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Axminster RD, Devon



City/Town : Latitude: 50.7299785, Longitude: -3.715181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beck, Laura May  Abt May 1901Axminster RD, Devon I85945
2 Board, Edith Mary  26 Nov 1912Axminster RD, Devon I60478
3 Enticott, Frederick William  1 Jul 1890Axminster RD, Devon I91168
4 Enticott, Gwendoline Lucy  14 May 1921Axminster RD, Devon I91173
5 Enticott, Samuel Herbert  6 Jul 1915Axminster RD, Devon I91171
6 Hill, Rhoda  Abt Feb 1910Axminster RD, Devon I34738
7 House, Blanch  Abt May 1897Axminster RD, Devon I84707
8 House, Fred  Abt Aug 1895Axminster RD, Devon I84706
9 House, Joan K  Abt Aug 1930Axminster RD, Devon I131108
10 House, John  Abt Aug 1853Axminster RD, Devon I124063
11 House, Tom  Abt Feb 1886Axminster RD, Devon I124062


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dawe, Charles  Abt May 1934Axminster RD, Devon I3815
2 House, Amelia Ann  Abt Aug 1934Axminster RD, Devon I4953
3 House, Blanch  Abt Nov 1897Axminster RD, Devon I84707
4 House, Fred  Abt Feb 1896Axminster RD, Devon I84706
5 House, Joan K  Abt Feb 1931Axminster RD, Devon I131108
6 House, John  Abt Aug 1853Axminster RD, Devon I124063
7 House, Thomas  Abt May 1900Axminster RD, Devon I34871
8 House, Tom  Abt Feb 1886Axminster RD, Devon I124062
9 Howes, Winifred Carr  Abt Nov 1935Axminster RD, Devon I84870
10 Molloy, Mary  Abt Nov 1928Axminster RD, Devon I34939


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aplin, Alfred Joseph  Abt Nov 1866Axminster RD, Devon I128405
2 Arnold, Alice Elizabeth  Abt Aug 1869Axminster RD, Devon I91210
3 Beer, Kate Caroline  Abt Nov 1901Axminster RD, Devon I131117
4 Board, Edith Mary  Abt Nov 1912Axminster RD, Devon I60478
5 Edmonds, William Herbert Henry  Abt May 1879Axminster RD, Devon I70790
6 Enticott, Frederick William  Abt Aug 1890Axminster RD, Devon I91168
7 Enticott, Gwendoline Lucy  Abt May 1921Axminster RD, Devon I91173
8 Enticott, Samuel Herbert  Abt Aug 1915Axminster RD, Devon I91171
9 Fowler, Amelia Sarah Jane  Abt Aug 1903Axminster RD, Devon I120109
10 Harriman, Agnes  Abt Nov 1882Axminster RD, Devon I34696
11 Harriman, Caroline  Abt May 1880Axminster RD, Devon I34698
12 Harriman, Edgar  Abt May 1878Axminster RD, Devon I34700
13 Harriman, William  Abt Feb 1876Axminster RD, Devon I34708
14 Hawker, Louisa  Abt Aug 1868Axminster RD, Devon I15282
15 Hill, Rosa Maud R  Abt Aug 1907Axminster RD, Devon I34739
16 House, David  Abt Nov 1893Axminster RD, Devon I3935
17 House, Edith  Abt May 1898Axminster RD, Devon I10638
18 House, Edith Gwendoline  Abt Feb 1889Axminster RD, Devon I17225
19 House, Eli  Abt May 1909Axminster RD, Devon I12913
20 House, Eva  Abt Feb 1903Axminster RD, Devon I554
21 House, Frances  Abt May 1891Axminster RD, Devon I15829
22 House, Frank  Abt Aug 1901Axminster RD, Devon I5872
23 House, Fred  Abt May 1900Axminster RD, Devon I2028
24 House, Frederick William  Abt Aug 1889Axminster RD, Devon I34809
25 House, George  Abt May 1894Axminster RD, Devon I8054
26 House, Henry  Abt Aug 1891Axminster RD, Devon I34818
27 House, Ivy  Abt May 1907Axminster RD, Devon I9158
28 House, James  Abt Nov 1851Axminster RD, Devon I37531
29 House, Jane Beatrice  Abt Feb 1887Axminster RD, Devon I34832
30 House, Jesse  Abt May 1889Axminster RD, Devon I8060
31 House, Maud  Abt Feb 1904Axminster RD, Devon I15428
32 House, Percy  Abt May 1905Axminster RD, Devon I21301
33 House, Robert Charles  Abt May 1896Axminster RD, Devon I28037
34 House, Sidney  Abt May 1892Axminster RD, Devon I12540
35 House, William  Abt Nov 1893Axminster RD, Devon I34879
36 House, William Thomas  Abt Aug 1846Axminster RD, Devon I53434
37 Howes, Winifred Carr  Abt Aug 1893Axminster RD, Devon I84870
38 Pidgeon, Cecil Francis  Abt Feb 1909Axminster RD, Devon I34909
39 Pidgeon, Ellen  Abt 1858Axminster RD, Devon I33495
40 Pidgeon, Francis George  Abt Nov 1878Axminster RD, Devon I34910
41 Pidgeon, Gladys May  Abt Aug 1906Axminster RD, Devon I34911
42 Quick, Violet Josephine  Abt Aug 1906Axminster RD, Devon I94106
43 Warr, Jane  Abt Feb 1894Axminster RD, Devon I84885
44 Willmott, Annie  Abt Aug 1878Axminster RD, Devon I23379
45 World, Harriett  Abt Aug 1859Axminster RD, Devon I25430


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Butchers / Howes  Abt Feb 1921Axminster RD, Devon F24287
2 Fry / Marley  Abt Aug 1845Axminster RD, Devon F15683
3 Pidgeon / House  Abt Feb 1906Axminster RD, Devon F10954


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Howes / World  Abt May 1891Axminster RD, Devon F8349