Howse it going? - May 2014

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Howse it going? - May 2014

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No, it's not the end of the month yet! Going to press early because I have a busy weekend ahead. After tonight's website update, we have 86,000 people in the database, having added over 900 people in the month.

Puzzle Corner
Last month's puzzle had some good entries, both by email to me at and on the site. Congratulations to Netta who cracked it, figuring out that it had been a baptism entry for a Howe, not Howes as written in the register.

For this month, take a look at this record for Walter Reginald House: ... ee=Onename
You'll see that he was born in Dorset on April 26, 1911. We know that from his death register entry. People born in the UK before April 2, 1911 are fairly easy to assign to families because we can usually see them in the census. People whose birth was registered after July 1, 1911 have their mother's surname in the entry. So again, they can usually be allocated to a family fairly easily. Walter is one of those few born in that period between those two dates, and we cannot find the names of his parents. Can you? Worth saying that Ancestry has Dorset marriages online, in some cases up to the 1930s. For many of those we can see the father's name, but Walter's doesn't seem to be available. Other than buying his marriage certificate, is it possible to find the names of his parents? Go to it!

Do you have more information?
We now have almost 920 correspondents registered to receive this email. Have there been any recent changes in your family, or have you discovered new facts? If so, please do send'em in! Thanks to some new information from existing correspondents this month, we have been able to link up several families by combining smaller custers. We've also been able to connect two families whose members have grown apart over the years.

Howes/etc in the news this month
- 70 years and still going strong
Congratulations to Arthur and Sylvia Howes of Queensland, Australia who celebrated 70 years of marriage two days ago. Yes, they married in 1944, before most of us were even born! They are in our database, though you cannot see their details because of our 100-year rule. Arthur's father arrived in Brisbane over 105 years ago from the small, pretty Norfolk village of West Somerton just a few miles from where I am writing. To see their story, and a picture of the happy couple, go to: ... e/2254664/

- 50 years and still going strong
Congratulations too to Howes Diamond Jewelers of LaCrosse, Wisconsin who are celebrating their golden anniversary this month with the founders still involved in the business, now run by their son. Let's hope they are still in business for their Diamond Anniversary! Check out their story here: ... den-moment

Three Howes cousins on one war memorial
The centenary of the outbreak of World War One (at least for Europeans/Commonwealth countries) continues to excite the interest of communities around the world. I came across this article in the Huntingdonshire Post earlier this week regarding a war memorial from a single church in Hartford in (old) Huntingdonshire ... _1_3618220
Three Howes men were listed on the picture and I recognized their names from prior work. I immediately wrote to the email address listed in the article to share with them what research we had on the three men: two brothers, Ernest Edward and Archibald Howes, and their second cousin, Victor. My guess is that given that it was from a single church, still more of the men will turn out to have been related. I have been promised a copy of a picture of the memorial for our site.

If you know more about these men and/or have them in your family, please do contact the email shown on the website.

"Whale meat again"
Thanks to correspondent Mark Henderson who drew my attention to a ship's diary written between 1858 and 1860 by Willis Howes, master of the whaling ship, Nimrod. It runs to 200+ pages and, sadly, it's too long for me to read in full because if my commitment to the site. Is there anyone who might be interested in reading it and writing a short review for our site? You can see it online at: ... 3/mode/2up

Longer-term puzzle
Finally, is there anyone out there with some time and interest who can figure out the family of Daniel and Elizabeth Howes who died in Northleach, Gloucestershire in 1733? Many thanks to correspondent Gillian Lumb who sent in the attached picture of their memorial stone in St Peter's church. Do take a look because the inscription is poignant.
I've started the process of assembling a family but it seems quite involved and needs concentration with no distractions (difficult for me as I get a lot of mail). I couldn't find any children for them, but clearly someone felt enough of them to pen the kind words and pay for the stone. Then I stumbled across Daniel's will at Ancestry, from which I can see that he had a brother, Giles, and a plethora of deserving nieces and nephews.
Anyone up for helping on that one? Imagine a jig-saw with an indeterminate number of pieces . . . . !

Have a good June, everyone
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Re: Nimrod

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Thanks for the acknowledgement Paul

I had started reading the log of the Nimrod and would be more than happy to produce an article for the site. Even if you're not a Howes yourself it is a great read - apart from the daily humdrum of the weather conditions and what was for dinner (roast chicken seems to have been favoured over whale) there are plenty of colourful descriptions of notable events including sight of a group of sperm whales, a six inch long centipede found dead and as "stiff as a stick" and awesome mast rendering storms.

I'm six generations off my nearest Nolfolk Howes ancestor but the family still holds a particular fascination - thanks not least to the benefits that a one-name study brings.

Mark Henderson
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Re: Howse it going? - May 2014

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Thank you very much, indeed, Mark. Please go right ahead. No rush
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