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Elizabeth Horner

Female Abt 1817 - 1871  (~ 54 years)

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Walter Howes
Male Abt 1878-
Faith Eleanor Bowden
Female Abt 1886-1934
Edith May Horne
Female 1886-1943
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Robert Walter Bowden
Male Abt 1891-Abt 1891
John Page Bowden
Male 1896-1988
Ella May Wharton
Female 1895-Abt 1978
William Howes
Male 1841-1885
Faith Burgess
Female 1843-1883
Alice Philippo
Female 1840-1909
Elsie May Howard
Female Abt 1903-
Ellen Elizabeth Howes
Female Abt 1870-Abt 1953
Herbert William Howard
Male Abt 1869-Abt 1959
Robert Howes
Male 1843-1920
Mary Ann Payne
Female Abt 1842-Abt 1871
Edith Mary Howes
Female Abt 1873-Abt 1873
Horace Melton Howes
Male Abt 1873-Abt 1873
Jane Andrews
Female Abt 1842-Abt 1873
Olive Jones
Female Abt 1906-Abt 1932
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Fred Arthur Howes
Male 1901-Abt 1908
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Clifford Breeze Howes
Male 1906-Abt 1978
Esme Iris Rix
Female 1908-Abt 1999
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William Jones
Male 1901-Abt 1983
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Ethel Mary Howes
Female 1910-Abt 2002
Clifford Arthur Spanton
Male Abt 1917-Abt 2000
Anna Elizabeth Howes
Female Abt 1911-Abt 1945
Arthur Edward Howes
Male 1915-Abt 1993
Muriel Emily Howes
Female 1917-Abt 1992
May Helen Howard
Female 1874-1940
George Frank Howes
Male 1879-Abt 1959
Catherine Helen Howard
Female Abt 1882-1909
Robert George Howes
Male 1912-Abt 1999
Sarah Louisa Shreeve
Female 1876-Abt 1959
Roy Forrest Howes
Male 1908-Abt 1997
Ursula Lois Lee
Female 1910-Abt 1996
Harry Wace Howes
Male 1881-1958
Emily Eliza Burt
Female 1879-Abt 1961
Fred Lewis Howes
Male Abt 1886-Abt 1887
Anna Breese
Female Abt 1841-Abt 1919
Rebecca Howes
Female 1843-Abt 1843
Walter Howes
Male 1845-Abt 1846
Jessie Howes
Female Abt 1880-Abt 1880
Henry William Howes
Male 1904-Abt 1987
Edith Annie Blake
Female 1903-Abt 1968
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Henry William Howes
Male 1882-Bef 1964
Ada Hatch
Female Abt 1885-
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Louisa Winifred May
Female 1905-Abt 1995
Henry Howes
Male 1846-Abt 1925
Emily Footit
Female Abt 1847-
Annie Maria Dance
Female Abt 1859-Abt 1932
Albert Edward Howes
Male Abt 1892-Abt 1914
Walter John Howes
Male Abt 1894-Abt 1906
Walter Howes
Male Abt 1850-Abt 1917
Emily Ann Roberts
Female Abt 1860-Abt 1912
Ann Eliza Bower
Female Abt 1882-Abt 1941
Charles Herbert Howes
Male Abt 1871-Abt 1876
Herbert George Howes
Male Abt 1894-Abt 1895
Robert James Howes
Male Abt 1896-Abt 1897
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Annie Ada Roles
Female Abt 1874-Abt 1914
John Henry Symonds
Male Abt 1898-Abt 1967
Frederick William Symonds
Male Abt 1899-Abt 1943
Sidney Herbert Symonds
Male Abt 1901-Abt 1914
Faith Elizabeth Violet Howes
Female Abt 1876-Abt 1961
John Henry Symonds
Male Abt 1872-Abt 1952
James Howes
Male Abt 1853-Abt 1875
Martha Ann Smith
Female 1854-1938
Elijah Howes
Male Abt 1854-Abt 1854
Arthur Howes
Male Abt 1854-Abt 1854
Arthur Howes
Male Abt 1857-
Isabel Howes
Female Abt 1860-
Elizabeth Horner
Female Abt 1817-1871
Robert Howes
Male Abt 1821-1874