December 2010 - House that?

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December 2010 - House that?

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Hello truth-seekers! I really left things to the last minute to catch the end of the year here in the Western Hemisphere. Parts of the world are now half-way through January 1 already. So to you, my apologies. I'll keep things short and just hit the highlights this month.

We added another 1,200 people to the database this month, with now over 33,200 people online, thanks to my cousin Ian continuing to plough through the House clan in Dorset and several correspeondents from the Midlands in the UK sending in their data. The Guild of One-Name Studies has been very active this month, sending me nearly 50 marriage certificate replicas and saving pots of money! Each one of those marriage certificate replicas represents another opportunity to research another family. Some yield little new information. Some lead to hundreds of new additions.

FInally a new web-page!
I promised it months ago (and still have two other promises to keep, I know). If your family hails from King's Cliffe, in Northamptonshire, you're in luck. I've now been able to put online a history of the Howes clan in that village, written by the local rector some years ago, with help from two descendents, who have given us permision to publish it, provided we did not reproduce the family trees or make reference to living people. No problem. It is here: Do you have a similar history you would like us to publish?

Finally, someone has the complete set of Howes names!
With the help of correspondent, Mike, we have been looking at the Howes family from Prior's Hardwick in Warwickshire, just across the border from Northamptonshire. We finally found one person who was known at various times in his life as William Howes, William Hows, William Howse and William House. Not letting the grass grow under his feet there was one occasion where he was known as William How! That's a complete poker hand! Check him out here to see them all: ... nID=I32000

Maintenance work is still progressing
Some people will have noticed that we still haven't fixed all of the certificate links back to individual records. Apologies but it's really boring work and I just do it when I have a few moments to spare, which hasn't been that often as I attempt to set up a new business here in New Jersey. One or two other things have gone awry with the database too in recent weeks, though overall I would say we are on the mend. Thanks for your patience and don't hesitate to let me know if you'd like me to give priority to fixing particular records.

In case you are still reading (!), I have a request. Are there any volunteers who would like to help make sense of the Howes records in the Wymondham and Besthorpe areas of Norfolk? It's the absolute epicentre of our name worldwide and not at all easy to unravel all the connections because Wymondham parish is huge! I ask particularly because in the past month I've had two enquiries about the area and I have not been able to be as categoric about my answer as I would like. Do let me know if you can help. Thanks

All the best to one and all for a happy, successful and prosperous new year and thank you for your continuing support.
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