February 2009

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February 2009

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It's been a long, cold month......on both sides of the Atlantic. As expected a month ago, I've spent quite a long time preparing for the few days of questioning witnesses and then making a statement to a Select Committee of the House of Lords. It was an enjoyable though intense experience. But that means that it's been a quiet month for family history, mostly. We have managed to keep things bumping along gently, however.

- We reached a significant milestone of 10,000 lives included in the database. Honestly, I am shocked at how quickly we managed it. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. I'll be running a site update later this evening and we will have gone up by about a further 100.

- Bob sent me thirty birth, marriage and death certificates which I have only just this evening finished entering. Thanks Bob

- We have our first member from Argentina. Francisco is descended from a Howes family from Swardeston, just south of Norwich. Bienvenido!

- We also have our first member from Ireland, Stewart, whose family goes back at least two generations across the water.

- My cousin Ian found a King Arthur Howes! Born in London in 1859. No joke; check him out in the database!

- The 1911 census for the UK was released as discussed on the site over the Christmas. Thanks very much to Kevin who sent in the sample sheet on John William Howes. I've been gradually looking through my own ancestors, more than just the Howes family. The biggest surprise I have had so far is that my aunts were right: my Howes grandfather had a sister! Now to track her down......

- I had an email from Robin, whose father was born in 1873. Think about that one.... 1873 was the year before Winston Churchill's birth.

- Our merry band is now up to 66 people. Keep telling your friends, especially your relatives!

Till next month....
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