Man about the Howze - April 2021

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Man about the Howze - April 2021

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Hello, fellow truth seekers. Hope you had a good April. Before I go any further, I just want to thank all of you who wrote in or posted a reply to my newsletter expressing condolences to my family on the loss of my mother. Your thoughts were greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs Arthur Henry Howes, RIP
My family was not the only person to lose an elderly member in the past few weeks. I want to extend our sympathies to correspondent, Ann Perkins, both of whose parents, Arthur and Rosina Howes, have died within a few weeks of each other, aged 105 and 101. Long-term readers may recall that in our April 2015 newsletter we showed a picture of the happy couple who had then between them amassed a total of seven "telegrams" from the Queen. We thought that was remarkable, as did a British family history magazine, which also mentioned their story. In the near six years since, they doubled their total to fourteen, which just has to be a record! Here's a link to our past newsletter, wherein we referred readers to Arthur's record and his advice for a happy marriage.
Rather than provide an additional link, I reproduce it here as a tribute to them both, married for almost 79 years.
“Be lenient and learn that you have to both give and take.
“Don’t be afraid to get into a row but if you fall out always fall back in again.
“Look out for one another and give it everything you can.”
Who can say that he was wrong?

Monthly update
I'm still in Norfolk (the one in England!) where we’ve had the coldest April since 1878. The bitter North and North East winds have been pretty constant, blowing in off the cold North Sea. So I’ve been stuck indoors for much of the time. As a result we have added almost 1,000 more people this month, finishing just a few people shy of 183,000 in our file. We've also updated the software that runs our website, and this morning I have had to update the software on this bulletin board, as it was no longer letting me make new posts - hence the slightly tardy arrival of this month's update. It's about time for me to update our family history software too (Family Historian). Given the amount of data we have (130Megabytes of text!), I'm hesitant to do that while I still have a backlog of correspondence. So I will put that to one side for a few weeks more.

Another milestone passed: we now have over 4,000 images on our site. Thank you to everyone has contributed images or funds to enable us to buy more certificates.

FREE Stuff
Two items here:
1) FindMyPast is offering free access to all of its UK census records for the rest of the holiday weekend here, i.e., through Monday night. Go to or
2) MyHeritage has extended its free service to colorize photographs. The results are remarkable. Once I have finished scanning in the close to 5,000 photographs from my mother's collection, including many from her mother, I will be using this myself! See more about this facility at ... -in-color/ and linked pages.
Oh, and there's a third item, which is continuing all year: you can listen to any of hundreds of presentations from RootsTech at
Have at it, folks!

Howes Properties in the US
Three items in this category came to my attention this month:
1) There is a Howes House in West Tisbury on Martha's Vineyard. Every April Fools Day, daffodils suddenly appear outside the house as a memorial to Joseph Eugene Howes who used to live there and performed the same trick himself! See: ... arly-year/ for the full story.
2) And here's a link to a lovely house in Georgetown, in the District of Columbia. ... story.html
I looked in our database for a reference to a millwright named Henry H B Howes, but without success. So I briefly reconstructed a family for him. He does not appear to be a descendant of Thomas & Mary Howes of Cape Cod, but instead from a Maryland family. Unfortunately, although I can find him and a sister in the 1850 census, I have not been able to go back farther. Here's what I have so far: ... ee=Onename
Can you help?
3) Not a house, but a street for this item which came up in my daily news feed: Howes Street, in Fort Collins, Colorado, named after one of the founders of the city, an A F Howes. See: ... eir-names/
Turns out that it was an Alfred Fitch Howes who moved there from Litchfield, Connecticut via Indiana. Interestingly, this item enabled me to fill in the date of death for a descendant of said Thomas and Mary, not found by Colonel Bob Howes.

Howes in the news
I've mentioned talented motor cyclist Skyler Howes from Utah several times (whom I still cannot trace - anyone know of him?) and talked about his success as a free agent/individual entrant in a team sport of cross-country riding. Turns out he has finally been hired by a professional team. See here: ... ally-team/
Expect to see more about him in the news.

That's all for this month, folks. Thanks for your continued support
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