August 2012 - House that?

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August 2012 - House that?

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Lots to cover this month, folks.

Free Stuff!
If you don't have an Ancestry subscription, never fear. Their version of the 1911 UK census is online and free through November. Check it out at:
Also the marvellous Australian "Trove" database has just expanded its newspaper coverage. Available at:
Is there anyone interested in looking in (part of) this database for House, Hows, Howse, and/or Howes references? (Don't ask, don't get!)

Military House connections
In building this database, I have been struck by the number of senior military officers with our name. Sadly, I have to report that we became aware of another one, only when he passed away last month: General Sir David George House a very interesting man with a long career in the military. Our condolences go to his daughters. His obituary and personal details are here: ... ee=Onename
We know his father's initials were A G, but no more detail than that. Can anyone help, please?

I have recently taken over as the co-ordinator of the House DNA project at More about this in future.

Norwich City (England) Health Department returns
I've mentioned this fabulous resource before, though it's only available in Norfolk on microfilm. I've now been through all the films from 1904 thru 1936 (that's about half-way) and collected birth information on almost 650 Howes/House births in the city. It would have cost about £6,000 to get the same information from birth certificates! If you have family members born in Norwich in that time and can't see their information online (because of our privacy rule), do get in touch if you want the detail of where precisely they were born.

New Bulletin Board topic
We've started a section called "Who is this?" As you know, we try only to enter information on someone when we can connect them into a wider family, and thus "add value". But occasionally we come across someone whom we cannot connect. I've started off with three Howes references from Norfolk, England here: Can you identify any of them?
Do you have any House people you cannot place?

Milestones passed
In the past month or so, we've gone through the following milestones:
- we now have over 450,000 facts for over 64,000 people
- 300,000 sourced facts. Remember, we haven't bothered to source most of our census facts and we don't bother sourcing information regarding gender
- 8,000 people named House
- we now know the identity of both partners for over 10,000 English/Welsh marriages between 1837 and 1950. Only another 14,000 to go! We even know the exact location for over 2,600, by the way.

Thank you for your continued support
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