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Celia Skew

Female Abt 1820 - Abt 1895  (~ 75 years)

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Frederick Fry
Male Abt 1869-Abt 1915
John Fry
Male Abt 1871-Abt 1916
Fanny House
Female Abt 1844-Abt 1915
John Fry
Male Abt 1839-Abt 1891
Charles House
Male Abt 1847-Abt 1919
Emma Rose Beach
Female Abt 1897-
Emma Rose House
Female 1876-Abt 1951
William Beach
Male 1867-Abt 1940
Edward House
Male 1878-Abt 1946
Henrietta Jupe
Female 1872-Abt 1966
Alice Simmonds
Female Abt 1905-
Elsie Simmonds
Female Abt 1908-
Caroline House
Female Abt 1880-Abt 1950
William George Simmonds
Male Abt 1879-Abt 1941
Philip B Case
Male Abt 1910-
Ellen Mildred E Howard
Female 1913-Abt 2006
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Ellen House
Female Abt 1883-Abt 1943
James Walter Wright-Green
Male Abt 1878-Abt 1934
Leonard George Stone
Male 1914-Abt 1977
Reginald William Stone
Male 1916-Abt 2005
Elsie May Stone
Female 1919-Abt 1976
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Alice House
Female 1885-Abt 1975
William George Stone
Male 1885-Abt 1954
Rosa House
Female Abt 1888-
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Andrew House
Male 1891-Abt 1975
Andrew House
Male 1853-Abt 1915
Dorothy Emma Ibbotson
Female 1906-Abt 1987
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Andrew Mark House
Male 1909-Abt 1972
Ivy Reta Drury
Female 1907-Abt 1988
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Lilian Alice House
Female 1911-Abt 1989
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George Shaw Weldon
Male 1916-Abt 1989
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William Hunter
Male 1906-1982
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George House
Male 1879-Abt 1950
Emma Eliza Cook
Female 1881-Abt 1961
Edith Katherine House
Female 1910-Abt 1998
John Henry Peckham
Male 1905-Abt 1994
Ivy Amelia House
Female 1913-Abt 1998
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Violet Lamb
Female 1921-Abt 1999
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Henry George House
Male 1916-Abt 1994
Gladys Leanora Curtis
Female 1919-Abt 2004
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William House
Male Abt 1880-1915
Susan Amelia Dolman
Female 1881-Abt 1961
Andrew House
Male Abt 1882-
John House
Male Abt 1884-
Mark House
Male Abt 1886-
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Alan John Maidment
Male 1916-Abt 1988
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Alex Edward House
Male 1887-Abt 1956
Lily May House
Female Abt 1894-
George House
Male Abt 1855-Abt 1923
Ann Mintram
Female Abt 1859-
Harriet House
Female 1882-Abt 1972
George Edward Herbert
Male Abt 1881-Abt 1938
Emily Applin
Female 1885-Abt 1969
Beryl Winifred House
Female 1912-Abt 1987
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Nellie Beatrice Humby
Female 1887-Abt 1944
Edith May House
Female Abt 1888-Abt 1888
William George Victor Hodges
Male Abt 1914-Abt 1916
George W Emery
Male Abt 1912-
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Godfrey Hodges
Male Abt 1923-Abt 1923
Celia Ethel Jane House
Female 1891-Abt 1983
William Hodges
Male 1889-Abt 1967
Lucy F Munday
Female 1920-Abt 1968
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William George Victor House
Male Abt 1898-Abt 1975
Ethel Beatrice Steege
Female Abt 1895-Abt 1987
Edward House
Male Abt 1856-Abt 1930
Elizabeth Cover
Female Abt 1855-Abt 1934
Charles H House
Male Abt 1920-
Dorothy Jean Searle
Female 1928-Abt 1982
Eric Nelson S Trollope
Male 1921-Abt 1994
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Lillian Lucy Kitcher
Female 1891-Abt 1980
Ellen Elizabeth House
Female 1921-Abt 1998
Roy Edward T Leigh
Male 1925-Abt 1999
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Hugh Charles Dovey
Male 1912-Abt 1989
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Betty Rose House
Female 1924-2017
Reginald John Purdie
Male 1909-Abt 1989
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Bob House
Male 1886-Abt 1965
May Kitcher
Female 1893-Abt 1970
Doris Ellen Fry
Female Abt 1912-
Harry Joseph Fry
Male Abt 1913-Abt 1924
James Spencer Fry
Male 1916-Abt 1981
Norman Richard Fry
Male 1919-Abt 1980
Fanny House
Female 1887-Abt 1981
James Fry
Male Abt 1880-Abt 1925
Joseph Blake Orman
Male 1896-Abt 1961
Rose House
Female Abt 1890-
John House
Male Abt 1894-
Lucy House
Female Abt 1896-Abt 1896
Ellen House
Female Abt 1898-
Harry House
Male 1859-Abt 1941
Eliza Ann Longman
Female Abt 1859-Abt 1935
Celia Skew
Female Abt 1820-Abt 1895
William House
Male 1815-Abt 1859