365
8 House / Chewton  Abt Nov 1846Bedminster RD, Somerset F23068
9 House / Cox  Abt Nov 1887Bedminster RD, Somerset F13417
10 House / Craven  Abt Nov 1870Bedminster RD, Somerset F13212
11 House / Fox  Abt May 1887Bedminster RD, Somerset F42316
12 House / Locke  Abt Aug 1853Bedminster RD, Somerset F23069
13 House / Newham  Abt Nov 1855Bedminster RD, Somerset F23082
14 House / Payne  Abt Aug 1862Bedminster RD, Somerset F23217
15 House / Tutton  Abt Nov 1869Bedminster RD, Somerset F13371
16 Howes / Birch  Abt May 1896Bedminster RD, Somerset F13455
17 Howse / Brayley  Abt Nov 1889Bedminster RD, Somerset F5976
18 Howse / Owen  Abt Feb 1893Bedminster RD, Somerset F6396
19 Howse / Sampson  Abt Feb 1888Bedminster RD, Somerset F13452
20 Howse / Young  Abt Feb 1878Bedminster RD, Somerset F9442
21 Rawlins / Durbin  Abt Nov 1888Bedminster RD, Somerset F23149
22 Vowles / Baker  Abt May 1839Bedminster RD, Somerset F42129
23 Warbutton / House  Abt May 1893Bedminster RD, Somerset F13362
24 Weston / House  Abt Nov 1871Bedminster RD, Somerset F13363


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bryant / House  Abt May 1843Bedminster RD, Somerset F35789
2 House / Matthew  Abt May 1855Bedminster RD, Somerset F23321
3 House / Saunders  Abt Aug 1843Bedminster RD, Somerset F13344
4 House / Wall  Abt Feb 1884Bedminster RD, Somerset F13043
5 Howes / Bailey  Abt Aug 1868Bedminster RD, Somerset F7284